Sunday, March 11, 2007

I went to a convent school and now that convent is shutting. Actually it's being taken over by the school to make the schools (secondary, junior and Montessori) bigger.

So all the elderly nuns are being shipped out and into nursing homes. They're not even going into the same nursing homes! There are only nine or ten nuns left, but you have to feel sorry for them that their way of life and routine is being up and rooted after so many years. Some of them have lived there for over 65 years. L.O.N.G time!!

One nun organises a mass every so often for the past pupil, and since I was a pupil in the past, I qualify! Today was the last mass. Sadly only four other people from my year turned up. FOUR! Luckily loads of other years turned up and it was lovely. But really, FOUR?! Some people just never put themselves out for others. Never. They didn't want to come, weren't bothered and a host of other excuses. The poor old nun had gone to so much trouble to organise it, but who cares! Ugh...

Work this week in the pharmacy. Should be...interesting. In a medical, drug supplying, codeine addictive sort of way.