Saturday, March 31, 2007


What happened to Saturday???

Yes, it's a cheap and lazy way to avoid doing a blog.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Driving 10/10!

I have finished my driving lessons! I didn't even do too badly today at all. A really nice double-decker-bus driver stopped the traffic so I could pull out which was really sound. My passionate driving instructor cursed every second word as per usual but in a nice way. It wasn't vulgar and she did it very naturally. She even 'flicked' the driver behind for being impatient. How kind.

I forgot to photocopy my driving license for my insurance form - d'oh! So there shall be an even longer delay in getting my car. Needless to say I'm not impressed. I really need to get myself a personal assistant to do these things for me. I'm an incredibly busy, busy person who doesn't have time (or sufficient memory cells) to remember to do these petty things.

And in 'all other business' it turns out there was a thing on me in the Examiner Newspaper today. I say 'turns out' as though I'm surprised but actually I knew about it but wasn't sure of the day it would appear. And by 'thing on me' I really mean interview. It was very factual and not a 'pulling at the heart strings' article which I'm delighted about. The photo isn't half bad either. I would have scanned it to show but to be frank, I'm just to lazy.

And busy (see paragraph two). Lazy and busy.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Me and Brendan Kilkenny:

Tonight I went to the Spring Concert in my old school. Basically it's a concert organised by fifth year students to raise money for the annual pilgrimage to Lourdes in September. It's a variety show with a variety of acts from the various years. And it's on in Spring.

It was actually hilarious! The compares were those two from Little Britain (not the actual two obviously, but students pretending to be), you know, the bald and retarded one in the wheelchair, and the other lanky one in the jacket. I'm not a fan of the show AT.ALL. In fact I actively turn off the channel if they're on. But these two, my were they funny! They had other skits too, which were equally funny. There was raunchy dancing, and some piano music. The piano was perhaps the only part that wasn't so 'varied'. In fact after the third depressing ballad you wanted to scream 'no more, NO MORE!'...that or slit your wrists.

I had my ninth of ten driving lessons today. There were two hands on the wheel for the most part today which is always a good sign. I don't like it when there are THREE. My car should be arriving next week much to my delight. We just must wait for my car insurance to come through.

Yes these mad things are willing to insure a 19year old, provisional driver whose hobbies include Diabetes, Cystic Fibrosis and double lung transplants. And who can't quite master the art of driving yet. Nice.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Myself and Mr Tubridy:
There were better ones of both of us, but could either of us manage a good smile, while looking at the (my) camera and at the. same. time? Of course not. Purleaze.

Today was a day off work. I didn't feel super and ended up sleeping most of it. I got up for Home and Away and Neighbours and for some food but then went to have a bath. After my bath it was back to bed. I felt SOOOO tired.

I watched the Apprentice (UK - no orange faces and dodgy looking toupees here) opening episode. It was good, but my goodness the descions made were ridiculous. The guy who got 'You're Fired'-ed looks really really like a guy in my office. I'm talking 'Hey, [guy in office] never told me he was going to be on TV!" similar. I won't tell him that though.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"Wow, well *this* is a big chart for someone who looks as healthy as you do! Did you have some childhood illness or something?" - New GP today. *smile*

A perk: I waltzed into my GP today for the first time in...a long time.... to make an appointment. My GP's is by appointment only. The receptionist was VERY busy and asked me shortly the purpose of my visit. Clearly being a bit of a nuisance I told her my reasons -needed to see doctor about getting referral letter and just to chat about misc. She sighed and wrote down my details and the minute I gave my name her face changed. She was warm and friendly and saying how she remembers me (I have a BAD memory!) and then whispered that she could fit me in to see the doctor now if I wanted. How is THAT for customer service! Finally I am reaping the benefits of popping in and out of that place like a (sick) YOYO for years! It's like a Tesco reward scheme...except I still get charged full whack.

The doc was fab and went WELL out of her way to do loads for me - photocopying, looking up meds, and getting me phone numbers. Who knew that the Blackrock Clinic offered FIVE dermatologists?! It's like a catalogue!

Now to get my face sorted. Thanks to steroids, toxic medications, and being 19, my skin is B.A.D. I'm done spending money on MAC. Enough covering up, I want nice skin again!!

-Dinner tonight. Weight is up. Sugars not too bad. I woke up with a '5.7' today which was really good.

Monday, March 26, 2007


I don't have much recollection of this annual event before last year. I was patiently awaiting my new lungs this time last year, and was willing to speak openly about the lack of donors and the importance of same. Which I did.

Today Organ Donation Week officially kicked off in the Mansion House with a speeches and appearances by Ryan Tubridy and Mary Harney (minister of health). I popped along since I had finished my work nice and early. I then got ROPED in to having photos taken, which I didn't really mind as it was for good cause but I was still unprepared. (See yesterday's post about unphotogenic-ness!!).

I had a chat with Mr. Tubridy and said hello to Mary. I met Mary a few years ago and because I am so stunningly beautiful these days compared to then, she didn't have a blue blazons who the heck I was. Yes that's what I'm telling myself...

The speeches were 'interesting'. I don't know what holiday homes for patients on dialysis and the need for funding from the government has to do with ORGAN DONATION though.

...Did I mention the Kidney association organised this event though? And did I mention that Mr. Tubs was under contract to have his photos taken with the kidney association? With all this politics, thank goodness Mary was there to referee it all!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

When I received a text message from a former school friend yesterday, I initially thought it was a joke. I then *prayed* it was a joke. But alas, no. Following a further few texts, and confirmation from my brother's gf, I was resigned to the fact that, yes, it was true.

My image is in April's Photo magazine....Oh wait, no. My photo is in April's Image magazine.

It was one taken at the Cystic Fibrosis Ball back in February. I am NOT a photogenic person when told to smile. I sort of freeze up and then don't know what to do, I wish I had a mirror handy so I could look at myself but ind stead end up looking like a plank!

Anyway, needless to say there are now three or four issues of Image hanging about at our house. Goodness knows, having one issue with a teeny photo of me to look at isn't enough. NO, no, its best to have three, because if any visitor calls to the door, we can all have a copy!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sitting On Babies

That's pretty much what I did this evening. Unpaid of course, because my sister needs the money more. She in fact needs to fix my watch that she smashed. She claims she has no money. Tomorrow she'll say she hasn't time. (Time-watch, geddit??!)

While playing 'school' the five year old packed up her bag and declared:
"I'm sorry, I have to go. My grandfather needs me, he is ill".....Uhh, okay...

When she returned the three year old declared:
"I sowey, I have ta go. My gwan-fawtha needs me! He's sick"....Well *thats* original!

She returned shortly after, informing me that she told her 'gwan-fawtha' she needed to go to school. Brains on that one.

The discipling in this 'school' turned a went a bit mad, mostly consisting of everyone screaming and shouting and running around. The ten year old then produced a gun, which also had little effect. Probably because it wasn't real (obviously).

All were put to bed with ease, the three year old then fell out of the bed. *plonk*. I put her back in. *plonk*. I watched TV (Shawshank Redemption) and then came home. AND now the hours have gone forward so I'm losing an hour sleep, but I don't know what to do with my timed medication - they never warned us about this in the transplant bible guide!! Why didn't someone think of this before?!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Good News: My i-pod which decided to sporadically combust/freeze yesterday has fixed itself.

Good News: On FTN they are now showing re-runs of Gladiators! That's right, prime time television from my youth is gracing our screens once again. We now get to chant for "Hunter", "Wolf" and "Sarasan" once more while waving the (one, shared) foam finger about in the air. We (brothers and sister) used to sit and watch it every single Saturday and it always seemed like such a marvellous and spectacular event. Of course, when you're about six years old, you tend to not notice the huge amount of empty seats, the woeful dress 'sense', the campness of the male gladiators or the pathetic nature of some of the competitors. Funny that...

Good News: No work tomorrow!

Not So Good News: Eating 250g of white chocolate while watching TV in bed without creon and without insulin. Yeah not such a good idea...but it DID taste good!

Good News: That chocolate tasted mmmm mmmm!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I arrived home late last night. Or should that be early this morning? Or maybe late this morning would be more accurate...

About two hours into my sleep, I awoke, grabbed some chocolate and stuffed it into my mouth. I then began to feel unwell and very confused. I tossed and turned and still felt unwell in a way I can't actually describe. It felt as though I was either a) drunk, b) ridiculously tired or c)having a 'hypo' (where blood sugar goes too low). I knew I wasn't drunk for certain, which left 'b' and 'c', or a combination of both.

I rolled out of bed and in the dark blue of the early morning, I made my way downstairs. Upon checking my sugar it was 3.1. TOO LOW. I proceeded to have a bowl of Rice Krispies, some chocolate Swiss roll, some hot chocolate and a few Thai crackers. After that I felt slightly less hungry.

I went back to bed, got up some time later, went into town to have my photo taken for a newspaper article guessed it Transplants! I stayed in town, went to work and put together packs for....I actually don't know what. I should probably take more interest in my work...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Last evening I sat down in my bed, with my microwaved popcorn (butter flavour and to die for) and watched "Forest Gump". I'd never seen it before and it was, as I had heard, an excellent film. Along with my family, I visited Bubba Gump's in Time's Square in 2004 and that too, was excellent.

As with every new discovery, I tend to look it up on the Internet days later to get some extra information about it. I have no idea why I do it, but I guess I'm just geeky that way. Super-Uber- Geeky that way.

I glanced on (where I get all my useless trivia about TV and Films) and took a read on Forest Gump. For those of you who aren't familiar with the film, one of the characters loses his legs. Anyway, there I was, reading and mentally storing all the trivia when I came across a message down the bottom about Gary Sinise (actor who played character with the no legs). It read:

I heard from a reliable source that Gary Sinise actually had his legs amputated for the part of Captain Dan. Can someone confirm this?

I am not joking. I mean, come on! I can imagine him turning up for another audition to play an armless character and he has to have those chopped too. One word: Dedication.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today was a very 'nothing' kind of day. Nothing really happened, so I reckon that's a good description.

I started taking my 24 hour insulin (Lantus/Glargine) again last night. I took 5 units, which isn't very much, but my sugars have been rather high lately. I am far less bothered about them now then I was back when I was diagnosed, and find myself not really caring when they are going high. I found my old sugar diary that I kept before Christmas, and I was alarmed at how near perfect they used to be. I was having more hypos (when sugar level drops too low) back then, but I was on about 14-16units of Lantus too. I'm not sure what I should do at the moment. Take more insulin, or keep going on with my 'shrugging at everything' attitude. I'm still gaining weight, so I reckon the 'not bothered' way of life is OK for me.

Speaking of which, the Apathy Society planned their annual meeting for Tuesday. It had to be cancelled though, due to a lack of interest....

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Irish Times is one of the many unofficial members of our family, with 3 or 4 day old copies usually found lieing about on any given day. That's because we are very lazy about putting them out, and they usually are left folded, creased and read in the playroom. My Mom is the only person concerned with keeping the place tidy you see.

Anyway, I was about 12 or so when I began reading papers, and I have always had a healthy interest in current affairs. I think it stems from my nosiness and the need to find out what everybody else is doing with their lives to be honest. I wouldn't read the paper every day, but rather occasionally.

I can't remember when it began, but we started to buy tabloids whenever we were abroad on holidays, as The Irish Times wasn't readily available in 'Pablo's corner shop'. It must have been circa 2000 when Big Brother was on, and we needed to know what was happening. Compared with broadsheet newspapers, these were easy to read, they had gossip like stories on celebrities, and they had big pictures. We all could read these, even my sister who was three years my junior.

Every morning the geeks early birds (Dad and sis) would get up and go get the milk, bread and the tabloid. They would get first reads, and then it was first come first served. Some people would take forever with it, others just need a flick. God help you if you got stuck waiting behind someone who had a pen to do the crosswords with! Occasionally there would be arguments (I was next, I'm first, that's not fair etc etc) and it would drive me ballistic. B.A.L.L.ISTIC!

Coming home from the airport yesterday, I picked myself up a Sunday Mirror to read. I put it into my bag while on the flight and planned to read it on my arrival home. Sometime in the afternoon I remembered my paper but when I went to retrieve it, it was gone. Someone had taken it. And read it. And wouldn't you know, they probably had a pen.

I remembered again when going to bed. When I was going to bed, my brother arrived in, and *yoink* he grabbed it. GONE. TAKEN. READ. And wouldn't you know HE probably had a pen with him too. So despite me purchasing the yoke, I was, as usual last in line to read it. Typical.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Mammy's day Maw! I would post a sentimental photo of days past of me and my mommy, but I don't think she would appreciate reminders of her 'Farrah Faucet' days, and the memories of times when vary focals weren't her constant companion may depress her!

Me and "the girl" got home at lunchtime, and I had to sleep since I did very little of that over the weekend. England they say...English. Plenty of "Eeeeeee's" and "Ooo aye!" were heard.

A certain Geordie organised a certain gig which had a comedian at it. The comedian, was obviously unaware of the Irish lassies in the back, cracked some very racist Irish jokes about "Paddy" and "Mick". We were appalled and decided to leave.

Nah I'm joking, he was very funny and we stayed. I had a couple of white wine spritzers which confirms my ''allergy'' to alcohol is clearly selective! We boogied to "walk five hundred miles" and overall had a highly enjoyable evening!

At the airport we had to shuffle our bags about because English airports only allow one bag. How silly. Next time I'm going to wear a pocketful jump suit so to eliminate the bag issue. I may even strap bottles of water to my legs and arms. They won't set off alarms OR show up anywhere. Then I will sell my story to Sky News and the Mirror for a tidy sum. Then, and only then, will I be happy.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Saint Patrick's day to those in Ireland and those in Nigeria. Did anyone else know that St. Patrick is their patron saint too?

Today I shall be different; I'm going to be unique and do something nobody else will have thought of. I shall wear green. Not light green, not dark green...rather Abercrombie Green. I like to be different you see...

Friday, March 16, 2007

I have been warned by "the girl" not to be late today as we fly off on our holiers. Who knew she was so enthuastic about the minute chance of getting to see/spot/stalk/meet Alan Shearar?

Taking her warning on board, I should really go get ready. A suitcase needs packing, a person needs showering and she'll be here in 30minutes. Trust me you don't want to see "the girl" when she's angry...if you thought I went on, this one actually never ends!!

Back on Sunday, tootle pip! Oh and Dad, I got the mula you left me on the table, I owe you a fiver (euro)! xx

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tonight was a fantastic evening spent down at the dog track. "Dog Track" sounds a bit seedy and odd, but we went to Shelbourne, and in fact enjoyed a private box and our own tote (Tote-er?). It was (my first) a work do, and thanks to the generosity of the big man himself (Mr Siggs!), we all got €20 vouchers to bet with. In total I did well, and came home with nearly €30, having predicted the winner in the last race, and had a great seventh race. Having just one tip really comes in handy!

I downed FAR too many diet cokes though and am now suffering from extreme heart-burn, reflux, gargling, burping, rumbling tummy problems. And to think I gave the stuff up for lent...

I went down today to Dundrum to get some Mac make-up that I had promised myself last week. I had decided to spend my well earned money and bite that Mac-Bullet. When I arrived there though, I was overwhelmed with the number of products on offer, and then the vast choice of colours for each individual product. Anyone who knows me, knows how awfully fickle I am (with ten minutes for betting tonight, I would place my bets a mere 20seconds beforehand!), and sadly had to leave empty handed. "The girl" will be with me in the airport tomorrow though, and she can help me pick there.

And, YES, I am going away tomorrow. It may seem madness that we leave the country on what will be the national booze-fest, but we do things like that. Sadly "the girl" wants to find a pub to watch the match in on Saturday! 'Tis the life of Reilly for some!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Last day done and dusted.

I had to do a delivery down and across the dual carriage-way today too. That's a L.O.N.G. cycle! Longer then I'm used to anyway, but it was enjoyable and a little amazing too. Who'd a thunk I could have cycled *that* far?!

Apart from that, the rest of the day was pretty mundane apart from:

Lady: Hi, I'm looking for a digital thermometer please...
Me: Yup, no problem. Hmmm let me see...(acts like I just misplaced it while I scan my eyes frantically over the shelves as I ALWAYS DO whenever a customer asks for anything) Ah here we are!
Lady: Is there just the one? How does it work?
Me: Hmm, there should be more (always act like you agree with the customer)...No, none here... This says just to place in the mouth until the beep
Lady: Oh, OK, that's good...
Me: Oh WAIT, there's more over here.

*reaches down*
Me: Hmmm, these seem to take just need to...what the??? (Thinking how on earth you could test your temperature by giving a 'sample')...I don't get it....

Lady: I don't quite think...

Me: Oh wait, NO! This is a....ahem....pregnancy test ...ahem...never mind....
Lady: No I don't need one of those. (laughs) ...Trust me! (Sighs)

To conclude, I think I would make an excellent retails salesperson thingy..Phew!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Two days down, one to go. Work flew again today, but I was rather hungry.

To continue with today's 'hunger theme', I bumped into my old torturer dietician in Dundrum earlier. The nice thing was she didn't recognise me, which means I was so awful she blocked me from her memory, or I look so much better then when she saw me last. I opt for the latter.

This dietician, had the battle war task to get my weight up so I would be able to get on the transplant list. It was certainly a tall order as I was eating nothing, yet all I could manage; I was already on feeds twice - three times a day (so nothing extra could be added) and the target weight I was given was higher then I had ever been before.

It took her two months. Two. Long. Painful. Months. They were considering steroids to induce my appetite at one stage. Each day she came on to that ward, she would slowly roll in the weighing scales on wheels. It was a stiff, heavy wheelchair like weighing scales. You heard it coming. It would take several minutes to maneuver it to the bed and that wait could be agonising. You would *wish* you hadn't gone to the loo ten minutes earlier...*That fluid weight was at LEAST another kilo god darnit!*. You would curse yourself for being in pocket less pyjamas - *I could have fitted a phone, camera, mp3 AND some change in my jean pockets* And where was the heavy dressing-gown when you needed it?!?

So, I would sit down and try to press down as hard as I could. The weight could only be viewed from behind, so I always knew if there was a long sigh, it wasn't good.

But fair play to her, good old "Olive Tree" got me there in the end. She saw a challenge in me and faced it head on. She didn't give up, and she was realistic with me. She never told me to "PUT.ON.THREE.KILOS.BY.NEXT.WEEK", but rather it was a team effort. We took it slowly and worked our way up. She taught me that I *could* indeed put weight on with a LOT of effort. I'll probably never forget her.

And when I saw her this evening, I was delighted I had actual witnesses, unpaid, who could vouch for my new appetite!
You often hear about how great doctors and nurses are, and what a fantastic job they do, which of course is true. It's not everyday, however, you hear about the other people behind the scenes though. The doctors and nurses are like actors on stage; they pretend they know what they're doing they are the ones you see. The nurses, physiotherapists, phlebtomists and others are like the people who pull the curtain up. You never hear about them, but without them the show wouldn't be seen!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Tonight's LOST eps summary:

Some days it feels like I'm working in a bookshop rather then a pharmacy! Today we had a lady come in, in a flurry needing some make-up before going into town. We suggested that instead of buying everything, she just use the testers (salesperson of the month isn't one of my goals!) and buy a blush. She was extremely grateful and we helped her out. It turns out she was going to meet an author friend of hers whose book (Think that's the one!) is about to be turned into a Hollywood film! Woweee!

Then she got talking about another author friend of hers who is ALSO doing some film or other for a book of his. She even wrote the name of it down for me, but I forgot! Then she asked would I like to be an extra in the film with some friends! I said yes, so I can tick "be in a film" off my list of things to do before April. Ardal O'Hanlon will be in it, and I find him funny. So all in should be...interesting.

This was all after an actual author was in the pharmacy. I read a few of this author's books in primary school. Coincidentally one of the more well known ones was made into a TV film a few years ago which starred a guy I know. GAS!....ahem.

I shall be working in the pharmacy until Wednesday. I worried about that other job I usually do and how on earth they would cope without my skills, worth ethic, and overall personality. I was saddened to find out that they had already found not one, but two replacements! *cry*!! They both seem very nice though, and hardworking too. At least my...ooops, THE company won't go to pieces without me!

AND FINALLY, I am about to embark on a fundraiser of sorts to raise money for both transplant units I attend. I sent out a general mail to my mailing list, and was really pleased with the reaction and offers for help already. People who I haven't heard from in a long while have offered helping hands. *SOME* people who I THOUGHT would have JUMPED at the CHANCE to get INVOLVED have so FAR been UNRESPONSIVE. BUT we shan't hold THAT against THEM as they still have TIME to GUESTBOOK me! You know who you are!!

(I think there is something wrong with my keyboard as my words seem to be in caps and in 'bold', indicating that I am shouting due to being ANNOYED. Oh dear.)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I went to a convent school and now that convent is shutting. Actually it's being taken over by the school to make the schools (secondary, junior and Montessori) bigger.

So all the elderly nuns are being shipped out and into nursing homes. They're not even going into the same nursing homes! There are only nine or ten nuns left, but you have to feel sorry for them that their way of life and routine is being up and rooted after so many years. Some of them have lived there for over 65 years. L.O.N.G time!!

One nun organises a mass every so often for the past pupil, and since I was a pupil in the past, I qualify! Today was the last mass. Sadly only four other people from my year turned up. FOUR! Luckily loads of other years turned up and it was lovely. But really, FOUR?! Some people just never put themselves out for others. Never. They didn't want to come, weren't bothered and a host of other excuses. The poor old nun had gone to so much trouble to organise it, but who cares! Ugh...

Work this week in the pharmacy. Should be...interesting. In a medical, drug supplying, codeine addictive sort of way.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I have spoken a few times about the "two Sarahs and us", meaning the "group" in my neighbourhood with whom I grew up with. The laughs we had, the "Kodak" moments we shared and so on. In fact, only recently I recounted how it was funny how we had drifted apart and so forth.

One of the "Sarahs" is moving house in a couple of months, nowhere too far, but away nonetheless. In a sense it is the first official door being closed, if you looked at our childhood as a memory room. Which, thinking about it, is kind of you probably wouldn't.

Anyway, tonight me and the "Sarahs" decided we would have dinner in a nice restaurant, as we hadn't gotten together in years. My sister was babysitting so couldn't come. Despite what she says, she WAS invited, BUT.COULDN'T.COME!!!

We had a fabulous evening, although I really did eat FAR.TOO.MUCH, as I now have a sore tummy and look a bit pregnant. And since I look fourteen, ("oh are you on work experience here??"), I look like a pregnant fourteen year old.

The only dodgy part of the whole evening was when the bill arrived. We looked at each other and tried to see who had done honours maths in school. Nope. None of us. All ordinary level. My ability is the I-can-count-to-ten-and-sometimes-12 level. We had the calculators out trying to figure out how to pay. We all waved fifty euro notes in the air and then sort of worked out how to do it. Despite our flagging of the fifties, we left a €2-something tip. Yeah, did I mention we're tight with money? At least we got a laugh out of it though!!

Tomorrow I will track down the receipt and work out who owes what. In the meantime I shall watch TV until my tummy deflates.

Friday, March 09, 2007

I was up and out of the house, on the road on the way to work at 7am this morning. I specifically requested my chauffeur come no earlier then 7am, but alas she arrived at 6.58! Boy, was I annoyed!!

Once again, I dressed up smartly and pretended to know what I was doing. On a positive note, I did manage to get a few free pencils and a copy of the Irish Times. Due to the nature of the conference, there was a talk (a speech?) on the new Microsoft Vista which I got to sit in on. It was interesting, but I wouldn't think worth the upgrade just yet. Do I really want to fork out all that money for a clock face on my desktop? No. Of course, there are plenty more new features but nonetheless I think I shall wait.

The Irish soccer team were in the hotel as well. Actually they turned out to be the Irish soccer team's coaching team. There sure were a lot of people there!! If only the players put in as much effort, we would have a bit of success!

We were all incredibly curious as to who these Eircom track suited people were, so I approached one and politely inquired. I was told "Well, Dave here is a pro player [Duhhhhh] and I'm a coach". I apologised and said my soccer knowledge was limited. They then both looked at me as though I was some weirdo and walked off. Hopefully my next encouter will be a bit more successful.

We later spotted Packie Bonner from the "Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé....Oléééééé, O-Olé! We're all part of Jackie's army, We're all off to Italy(eeeee)! And we'll really shake it up, when we win the world cup, because Ireland are the greatest football teeeeeeeam!" fame. Am I the only one who remembers screaming that circa Summer 1990?? In fact I used to [attempt to]sing that running around the garden waving the Irish "slag". (I had speech impediments that affected my ability to pronounce "F"s, ok?). Anyway, he was rather tall, and rather serious looking. And he was tall. Very tall.

After work, I slept and arose at 11pm to have my dinner. I retired to bed at midnight. I think I should try and sort my weird sleeping patterns out.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Today I went to work in the afternoon. I actually worked rather hard too! Not that I don't normally work hard...but...well.....

I woke up feeling pretty sluggish, and having had only my second nightmare in my life I was a little edgy. Eeek.

I rang the Clinic again today, because they forgot to call me back yesterday. Ooops.

They're not going to put me on antibiotics, which I agree with, as although I don't feel 100%, my lung function leaped last week so I'm not doing too badly. Considering this, I also don't want to become resistant to antibiotics either.

The 'bad-ish' news is that I'm culturing pseudemonas. Pseudemonas is a bug I grew in my old lungs since I was about three, and it can do damage. I had suspected it as I'm still...ahem(pardon the pun) "productive"...and my "produce" is "colourful" and smelly/bad tasting too.

I grew pseudemonas in October, but hoped I would have had it rid by now. There have been studies which seem to think that pseudemonas is linked with chronic rejection.

Saying all of this, the clinic are happy not to prescribe anything as I'm not symptomatic.

And saying all that, life is good at the moment so we're not going to worry about what studies show and what is grown in laboratories. Sometimes too much information isn't good for you.

I'm up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to attend something, which I'm still unclear about. All I know is that my trouser suit gets another outing! All's good...(as long as there's food to be had anyway..)
(We had cake at my mom's birthday in November. Amazing!)

Song of the day: Shine - Take That

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Odd School

I do believe I mentioned my school being a bit 'strict' and generally odd before??

This was a sign in the hotel on my sister's ski trip. Let's just say, having gone on four school trips with my school, this is not the first time we've seen this.

Hanging in a group feels safe, moving in numbers is safe. In my secondary school about half of the year had come from the prep school, and about 90% of those in the prep school had come from the Montessori school. Some of these girls had been friends since they were three. THREE!! You would think they would eventually run out of conversation topics,

I went to a playschool, where I excelled in painting rocks to make them ladybirds, and where I ate off a coloured plastic plate. This was back in the day where I used to actually eat - before the days where I stopped, before I started again. Keep up!

I then moved to primary school where I think I was the only person from my playschool, so new friends were made and friendships formed. I excelled contributing to "OUR NEWS" daily and in putting my hand up in the air to answer questions so high that I would get out my chair "me, me, me, me, me, pleaaase, me!". Competitive? I think not...

Then came secondary school, where about 25 girls moved over from my primary school. In my class I knew three others. I wasn't friends with these three others, but simply knew them. I didn't particularly like straining conversation with these three who I barely knew and decided to move out of my 'safety' and find new friends. It wasn't so much of a choice, but rather I had to.

If you interweave the time spent in and out of hospital growing up, having to talk to complete strangers, people of different age and background, I never really had much choice. Unless I wanted to become a social isolated...freak...thing....

But the people who went to Montessori, junior, and secondary school together, never faced this task. They always had the safe cocoon of knowing who they were with. These same girls, now in college, still hang around together, and only together. Sometimes a new member will be allowed join, but that's a rarity -most of the time because nobody would want to join that group.

God forbid these girls will ever have to go out and find new friends or acquaintances. Some will be fine, but others will be lost. They say that if you haven't learned to talk by the time you're five, that part of the brain dies, as there is only a limited 'window of opportunity' to learn language skills. Maybe the same can be said for social skills? Who knows.

And so concludes my stream of consciousness for today....

(Ring Mater, go to work, and no yoga make up today's plans.)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's funny how Mother Nature changes her course to suit the occasion. Well, that's what I believe anyway. Yesterday was a day full of storms, with every cloud acting as a constant shadow cast over the country. Today, as I awoke, it felt like it could have been summer. The birds were singing, the view outside my window was a palette of beautiful sunny colours and the sun shone in my window with a degree of warmth I haven't felt all year. There was also a feeling of peace in the air, like the one you feel when everyone is still asleep and it feels like you are the only person going about their business.

Today was J's funeral, and a beautiful one at that it was. J was a fairly private person, so in order to respect her, and her privacy, I don't feel comfortable talking too much about the day's events, however I do wish to say that she was a spectacular lady and that that sentiment was most definitely shared with everyone I spoke to.

It was an hour where so many people came together to say goodbye to a intelligent, caring and beautiful girl. I only knew her because of my C.F. as it was something we shared.

The C.F. community is a funny one. In a sense it is like one big family, where everyone is there for one another and shares and empathises so much of what one with CF can experience, but like every family, we also have differences and tensions between members as well. Unlike most other communities though, we didn't chose to come together or seek out one another, but rather we were clustered together and this can often be the reason for our strains. Despite these stresses and tensions, of which make up such a minute part of our relationships, I don't think I would give it up. It's a strange thing bonding with someone you wouldn't probably get to know without the link of C.F. Many people who have come into contact with the "CF group" often have a desire to be a part of such a "club", as they can see what a strong ravel we have.

Having C.F. isn't something I chose, but it was the cards I was dealt as it was for everyone else with the condition out there. It is a sad community because of the nature of the disease, and certainly on these pages I seem to only "report" the sad news and never the positives (of which there are many).

Today, I met many of the "group" who I knew from Vincents. We stood outside the church and talked long after most people had left. It was a sad circumstance that we had been clustered into each other's company once again, but once we were there, the tensions disappeared. Because, tensions no longer matter. We've all been through this before, and sadly we will probably be again. But that's not the point.

One fabulous girl left us on Sunday, and because of this lady, so many people were brought together. That is what I am thankful for.

Thank you J, and for one last time, Goodbye. xxx

(I hope blogger lets me post this as it seems to have got pretty long!!)

Monday, March 05, 2007

I had many a marvellous plan for my day off today, beginning with shopping in Dundrum to spend my week's wages on some MAC make-up. Before anyone gasps or falls off their chair with the news that I am spending an entire week's wages on make-up, I only get paid cash for my Saturday job, so in reality it isn't that much after all. *Pheee-ew*.

Anyway, I had a dust of a thought that I would also go and get driving lesson number 7 today as well. For some reason my mom wants me to get 10 lessons before I can drive my own car. What is it about the crucial tenth lesson?? Why not nine, or eleven even?

BUT a few things threw a spanner into the works.

  1. I woke up at 12.30pm, which really alarmed me as I take my anti-rejection medications at 10.15, so they were two hours late! Yikes!

  2. In case anyone hadn't noticed, the weather is absolutely woeful at the moment. The wind slaps you across the face, turning your body into a puppet when trying to walk anywhere; the rain spits in your face the moment you attempt to peak out the door, and the stormy weather howls in shouts warning you to stay indoors.

  3. Because of my 'not being able to drive' dilemma, I would have to walk but because of number two, this was impossible.

So my day was spent running over my finances, talking on MSN, watching Aussie soaps, eating food, doing my hair and that was about it.

In a way, the weather describes so accurately the feelings that I know many are having since the news I spoke about yesterday spread. Despite the Spring having arrived, the weather and atmosphere refuses to conform; around it is dark, gloomy and depressing. It makes us want to hide under the bedclothes, curled up in the safe warmth forever.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

As I log in to blog this evening, I wish I could write some witty post about how wonderful my monotonous day has been, or crack some woeful joke about some observation I had made about life, but I can't.

Today, the C.F. community lost another member. She was so involved in the community and played such a big role. Parents of people with CF up and down the country (mine included), and indeed people with CF themselves, learned about new treatments and medications as well as handy tips in dealing with daily life thanks to the magazine she edited.

She was a wonderful friend to many. I never met her (although we did pass eachother once or twice) but came so close a few months ago when I went for my diabetes appointment. I had the pleasure of meeting her boyfriend then, but sadly due to timings of appointments, I never got the chance to pop by and say hello.

Her presence will be missed and her absence greatly felt.

I wanted to word this right, and not sound too cheesy or tacky, as she was a wonderful person. I wanted to pay my respects to her, her bf and her family.

Rest In Peace J. xxx

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Today I returned to work in the pharmacy. It wasn't too busy but the Internet was broken there so I was forced to listen to current affairs on the radio. One thing I hate is being forced to listen to current affairs as I like to listen to current affairs in my own time. Anyway, all I could pick up was some people (I'm guessing Sinn Féin) want to rename Merrion Road in D4 to Bobby Sands Road. Something tells me that will never happen.

The moon turned red tonight for an instant. Well, more like for twenty minutes. It was the lunar eclipse. I tried to get some photos but amazingly nothing would come out!

The parents return tomorrow from their weekend away. That gives us about 12 hours to clean up the house, go find the dog, collect up all the unused drugs and pills and sell them on the market for a good profit and finally, we must throw all the empty beer bottles over the wall into our neighbours garden in an attempt to convince the 'hood that we do not have an alcohol problem...

Friday, March 02, 2007

Allow me to toot my own horn for a minute if I may:

I am a very VERY VERY clever clogs. Clever indeed!

I said yesterday how I was really hoping to pick up some tickets for Oxegen today. I was uber excited about the 'stellar' line-up (which includes Snow Patrol, Muse, The Kooks, Scissor Sisters, James Morrison, Razorlight, The Killers, Mika, Amy Whinehouse to name a few...) and saw yesterday that it sold out uber fast last year.

So last night, I opened up the ticketmaster website on my laptop, where it informed me that Ticketss weren't currently on sale, but they would go on sale at 8am this morning (Fri).

From previous experience, when the site gets clogged with loads of people on at once, you can't even view a page, so I had to come up with a plan...a clever plan.

Instead of shutting down and getting back on at 7am this morning, I left the page open, and went to bed, leaving it all switched on. Then I woke up at 7.56, jumped out of bed, and the web page was still open. I refreshed it, but tickets were not on sale...still!

My laptop clock clicked over to 08:00. I clicked "refresh". Again, nothing. I waited about 4 seconds and "refreshed" again. And again. AND.THEN.I.WAS.OFFERED.TICKETS!! I wondered for a split second, whether I should buy them or wait, but then I decided I would get them. So I bought four, which is incredibly expensive I might add!

All the way into town for work (yes I worked today!), I dithered that I had done the wrong thing, but when I arrived in at 9.20, they were ALL.SOLD.OUT!! That makes me very happy because:

  1. My plan worked so I am clever
  2. I now own something particularly valuable.
  3. It gives me the right to go "TOOT TOOT"

I have just shoved a load of people out of my house, home wreckers they be! If you are reading this (I so know you are!), please stay away from now on. I want to be able to watch my horror movies in PEACE!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Things I did today:

  • I worked a FULL day (if you count starting at 9.30 a full day)
  • I had a bowl of Rice Krispies (or Crisp Rice, since we buy the cheap one) at dinner
  • I wore my nice trouser suit today to look fancy
  • I went and saw the Hot Mikado which was excellent.
  • I spilled my Prednisalone (steroids) tablets all in my bag.
  • I painstakingly picked up over one hundred Prednisalone (steroids) tablets and put them back in my bag
  • I spilled my Prednisalone (steroids) tablets all in my bag. Again.
  • I got annoyed and shook my fist at the ceiling before snapping my bag shut.

Things I did this week:

  • I saw the LikeKings play in Crawdaddy's. They were excellent as per usual.
  • I ate in TGI's. It was excellent as per usual.
  • I tided my room again. It was excellent as per usual.
  • I tested my sugars many a time. They were NOT excellent as per usual.
  • I nearly got run over by a bus and then by a car. Not all in one day.
  • I learned that I should LOOK before I LEAP. Arrive alive and all that..

Things to do soon:

  • Get Oxegen Tickets - first opportunity to go to a festival in MY LIFE!!
  • Blog and update my Redbook-Medbook blog.
  • Work.
  • Learn things. Valuable things.
  • Did I mention the OXEGEN TICKETS???!!! I HOPE I get them!! Please Please Please!!!