Monday, March 12, 2007

Some days it feels like I'm working in a bookshop rather then a pharmacy! Today we had a lady come in, in a flurry needing some make-up before going into town. We suggested that instead of buying everything, she just use the testers (salesperson of the month isn't one of my goals!) and buy a blush. She was extremely grateful and we helped her out. It turns out she was going to meet an author friend of hers whose book (Think that's the one!) is about to be turned into a Hollywood film! Woweee!

Then she got talking about another author friend of hers who is ALSO doing some film or other for a book of his. She even wrote the name of it down for me, but I forgot! Then she asked would I like to be an extra in the film with some friends! I said yes, so I can tick "be in a film" off my list of things to do before April. Ardal O'Hanlon will be in it, and I find him funny. So all in should be...interesting.

This was all after an actual author was in the pharmacy. I read a few of this author's books in primary school. Coincidentally one of the more well known ones was made into a TV film a few years ago which starred a guy I know. GAS!....ahem.

I shall be working in the pharmacy until Wednesday. I worried about that other job I usually do and how on earth they would cope without my skills, worth ethic, and overall personality. I was saddened to find out that they had already found not one, but two replacements! *cry*!! They both seem very nice though, and hardworking too. At least my...ooops, THE company won't go to pieces without me!

AND FINALLY, I am about to embark on a fundraiser of sorts to raise money for both transplant units I attend. I sent out a general mail to my mailing list, and was really pleased with the reaction and offers for help already. People who I haven't heard from in a long while have offered helping hands. *SOME* people who I THOUGHT would have JUMPED at the CHANCE to get INVOLVED have so FAR been UNRESPONSIVE. BUT we shan't hold THAT against THEM as they still have TIME to GUESTBOOK me! You know who you are!!

(I think there is something wrong with my keyboard as my words seem to be in caps and in 'bold', indicating that I am shouting due to being ANNOYED. Oh dear.)