Monday, December 26, 2005

She crawls out...again

Wow, this place has a lot of cobwebs, I need to dust. So yes it has been a while, and I've not the energy to bore you and annoy you (yes that actually takes effort) so I shall keep this snort and shappy.
First thing, Eileen will no longer be the person I have to absolutely mention without fail. She was fired. So now it is Aif that I'll mention. Aif, Aif, Aif. Say it with me people!!!
And that is that. End. I shall update when I actually have something interesting to report, which will be tomorrow. Til then my aquaintences, til then!
Oh by the way, if I seem a little procupied in the coming days, its because I got the ROSEANNE first series on dvd!! And yes u can borrow it, but there is a queue! x