Saturday, March 27, 2010


I took a break from doing college work for about a week, that was nice. I am a calm speaker when I have to do presentations and then i had to do one last week and got SO nervous, like when your speech quivers, so embarrassing. I think I'm tired!

I'm about to begin a two week binge of study as I'm on my Easter holidays and my summer exams are *weeks* away. A lecturer called me rude the other day - *ouch*. I don't know why, I barely have time to talk to her/them in between all the moaning that I have to listen to from her/them!


I think I have finally mastered the solution to my stomach problems (if you can ever master something with so many variables!). I realise I have mastered it once I stop taking the solution and recognise the need to start taking it again.


Happy Easter!!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Updates from less stress more success

Life is good. I had a couple of episodes last week where I fainted in my sleep. Google told me this was possible, as mad as it sounds, and it can be a symptom of sleep apnoea. Luckily, I think I was beyond exhausted and a little run down at the time so I think they were collectively once off. Imagine! What a random experience.

College is busy, busy, busy again. I am busy doing extra curricular work at the moment.

I read this on a blog somewhere about study and control. It was interesting. I can be incredibly lazy and procrastinate-y, but I love to do well. Not necessarily insanely competitive (I swear everyone believes I'm genuinely competitive) but I feel like I'm a waster if I don't aim for high grades. Over the years, I really feel like studying and working is something I have a control in.

I was incredibly ill when I sat my Leaving Cert. I was 17 and it was the first time I thought I might not make it home. It was a bizarre time in my life where I wasn't really ''with it'' enough to acknowledge how ill I was, all I wanted was a dark room and to sleep permanently. Luckily, I came through it, but also began to turn the tide on that nasty infection a few days before my first exam. Of course, I sat 7 of the exams in hospital, slept in between all of them, and honestly did no study. The thought of doing that nowadays would make me throw up- being so unprepared!

I got good results despite the circumstances, I mean not fabulous results by any stretch of the imagination, but good, enough to get my first choice in college. The right things came up on the papers too, which really helped! But I always felt sort of.....not embarrassed, but I wish I'd done better. Everyone congratulated me, but I felt I could have done better.

And now I have the opportunity to do better, to learn, to have a free college education, to be taught by very intelligent people, some experts in their field, some whose career paths I would LOVE to follow, I feel like if I don't seize this opportunity, then I'm wasting it.

Now back to this research proposal due soon....