Saturday, March 27, 2010


I took a break from doing college work for about a week, that was nice. I am a calm speaker when I have to do presentations and then i had to do one last week and got SO nervous, like when your speech quivers, so embarrassing. I think I'm tired!

I'm about to begin a two week binge of study as I'm on my Easter holidays and my summer exams are *weeks* away. A lecturer called me rude the other day - *ouch*. I don't know why, I barely have time to talk to her/them in between all the moaning that I have to listen to from her/them!


I think I have finally mastered the solution to my stomach problems (if you can ever master something with so many variables!). I realise I have mastered it once I stop taking the solution and recognise the need to start taking it again.


Happy Easter!!!