Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's the weekend! Yahoo! A time for reflection upon the past week's events, trials and tribulations, fun and adventures; a time when one can sleep in and not have to worry about anything.

Oh I work on Saturdays. Whoops.

When I went to London last week, I set my alarm on my phone to ensure I would have a chance of waking up early. For some bizarre reason, the alarm never went off. I checked to see had I set the wrong time or not set it at all, but *ick*, problem unsolved. I thought nothing more of it, until the early hours of this morning, when for another bizarre reason, it went off! I was highly confused and couldn't fathom what was happening, so eventually turned on sky News to see the time was 3.45am.

Not only must I have set the wrong time; I set the wrong day and date too. I didn't even know the phone had a two week memory installed in it. Pesky phone. On the upside, I was delighted when I woke up that I realised I had another four hours sleep left. Wait, make that five; whoops. Oh well, there were no customers waiting.

I can't go into detail about customers as per the patient confidentiality clause; but I can say that some of them are highly strung and annoying. More annoying then the 'only have a fifty on me' customers are the customers who *let themselves into the shop after closing* despite the shutters being half way down and the lights turned off, and collect their goods and then insist on paying for them *even though the til has been turned off* and then wanting to get something else *even though the til has been turned off for the second time!* -Before anyone smartly remarks about insisting on paying, with medications, you don't have to pay for them there and then. Anyway, I love my job really...

Tomorrow I'm flying out to Nice, and will be in San Remo and/or Monte Carlo on Monday. It should be fun, cold, and These blogs are getting longer and longer, so you'll be glad to know that I shall not, I *repeat* not, be blogging until Friday. I hope you can all get out for a spot of fresh air in the meantime, and if someone could have updates of Home&Away and Neighbours ready for me when I get back, twud be fab!