Monday, January 29, 2007

Eeek I gave in and decided to blog! I have an hour on time so while browsing the computer I figured why not. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Arrived in France yesterday where we stayed in a 'cosy' and 'quiet' and rather 'inexpensive' hotel.

Today we hired our little van, yes van, and drove over the border into Italy. We'll be going to Monaco on Wednesday. I don't have time to write out every inch of my trip thus far as....well...I coulnd't be bothered to be frank.

We ate at an empty restaurant whose only English words were 'Whahh??' and 'No'. I'm still hungry.

Apart from that the trip has been fabulous so far! xx

Monday 29th January - Thursday 1st February = Away in mainland Europe.

Please don't burgle my house!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I rolled out of bed at 11am this morning, in a panic that I was late for work or had missed some crucial event, but alas I had not.

We are ready to depart for the airport and shall do so in a few moments. In the meantime I shall continue to type....

Reminding everyone to watch PokerFace tonight! Fab show that!

Have a lovely week, and don't get too down in the dumps without me! x

Saturday, January 27, 2007

*Forgot to remind you all about POKER FACE which will be on on TV3 & ITV (8.45pm) the next few nights. It is a FANTASTIC show hosted by Geordieland's finest, Ant and Dec. I was on high dose steroids for rejection when this was on last, and my eyes couldn't even read the questions because my sugars rocketed so high.

You may need to stick with the show for a while to follow it, but it's a fantastic programme. How cool it is to be able to sit here and think about how far I have come and how much I've improved since the last series.

That's ITV or TV3 at 8.45pm. It doesn't matter if you've missed the first few nights!

It's the weekend! Yahoo! A time for reflection upon the past week's events, trials and tribulations, fun and adventures; a time when one can sleep in and not have to worry about anything.

Oh I work on Saturdays. Whoops.

When I went to London last week, I set my alarm on my phone to ensure I would have a chance of waking up early. For some bizarre reason, the alarm never went off. I checked to see had I set the wrong time or not set it at all, but *ick*, problem unsolved. I thought nothing more of it, until the early hours of this morning, when for another bizarre reason, it went off! I was highly confused and couldn't fathom what was happening, so eventually turned on sky News to see the time was 3.45am.

Not only must I have set the wrong time; I set the wrong day and date too. I didn't even know the phone had a two week memory installed in it. Pesky phone. On the upside, I was delighted when I woke up that I realised I had another four hours sleep left. Wait, make that five; whoops. Oh well, there were no customers waiting.

I can't go into detail about customers as per the patient confidentiality clause; but I can say that some of them are highly strung and annoying. More annoying then the 'only have a fifty on me' customers are the customers who *let themselves into the shop after closing* despite the shutters being half way down and the lights turned off, and collect their goods and then insist on paying for them *even though the til has been turned off* and then wanting to get something else *even though the til has been turned off for the second time!* -Before anyone smartly remarks about insisting on paying, with medications, you don't have to pay for them there and then. Anyway, I love my job really...

Tomorrow I'm flying out to Nice, and will be in San Remo and/or Monte Carlo on Monday. It should be fun, cold, and These blogs are getting longer and longer, so you'll be glad to know that I shall not, I *repeat* not, be blogging until Friday. I hope you can all get out for a spot of fresh air in the meantime, and if someone could have updates of Home&Away and Neighbours ready for me when I get back, twud be fab!

Friday, January 26, 2007

No room in the inn!!

The luas(tram), at peak hours is always packed like a can of salami. This morning, my dad came up with the ingenious idea of catching the luas in the opposite direction, and then switching to the one going back again, so as to get a seat. It worked. Just about. Apart from the 'nearly getting knocked over by a 2mph tram' part.

Coming home again, the thing was even more packed. We squeezed on -just about - and it set off. At the second stop, even MORE people tried to cram on, despite our murmurs of 'there's no room'. So a man literally pushes his way on and stands (crushes in) beside me and reaches his arm up to hold on to the bar. This leaves me with my nose touching his armpit. *Disgusting*. So slowly, I maneuver my body around and just as I get into position, I look up and am faced with another man's chest. I slowly look up at him, and as I reach his face, I see his dark eyes glaring into mine. *Yikes*. He didn't look a happy bunny!

It was a very uncomfortable ride for 3 stops, until a man got off, departing his seat, which gave me way to 'fall' and land in the empty seat, despite the fact there were two other passengers clambering for it. Ahhh the ole 'fall and land' trick. Highly recommended!

Work today was enjoyable, as I was allowed in the boss's office again! I actually got in at nine o'clock too, which must be a personal record!

Tomorrow I am up early to work in the pharmacy. And then all I'll have to think about it my trip to Monte Carlo on Sunday! Way Hey!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

*Redbook-Medbook blog updated*

Today I got my second dress...and shoes and bag. I guess you can never have enough of those things really!

I got blood sucked out of me today. I was amazed to hear that some patients don't adhere to taking their anti-rejection medications. It absolutely beggars belief! I mean for goodness sake.

Speaking of rejection and that, I wish my friend 'Harry' all the very best, as she deals with some mild rejection at the minute (not at all related to not taking medications I can ASSURE you!).

Today was work day in the office, and it was so much better 'cause we locked George J Laurer (the INVENTOR of the scanner) out of the room today! I worked with my boss which shows two things.
1) My boss is less nervous of me now and instead of running in the other direction, she now welcomes me into her office-albeit while holding a barge pole. Only joking!
2) She's no longer embarrassed of me.
3) I don't have B.O. Well, she'd hardly let me sit beside her if I stank. Unless she had a blocked nose....Come to think of it, she *did* have a lot of tissues and she *was* sneezing a lot.

I clearly cannot count, as I said it shows two things and I said three things. Well done to those of you who were alert enough to spot this error. Well done to those of you who actually read this far. Well done to those of you who are still reading, even though it's clear I'm just taking up space with my 'Well Dones'. Well done.

Now I need to be asleep early, so as to be able to *Rollllll* out of bed at the crack of dawn tomorrow for work.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Later Post:

It was decided today, that I should purchase a second dress for my ball. I'm not going to try and wear the two at the same time, but I'm just about squeezing into the one I have and the mother is worried I'll pop the zip 5 minutes before we're due to leave on the night. Also, I'll need to nip to the 'Ladies' to 'shoot up' my insulin, which will require me to lift up, or pull down the dress- an ideal opportunity for the zip to go 'ker-plunk!'. Besides, as the mother rightly points out, it would be good to have a nice dress for the spring, for more ball like occasions that may arise.

I was in work today, and finished my two folders of invoices. I have another three to go. I have bloods tomorrow in the Mater, so I get the morning off.

I was a bit worried that I may have been having rejection last week considering the utter tiredness, and not wanting to get out of bed antics that I felt. This week, however, I am glad to report, that it would appear it was nothing then a bit of innocent lack of energy, over working etc. I blame George J Laurer (INVENTOR of the scanner). I feel much better now.

Early Post: I have very frizzy bunchy hair, that is neither straight nor curly, but rather just kinky.

The other day I straightened it, with hopes of raising my self esteem which was lowered having being cursed with this hair.

My father came in and said:
Him: "Oh your hair is straight"
Me: "Yes"
Him: "It is very nice" (My self esteem takes a jump)
Me: "Why thank you" (Still glowing)
Him: "Much better then when it looks all 'buzzzz'" (makes an afro shape with his hands)
Me: "What?!" (Self esteem hangs in balance)
Him: "You know the way you usually have it? You know, when it looks like you've had an electric shock? You know, when its all out to here?? You know, all buzzzzzzzz??"

*Self Esteem plummets*

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I am still feeling a bit tired today, so decided to take the day off work again. I will go back tomorrow and face George J Laurer (the INVENTOR of the scanner) and invoices once again.

I got up and had breakfast and tablets and then got back into bed and slept into the afternoon. I think I must have over done it last week, hence causing this tiredness.

I went shopping to Dundrum today, thus getting my daily walk in whilst doing a bit of window shopping at the same time. While in Marks and Sparks, which was rather quiet, I spotted a cashier lady, who looked bored out of her wits reading at her til - Maybe George J Laurer (INVENTOR of the scanner) was skulking about. She looked absorbed in her reading, and unwilling to help anyone, so i presumed it was a rather good read!! When I passed her up close I discovered upon inspection, that this was no Charles Dickens she was reading; no Judy Blume; not a "Heat" nor an "OK" magazine. No. She was reading a children's pop up book! Well, I'm presuming it was a children's one, as I have yet to find an adult's pop up book. And believe me I've looked!

I tried on my dress for my ball today, and thankfully I still squeeze into it. I've never actually worn it before so I felt I should make the effort and give it an outing. It seems I may have put on quite some weight though.

Speaking of which, I had my weekly fix of Mc Donalds. Considering I'm doing so well only having it once a week, I added a hamburger into my mix today. Add that to the total, and I ate 12 Mc Chicken Mc Nuggets, 1 Mc Large Mc Fries, 1 Mc Small Diet Mc Coke, and 1 Mc Hamburger. So many Macs...

My sugars seemed to have settled again today thankfully, although I had a bit of a high reading this morning. I'm going to wait until after my Italy trip to begin weaning again, as its easier to have perfect sugars, then take one less injection and be running high. Running high doesn't make me feel unwell, but I strive for perfection and get very stressed at readings above normal. If you know nothing of the diabetic world, I hope to educate you and not confuse you. I feel I may have just succeeded in doing the latter. Oops..

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Mickey Debate

I mentioned a week or so ago, how I would be removing my feeding tube from my tummy as it has been doing absolutely nothing except for annoying me these past 6months. I wanted to get it out when I had a few days free, in case there was any kind of leaking or anything.

So today, having no work, I decided would be the ideal opportunity. It was my Mom's bright idea to ring my old Children's hospital and get advice about covering it etc. Except, that they were pretty much against the idea of having it out! Now they didn't say 'no' but I was warned of everything that could go wrong, and it was rather risky.

Reasons against:

Image hostingIt's been in for 15 years, thus its a sort of 'permanent' hole, that mightn't necessarily close up that quickly

Image hostingIf I take it out altogether I could leak which would cause burning and infection, as well as a permanent leak.

Image hostingMy tube size is '18French' which is one of the larger ones, so it may be necessary to wean down the sizes instead of taking it out altogether

Image hostingAnd all of this takes time, which since I'm going to Italy on Sunday, means I don't have a lot of time to be messing about.

Reasons for:


I want it out now!


Its hurting me sometimes, just having it in.


If I don't have it out tomorrow I will have to keep it in for another 2 weeks, and thus have it in for when I go my fab ball.

So all this causes the 'Mickey debate'. I don't know what to do really. I am aiming to do it tomorrow, but if it turns out I do need to fill it with a smaller tube, I have no way of getting one, bar going around hospitals looking for them. It's a bit of a mess really. Puts my complaining about scanning into perspective. Where is George J Laurer (INVENTOR of the scanner) when you need him?

On a diabetes note, I have decided to go back on a small amount of my 24hour insulin as I'm still having highs of about 14 and I'm not too happy about it. I'll try again in another few weeks. Over and Out..

Sunday, January 21, 2007


I can't recall my first meeting with Helen, I guess we were about 14/15, and only got know each other from assigning ourselves to the same lunch table - we had a mutual friend. From the moment I saw her, I *knew* she was the one. Hah hah! Just kidding...

I have no memories of Helen before that, as I remember seeing an old photo of her, pre hair straightener days, and thinking I'd never seen her looking like that [bad] before! An early conversation with her went something along the lines of

Me: "Omg Eileen, I was sitting in history, right, and then I realised-"
Helen: "Helen"
Me: "-that I'd forgotten my book and....what??"
Helen: "My name's Helen; You called me Eileen..."
Me: "No I didn't"
Helen: "Yes you did"....and so on.

I thought I'd offended her, what with the hostile tone she spoke to me with. But I think she's getting over it now.

So my ode to Helen:

I have a friend called Helen,
Whose head is the shape of a melon,
But it doesn't matter because I like Helen,
Even though her head is the shape of a melon.
One day there was a pond and I thought she fell in,
But she didn't 'cause she's Helen
I like Helen, and I also like melon.
If I had to choose I'd choose Helen, not the melon.
But if given the choice I'd have Helen sharing a melon...with me.

The last part doesn't rhyme I know, but it took me hours to perfect that poem, and I am just so tired. I have been drinking Coffee all night, pencil in the ear, scraps of paper all over my desk, with my dim desk light shining on my work. I edited and edited that poem until it was just right. And now the sun is about to rise; the world is awakening from his slumber and I, having completed a successful night's work am about to *Rolllll* back in.

MySpace Layouts

Saturday, January 20, 2007

This evening I heard a story from a girl, about how a boy once called her an idiot. This is not the first time I have heard this story; in fact, I hear it, word for word, tone for tone, expression for expression, every single time I'm over at her house. I asked her how long ago this incident happened, to which she replied "Oh years ago".

This girl is five years old.

I feel very old.

While over at her house babysitting her and her sisters we watched High School Musical. We then went back and picked songs and sang and danced to them ( I was in heaven!), taking turns playing the different roles.

In all four songs I sang, this was the person I played:

No, no. Not the girl in the pink; I played the camp brother (who is a little *too* close to his sister for comfort in most scenes)in the ridiculous green farmer's hat. Over and over again.

Yes here the weirdo is again.

I also worked today. Thankfully George J Laurer (INVENTOR of the scanner) has no place in my pharmacy, so I got to do other things for a change. Like use the pricing gun and.....em, use the pricing gun. I also got to set the pricing gun and generally use the pricing gun. It's amazing what you can do with a....never mind.

Tomorrow, I will get up early and make an ode to my best friend Helen. Any words that rhyme with 'Helen' are gratefully received. And yes, I already thought of melon.

Friday, January 19, 2007

*UPDATE: My sugars reached an outstanding (in the league of worst sugars) 18.9 before dinner!! Can you believe it? Too many cream cakes me thinks...I think I'll go back to my 24hour insulin tonight, just a few units. I just thought I'd say that, so you can all update your medical charts on me. That's 18.9 at 7.45pm. 17units of Novorapid self administered...

WOW! I really feel today that I am the luckiest girl alive! Do you know why?? Well...I went into work, was taken out of the cold basement where I was put yesterday, moved up the house and actually got to share an office with another HUMAN BEING (poor thing), and was given a DELL non crashable computer! And then what happens?? THEN, just as things are really looking great for me, I am told to SCAN!!!! *shudder* Ever go through a whole day thinking you've been there before? Oh wait, I WAS! Honestly if George J Laurer (the INVENTOR of the scanner) was in my office I would throw that stupid, stupid scanner at his head. And I wouldn't miss. Can you tell I *love* scanning??

I found my USB cable last night too. As an aside, I wish to rectify a *small* error in yesterday's blog. I *mistakenly* thought there was a thief who resembled my brother in the house who had stolen this cable; in fact that thief had a greater resemblance to the desk drawer in our study. Whoops!

With regard to my sweet blood (diabetes) I had another high reading yesterday of 13.9. I seem to be having one high every two days, so its something to watch. On the other extreme I had two hypos (whoah that's too low a reading) since yesterday. Honestly, if its not one thing, its the other with me. And now I've just ended my blog on a negative note. And now I'm being negative by pointing out this negative ending. I'm off for food. *Assumes Hunter-Gatherer poor postured-round-shouldered-arms-swinging-in-front-while-grunting-and-sniffing-out-food-with-nose mode*

Below is Tower Bridge

And here is me on London Bridge

There is a difference, but most people confuse the two. As my friend says "See, London Bridge is actually a trick..."

Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's the car my Dad *insists* on buying me...I really just feel bad saying no...

Later Post: (Because I know you all like to have a blow-by-blow-hour-by-hour account of my life)

Today I worked. By work, I mean scanned and scanned and scanned. Did I mention I also got to scan??! It was all invoices, its amazing what you can learn from invoices really...

It will probably be the weekend before I post my London photos, as there is a thief who lives in my house, who looks, sounds and remarkably shares the same name as my brother, and he has taken my USB cable so I can't upload photos.

I was listening to my ipod while guessed it SCANNING...and I came across a song I haven't heard since I was about 14. It's a Destiny's Child song, called "Happy Face" and is on their "Survivor" album. I LOVE this song, and I actually think it was written for me, as it really captures a zest for life I think everyone should have! Please have a listen if possible!!

work - noun, adjective, verb, worked or wrought; working.

1. exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labour; toil.

2. employment, as in some form of industry, esp. as a means of earning one's livelihood.

3. something on which exertion or labour is expended; a task or undertaking.

I worked;

I work;

I will work.

....and my old Compaq s710 computer has only crashed on me twice

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Update @ 10.15pm: My msn has been acting up all day. I am unable to send any messages but am still able to read any sent to me. I apologise to those who think I am ignoring them, rest assured this isn't my fault! Hopefully things will have fixed themselves by tomorrow, and I shall talk to you then!!

*I FIXED THE BEBO LINK AT LAST* (mission for the year done and done!)*

I rolled out of bed to get my anti-rejection tablets and then crawled back into bed. The dog followed. I don't think hospital would approve.

I awoke much later and had some "Snap, Crackle and Pop". Thankfully my sugars have stayed around 6ish since last night. It's not perfect, but very very nearly perfect so for that I am grateful. I think I will celebrate with a pint of Coca Cola - Insulin not invited.

I wonder how much more free advertising I can do in this short blog. I think I need a break...Oooh a Kit-Kat!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This morning I woke up at about 5.45am and got ready for my trip to London. This was just a day trip, primarily to sight see and shop. The flights were cheap with Ryanair, so it was a case of 'Sure we may as well...'. Unfortunately my sugars had been extremely high during the night, as I stopped my 24hour insulin yesterday, so this morning they were 13.8. Usually they would be about 4.5ish, so this was alarmingly high. Thankfully they settled down to about 7.5 during the day, but again this evening, shot up to 14.9. NOT GOOD.

So this morning me and my two friends set out and I can honestly say, I had a fab time. I laughed so hard that I had tears streaming down my face! We got to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace; we had a pretty good bus tour (which we hopped off of), thus seeing plenty of the main sights; we went to see Covent Gardens and Oxford Street and went shopping too. One name: TOPSHOP. It is simply amazing. The girls had been going on about how much better it was compared to Dublin, which I shrugged off as they have an obsessive compulsive passion for anything involving exchanging money for goods. But when I saw it, I was shocked. If you ain't been, GO!

There were some rude people about and I definitely think those people 'up north' (Newcastle) are a LOT friendlier, but they were ok overall.

The commentary on the tour bus was punningly bad, which made us laugh. The recorded male voice spoke his best Oxford English, in a slow monotonous manner, but oh dear, the jokes were woeful! I can't even remember half of them, because the majority of the time was spent cringing for him.

The rest of the time I looked the stereotypical tourist for the simple reason that I have an absolute phobia of pick-pockets which resulted in me keeping my camera, phone and large purse in my coat. And yes I wore my pocket filled ski-jacket, which over my skinny jeans looked even bigger. I didn't mind much though, I mean that's what I was after all, a tourist!

Queen Lizzie must have been at the wrong airport as I didn't spot her, nor her me. Remind me to give her a buzz tomorrow regawding that.

I had an absolute ball, and memories which I will treasure forever. You can't put a price on memories, but if you could, the laughs, giggles, immature comments and hilarious antics would be worth thousands alone. God we were messers...

I'm a wee bit tired now, so I'll have to update more about London tomorrow. Please hope for lower blood sugars, as I don't like having them this high. And hello to dear EILEEN who is vacationing (without me, as I wasn't invited!!) down the country at the moment! x

Monday, January 15, 2007

*Red Book Blog Updated*
Today I had my first appointment at the endocrinology clinic, also known as the Diabetes clinic. I think I need to study my dictionary some more, because I was almost certain that the word "urgent" meant "as soon as possible!!" Oh well, my "urgent" appointment (made 6months ago) went well. They are keen to start weaning down my insulin, and as of today have cut out my 24hour insulin altogether. It basically means one less injection and that injection was actually the one that always stung, so I like this new plan.

In October with my breakfast I would have needed 7-8units of insulin to keep my sugars right; this morning I took 4units and I had a "hypo" (went too low, risk of collapse yadda yadda). So hopefully that example, basically helps to explain the need for LESS insulin. As the ad goes "Less is more".

I watched the Crystal Maze this evening which is possibly the funniest show on TV today (albeit a re-run). For anyone who used to watch it in the nineties like me and my brothers used to do, it is being repeated on FTN nightly at 6pm. Fantastic watching if you get a chance...

Tomorrow I am off to London for the day with two friends. This means I will either crash in her house tonight or have someone pick me up at the ungodly hour of 6am tomorrow morning. I wonder whether Queen Lizzie will be waiting to greet me to her kingdom. Maybe I should call ahead and make sure she has a chicken-mayo panini waiting for me...I'll bring the insulin... Ta-raw!

Song for the day: "It's All About You" - McFly. (I think that title makes a very good point!)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I slept in this morning, only rolling out of bed briefly to get my Anti-Rejection Medications at about 9am. I then did a highly impressive hop-skip-leap and dived back into bed. Later I arose and decided that I needed to be productive today. One of my blog readers stole my 'I feel like a swim' idea from yesterday's blog and texted me asking to go swimming. So that's what we did. We cycled down to Stillorgan, behind the restaurants and pubs on the way, past the church and through a random estate until we emerged from a hole in the wall and into the swimming club complex. We got about 90minutes in the pool, and had a good natter afterwards. For the past while, I have been doing plenty of activities to keep me busy, but not as many 'me time' things like I was doing back in the Autumn.

I had a nice big Sunday dinner a while ago. Speaking of FOOD, I made my very own and first panini last night on the George Forman Lean Mean Grilling Machine! It wasn't as good as the cafe next to work, but it was still nice!!

My latest *mission* (Yes there she goes again with another crazily concocted plan, thought of at about 3am in the morning, whilst having a nice wee hypo) is to get photos of me taking my Anti-Rejection medications in the weirdest places possible. I was originally inspired to do something along those lines when I was recovering from my transplant and there was a photo of a girl taking hers in China (or some other amazingly distant place) up on the 27a noticeboard. I thought, that is *SO* cool, and minus the wide rimmed hat, I wanted to be like her!! So since life is short, and we never know what's going to pop up around the corner, I thought I would get cracking and get as many (photos) as possible.

I have plans for my first photo which hopefully will be taken on Tuesday when I'm in London. If successful, I will post pics here next week (providing I find that pesky usb cable).

With that firmly in your minds, any suggestions-weird or otherwise- will be warmly welcomed!

Song for the day: 9-5 by Dolly Parton.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Today was my second day at the pharmacy, and it has to be said, I love it! It's rather quiet, and the location is lovely. The ladies next door are really sweet and let me have huge discounts off their mouth-watering-to-die-for paninis. Yum!

I had the usual string of complaining customers though. One lady gave out to me for having the wrong sort of Clarins in stock, as though it was my fault. She said the company were trying to con me. I retreated to the back of the pharmacy and reflected upon this allegation. I then felt very betrayed by Clarins. How could they do this to me? I am a life long customer, having bought from them...once. And then I risked taking that one item through security in Nooocastle airport where it was subsequently confiscated.

I got home at about 5.30 and then went to Helen's house where we did something completely out of character - We watched High School Musical! In my defense there were two girls there who hadn't seen it (shocking I know) so we had to watch it.

I haven't taken my wee Michael (feeding tube) out yet, as I got this notion into my head that I wanted to go for a swim tomorrow, and the thoughts of having an open hole in my stomach, resulting in me becoming a human water bomb freaked me a little. And then if i filled up with water, where would my food go?! Speaking of which, I need to go find some.

PS: A happy birthday goes out to my transplant sport manager (if I represent the Freeman). I'm not sure how old he is, so I'll guess about 20ish! This is the guy who's friends with Tony Blair. Now can you see why I don't want to offend him?!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

As always happens when I have a bronchoscopy done, my blood sugars went a bit mental. Now nothing too high, but being a perfectionist, I don't like them high at all! So last night I took a higher dose of my 24hour insulin, in hopes that things (sugars) would be a bit lower. I rose at 9am to take my anti-rejection medications and crawled back into bed. I then rose again at 2,30pm. This would suggest that I probably was having a hypo this morning, or the morphine I took on Wednesday was still hiding in my body. Or maybe I should go to bed earlier...

I munched my way through a bowl of Muddles this afternoon, and overdosed on insulin again! The plan was to remove the feeding tube today, but for a few reasons I'm going to wait until tomorrow night. For one, when I do finally, eventually get rid of little Mickey (who has been living rent free in my tummy for the last 6months), I will be left with a hole in my stomach. This should close up pretty quickly, but I would rather I be at home if anything starts 'leaking' out, not serving some laxative or other product to an elderly customer. Secondly, I have to plan out what I'm going to do with it exactly. I can't just toss it in the bin now... Anyway, I'll post some photos (old and new) of the life and times of Peg and Mickey this evening. Peg, was my first feeding tube; Mickey was my second.

My plans for this evening are to upload my song up on to my brand new spanking ipod. I will probably tune in and see Charlie getting murdered in Coronation street. I may even switch in and watch a bit of Big Bother..oops, Brother this evening too. Your man Leo 'everybody was Kung Fu fighting' Sawyer has left this afternoon. Does anyone care? Probably not...

I'm going in search of food now. I will post photos later...

Song for t'day: Land of a Thousand Words - Scissor Sisters

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nooocastle 9-11th

Red Book Blog updated
Well, I left on Tuesday evening and came back late this evening. Probably the most important news is that there was no rejection or infection present in my lungs. The told me that technically its still fairly early on from transplant, and it's normal for these things to rear their ugly heads, so I was delighted when all came back negative. I am so lucky to still be doing so well.

I got to peep on to ward 27a to pick up my keys for the flats and saw two of the girls who looked after me. They both looked well. The ward seemed rather quiet, but I was informed two transplants then took place that night. It's always fantastic when you hear of transplants happening. I bumped into my coordinator Lisa, and we both remarked how fast 6months have flown.

At clinic, the phlebotomist (blood taker lady) was rather shocked and appalled at my '4 stabs at blood' stories and said that one go should suffice. I am going to keep that in mind from now on!

They were all lovely in clinic and all remarked on how well I was looking. I'm guessing it was the new mop chop and colour that did it for me! Paula the transplant clinic nurse even liked my 'diamond' watch, I guess they just go out of their way to flatter me over there!! Either way, it worked.

After the bronchoscopy, I went up on to 25. There was an absolutely lovely nurse looking after me there, which would be up to the 27a standard. BUT sadly, this morning nobody could wake me up! The night staff tried and then the day staff had a go, but I was a non mover. In the end the head nurse in charge remarked how it was 'my right to stay in bed'. GO HEAD NURSE! I should have got her name, but I didn't. The lovely nurse, who I also didn't put a name to, said how I was a bit of a 'character' and that three nurses had tried to get me up. At least I'm good at standing on my own two feet and not backing down. OR should that be, good at lying on my own two pillows and not sitting up...

Professer Corris (spelling?) said he was very pleased with me. I think my ears were a bit sensitive though, as it sounded like he was shouting the whole time. But what he was 'shouting' was all good.

We had a bite to eat in the hospital restaurant and then went to the Metro shopping centre where I found a nice couch outside House Of Fraser to sleep on. I continued to do that for 2 and a half hours! But it felt good and I felt good afterwards. I think the security men were getting a bit suspicious that I was some sort of (nicely dressed) homeless bum, but I gave them one of my dimple smiles, which did nothing, and then I moved on in search of food. I realise I'm beginning to make myself sound like a bit of a stone age hunter gatherer here, which minus the uni brow and poor posture I guess I am. ANYWAY, I bought nout in the metro, but picked myself up a snazzy new ipod in Dixons/Currys at Noooocastle ehhhhport (who else didn't know they were the same thing?!) and looked forward to just going home. Which would be here and now. I'll be back over in July for my last appointment. It'll be a sad day, but a happy day all mushed into one! One might* call it bittersweet.

*Use of word 'might' as I'm actually not sure if that's the correct term, I stopped revising my dictionary a few days ago, and with morphine still running around my body, my heads a bit confuzzled.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Last night, I went along to see a band play in Temple Bar. The band consisted of three Brians and a Dennis, and collectively were known as the 'Like Kings'. They were very impressive and had a great stage presence. After they finished up, lots of people left, which meant I had the dubious honour of being part of the last five people left on the dance floor!..Well there was another random girl who danced after us, but she wasn't a great dancer and looked a bit 'out of it'. Afterwards, roaming the cobbled streets of Temple Bar, we dithered about going home; going to 'Q'bar; or getting food. Of course, the food option won hands down. Tragically MacDonald's was closed, so we had to opt for Burger King. But hey, chips are chips.

I have yet to pack anything for my trip this evening. I have a sort of mental list of what I need made out in my head, in the pretence that I am actually an organised person, but I think I am only trying to fool myself (or my mom).

We will arrive in tonight at about 10 or so, and make our way to the Freeman Hospital (or is that 'Freeman Hospital' or 'Freeman's Hospital?!) in High Heaton and collect our keys to our flat from the transplant ward. I am only concerned about one thing in this whole appointment malarkey. It's not the bronchoscopy, its not the blood tests, its not the weighing thing, but rather the fact that I have to be at clinic at 7.30 tomorrow!!! I don't think the Geordies know the meaning of a good night's sleep. They're cracked over there, I'm convinced of it.

Thank you all for wishing me well. I will talk to you all on Friday. Well the hospital there is FIVE STAR, and you all have your own flat TVs with Internet, but I think I'll keep my £3.50 thank you very much. In the meantime, as I stated in October, I do believe Kleenex are having a sale on tissues at the moment, so please, don't ruin your sleeves with your tears with your pining for my return.

Song for today: I actually don't know the name of the one I want (it was on the Tubridy Show this morning though...) so instead I'll say A moment like this - Leona Lewis.
I have, for so long, tried to put this song down, and moan and grumble (SO out of character I know) about how cheesy it is, but alas, I have given in. Conformed, if you will.

Best wishes and I'll talk on Friday! Toodles! xx

Monday, January 08, 2007

Last night's 'children's' film was not a film for a child! Highly complicated and very much 'out there'. All the same, the animation was beautiful, so whilst I may not be able to fully comprehend or appreciate dragons and spirits and the boy really being the spirit of a river(!) - oops sorry if I ruined that for anyone - at least I could see that the attention to detail in with the animation was superb. One might call it 'ROLLING'! It was actually very 'old school' Disney animation - Like Snow White for example (not the Emperor's New Clothes or some other new age Disney dribble). Anyway, maybe a second watch might help me clarify a few things...

But anyhoo, it's MONDAY!! Yayhey! I'm away to Newcastle tomorrow for my 6month appointment, so good thoughts and vibes and 'GOOD LUCKS' are all very welcome! I am presuming that I am fine with no problems, as the only problems of any significance I am feeling right now are the sinuses and I don't think they are doing any huge damage.

A bizarre thing that has been occurring lately is I keep smelling this smell. When I woke up in ICU 6months ago, there was this clinical type smell that was very strange. When I got up on to the ward nearly 36hours later, it was still present and at first I was convinced it was one of the nurse's terrible choice of perfume. At one stage (very much still paralysed and sluggish) I called my mom over to my bed, and whispered in a very suspicious bordering on paranoia voice 'Mom, I think that nurse has ODEED(overdosed for anyone over the age of 21) with perfume!!!' My mom then sniffed(!) out the 'problem', and said that she couldn't smell anything. It wasn't a nauseating smell, but not very pleasant at the same time. It was very much present for a good while and then for the last few days of my stay in Chéz Freemawn it disappeared. Over the last few days, however, I have got a waft of that smell. Its rather bizarre...Luckily however, it hasn't impacted on my appetite or love for food, so all is still good.

Song for today: Love it When You Call - The Feeling ( a band I predict will do brilliantly this year)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I woke up to take my meds at 8.30 this morning and then fell back to sleep until lunch time. I discovered upon finally ROLLING out of bed that my blood sugars were a mere 3.2, which I'm guessing is why I was so lethargic this morning. Blood sugars are supposed to be between 4-7. Such is the woe of being a perfectionist (making sure I have enough insulin and then taking too much!)

I discovered my pooch, Sandy (Zandraw) is a big fan of Big Brother/Celebrity Big Brother (is there a difference?!). He escaped from the kitchen last night, and after much searching around the mansion(!) I eventually discovered him lying ON MY BED watching Big Brother/Celebrity Big Brother. Now, I know you're all thinking he was probably just facing the TV which happened to have BB on it, BUT, I sat and watched it too and when it was over, and the credits started ROLLING(!), up Sandy sits and stretches and jumps down. Now see! The evidence speaks for itself I think!

I am off to my friend's house to watch the Animé, 'Spirited Away'. Its an artistic film made for art farts, which clearly I am not, but I enjoy all types of films anyway. I know its not no High School Musical (Yes, there I go again about my HSM fascination!), but it will do. As long as its AIMED at children I'm happy!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I rolled (anyone noticing a pattern for rolling places?!) out of bed at approximately 8.50am. I jumped (jumping and rolling!) into the shower and got a lift down to the pharmacy (after getting dressed et al of course!). After a few problems with the shutters, things began to settle down. The pharmacist was nice and kept saying she recognised me from somewhere. I had a suspicion she had 'spotted me' somewhere, but not wanting to sound egotistical, I dodged the question. I mean if I had said "Oh you probably know my face from such media appearances as..." and she had just recognised me from the local swimming club or something, that would have been terribly embarrassing. Anyway, I revealed the fact that I had had a transplant six months ago, to which she was fascinated, and then the subject turned to Crumlin Hospital, where we discussed facilities and then the tv programme, and then *ding*, the light bulb went on in her head. "NOoooooooowww I know where I know you from!!". Oops, my secret was out. I ended up signing autographs for the rest of the day! It's kind of weird getting 'noticed', as it happens so rarely. I got 'spotted' a few times last year, but that was ages ago.

I had a beautiful panini from the coffee shop next door which was delicious. I forgot my creon* however. The pharmacy had none in stock so I had to ring my mom and get her to get me some from home. Oh the irony...

*Creon are tablets to help digest food.

Friday, January 05, 2007

It's 3am, I've just rolled in the door from what can only be described as a "highly random" night out.

I have yet to read my book on medications. I am dreading tomorrow. I haven't a blues clues how to work the till or take credit cards. I think I will use my 25% discount and get lots of pain relief and things for headaches. I should check with my transplant clinic beforehand.

Incidentally, since the pharmacy is like Tescos to me (having always gone there and for years, done my Christmas/Birthday shopping there too!) I wonder how much stuff I could get without using a prescription. Usually one would have to get a 'script' for antibiotics etc, but because the likely hood is that I have probably tried them all, they are stored in the system, so I just ring up and ask for what I want. You see, technically (and probably legally) I have to produce a prescription for any prescribed medications before I can have them, BUT this would require me to ring up my clinic....ask for what I want....wait for them to ring me back...wait for the fax and yadda yadda. So I never bother. And I always get away with it.

Got the old mop chopped today, nothing to drastic though. A simple colour and training lesson on how to keep my hair properly, because, SURPRISE SURPRISE, my hair is in a dreadful state. But in my defense, it's not as bad as it was after my operation. There was actually a nest in my hair. I am not joking. I once heard tweeting, and several witnesses claimed to have seen a bird fly out. I am not joking.

Finally, a young lady I know of, last night got her transplant. Time was really running out for her and she had been waiting nearly two years. TWO years!! Anyway, she got it, and I could not be more thrilled for her. I am so excited that in a day or two, she will be up and using them (the lungs)! What a great way to end the day!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ignore my typo in yesterday's post about "pretending its Thursday". I don't know why I wrote that, nor do I know what it means! I dearly hope my error hasn't confused anybody!!

Today I finally got my hands on the keys!!!...And before anyone starts thinking I am referring to my new car (or new place!), alas, it is not; Rather I now have the keys to the establishment where I commence working on Saturday - the pharmacy! Now don't nobody come an' mug me, y'hear!! I was supposed to be studying a book on all the different cold and flu over the counter medicines available these past few weeks. Her (lá manager) words were "Now, only read this in your spare time loike!". I smirked as I heard this, thinking to myself, how I would read religiously every night, and really be the expert. Well, that book came home, went from the kitchen table, to my meds' trolley, to the dining room, back to the kitchen, up to my bookshelf in my room, where to my shame, it has remained since. I briefly read about Lemsip there the other day...I'll give it a glance tonight...So please, if you have a cold or other then: a) Don't come near me!! and, b) If you must come near me, please know exactly what you want ; none of this "Oh I need something for this cold I have". I'm not no "Marie Cure-Me" just yet! ( The one who was a mad scientist, inventor of treatments etc etc).

Also today, I booked myself in for my long overdue mop chop, cut of the ole gruaig (Hair-cut)! My conversation went a bit like this:
Me: Hi I'd like to book an appointment to get my hair cut and coloured please. Uh..for tomorrow
Lady: OK, that's fine. What time tomorrow?
Me: Well, like, some time in the afternoon would be great...
Lady: OK, well what time??? Roughly like...
Me: *Thinking that she's the one with the diary!* How about 2pm?
Lady: Ehhhhh no. Can't do 2pm. Any other time?
Me: *Oh for heaven sake, can't she suggest a time?!* Uhhhh how about 3pm?
Lady: Ooooh, sorry, no can't do 3...
Me: *OK this is ridiculous!* Emmmm, uhhhh, errrrrr, ahhhhhh, hmmmmmm....
Lady: How about 3.30?
Me: FAB SEE YOU THEN! *hangs up!*

*Queue rolly, rolly eyes, and thoughts of writing this down. I need a good rant on my blog now again...OK I admit, I hardly ever complain! This is a new side to me!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I saw the following ad in the Irish Times yesterday (Tuesday - Yes I'm pretending its Thursday...) and found it hilarious! I was expecting it to be for the Samaritans or some other charitable organisation. I decided to scan it and put it on my blog, but amid my disorganisation (did I ever mention just how disorganised I am?!) and my hectic schedule I forgot [didn't bother]. OK, I lie, I don't have a hectic schedule. I just like to pretend I do.

Anyway, I hope that my 'ANON' commenter sees this blog, and takes note! This 'ANON' poster, complains relentlessly about having to give me lifts everywhere, yet won't either put me on the car insurance OR get me my own car! I mean really! Some people...They'll find any reason to complain.

*Please note, I have blurred out the number, as I'm actually not sure if I'm allowed to show this ad without prior permission and yadda yadda. And while I would gladly stand up and argue with them 'til the cows came home (Eileen where are you?!), these guys are "Law Solicitors", and I'm pretty sure since they're willing to cash in on some poor sod's crap Christmas, they'll come after this innocent, never harmed a fly, blogger too!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My 100th post!

Can I get a woot woot please?!!!

Shopping today and watching high school musical too. Can life get any sweeter?

In boots, I bought two cans of hairspray. One can would have cost me €5.20, but two cost €4.50. Yes (No?), I don't get it either...go figure. So, needless to say I bought the two.

I also decided to be more religious about checking my blood sugars. A few months ago I was doing it about 4-5 times a day. Over Christmas I have been doing it maybe twice, but I feel my control has lacked somewhat because of this lapse. So far today I have done 4 checks, and will probably get two more in. On a related note, I have my diabetic clinic appointment (my first - so much for urgency!) in 10days time, where they will want to see a written record of my sugars.

Happy Birthday Kitty! :-)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year to you all! This day last year, I knew I needed a transplant, but wasn't yet on the list as I was too light. I never thought much about when or if I would get my new lungs, as I firmly believe in letting fate take its course, everything happens for a reason and all that jazz. Plus, I have this paranoia phobia thing, that makes me terrified of saying things that would jinx me. I have seen people jinx themselves before and it wasn't going to happen to me! As I said yesterday, I would post an entry from this day last year. A world away it seems now:

“Somebody once asked could I spare some change for gas, I need to get myself away from this place. I said yeah, what a concept, I could use a little fuel myself, and we could all use a little change…”-Smash Mouth, All star

Sunday January 1st, 2006 Week 4

The first of January, a day where resolutions are made to better one’s life, emotionally and physically.

The cliché ‘I’m not making any resolutions ‘cause I never keep them’ couldn’t apply to me more. Each year without fail, I begin each year with the very best of intentions and literally by the end of the week, I have successfully managed to break every single one of my resolutions at least twice. So this year, no more. I will try to have a better year then last, but that’s more of hope/prayer then a promise!

I got out yesterday for hours. I left in the evening and came back at about 1am. I went around to my friend's house. We had a great time to be honest, just reminiscing about embarrassing childhood memories, the majority involving sylvanians!

I came back here (to Vincent’s) and went to bed at about 2 or so. My I.V. is still working thank God!

Last year was a crap year, and although I’ve had a pretty bad stat to this year, hopefully once I clear this bump, it will turn around for me. There are so many things that I want to do, and at times like this, I feel I’m being stopped. It’s sort of like in one of those cartoons, where the guy tries to run, and his legs are moving but for a few seconds he goes nowhere, only for me that momentary pause is lasting forever.

Well I guess I couldn’t not make a resolutions list of some sort…

  • To keep my room tidy (please!)

  • That by 2007, my life will have changed for the better.