Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Thank you to everyone who emailed or facebooked me with advice, it's all been very helpful. Knowledge is power!

The latest results indicate I still have obstruction but am feeling better. Not perfect, but better.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Not this cycle again...

My lung function was higher than I thought it would be, whoohoo.

Every evening lately (well not lately, I would say a few weeks), I look pregnant (and get bad reflux too)and get very sore and swollen. In the morning it goes away again and I look as flat as a pancake, with a little flab here and there (haven't been to the gym in three months). The last week or so, during the day, I've had no energy. Not necessarily lethargic, just apathetic about everything. I don't feel like meeting up with friends or going for lunch or up for shopping.

So on Tuesday, I explained about the nighttime pregnancy and I was sent for an xray. I was beginning to get fed up waiting in an overcrowded, coughing waiitng room and thought this is a big fat waste of time. I had my xray done (PFA?).

I saw the results. Meaning, even *I* could see that the xray was bad. The last time this happened they showed me my xray and pointed here, there and everywhere saying "You see that there? Oh and there?" and I kind of nodded along, not realllly getting it. But this time, yikes.

But, being having to be a-typical about everything, despite this being a bad blockage, I'm not actually blocked, at all (if you follow). In fact, I wouldn't say I have any problems there at all (if you follow...). I would have put pain and big belly and lethargy and heartburn and intermittent nausea down to a wheat intolerance or something. So I'm back on treatments, hoping they'll work and I will want to be sociable and less awkward again soon. But I wonder if I'm eating too much or something?

If anyone has any advice, please share! I'm sorry for talking about stomachs and such. There are a million reasons why I do, but I am tired of typing now!...