Tuesday, April 28, 2009


In less than fourteen hours, I will be sitting the first of my six exams. I stress about exams so much and yet, to balance that, I actually do very little study. It sounds terrible, but because I know that I've already practically passed most of my subjects through continous assesment, I just don't have the panicking motivation to kill myself studying. Just the panic that I'll fail.

Last year, I walked out of one of my exams with the sickening feeling that I'd failed terribly. I got into the car, and having promised myself before that I'd never get upset about something as trivial as an exam, I began to feel a bit sorry for myself. I then turned on the radio and a song came on that my friend Barbara had played at her funeral. I was reminded that there was so much more to life than getting worked up over one stupid exam - one that could be repeated. By some miracle, I actually ended up getting a B+ in that subject, so in reality, there was very little to get worked up about in the first place.

But naturally, here I am, panicking again. Fretting. Before I turned off my laptop tonight, I went to my Yahoo homepage where the news headline reads "The World Health Organization ups its swine flu warning ", which is not in the least bit funny at all, rather worrying in fact, and as someone who doesn't have the greatest of immune systems, it worries me rather a little bit actually. But what makes me laugh is that my friend Barbara used to say "I suffer from Cystic Fibrosis - the swine!!!'. If only she could see.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

When we were gallivanting and chasing death on the Cliffs of Moher the other day, a young Australian guy asked us to take a photo of him and his friend. Afterwards, he asked us where we were from. We told him we were Irish. He shivered and said 'How do you stick this weather?'

We looked around at everyone wrapped up in their ski jackets, thick hats and scarves, suitable walking boots and hiking, warm gear.

Then we looked at ourselves. One of us was wearing skinny black jeans, black Ugg boots and a zip up Abercrombie and Fitch fleece as an excuse for a jacket.

The other was wearing skinny blue jeans, cowboy scruff style leather boots, a zip up Abercrombie and Fitch fleece and a skinny leather jacket. And a boy style hat.

Both with over sized sunglasses.

I guess you could say, unlike nearly everyone else, we just ignore it.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

*Great News*

The government have agreed to honour their promise to build a unit for patients in Ireland who have cystic fibrosis. It goes to show just what can be accomplished if people unite for common purpose. Of course, one is cautiously optimistic when taking in this information as promises do, and have been in the past, get broken. The money still doesn't exist for the building of the unit, but it will be built, just paid for in a different way than was previously agreed. I'm not too sure on the details as I went on a spontaneous vacation while all this was going on, and could only make out the news based on the emails I received.

On Saturday night, my friend rang me and suggested we took a break to Drumoland Castle in the west of Ireland for a few days. I'm on Easter break and naturally have a pile of study to be doing, so it was obvious that this would be the perfect distraction. Drumoland Castle is a magnificent place and the beauty of the place is truly breathtaking.

We went on a horse riding trek whilst we were there which was fun. I have only ever really sat on a horse once, so when he (the instructor) was judging our abilities, I had to stretch the truth a bit because I was afraid I'd get stuck in the arena place. The minute I was on the horse, riding it alone, I questioned why I always have to exaggerate my abilities to instructors! But I was fine.

Then we took bicycles that afternoon and cycled around the castle grounds, or a fraction of them at least.

We then went for the tastiest, most delicious afternoon tea in the castle I have ever had. In. My. LIFE. If they made afternoon tea in drive-thru form, I would buy a parking space to get it every day. Seriously.

Following afternoon tea, we played a game of tennis. That was quite tiring, as we were already feeling the effects of horses and bicycles, and neither of us could play tennis to much of a standard, but we both insisted on seeing who was better. I think it was the constant walking to pick up the ball which wore me out.

Today, we checked out of the castle and went to the cliffs of Moher. They were scary but amazing. They have a very high peak of the cliff blocked off because there are no barriers, and you're about a zillion feet up high, but about a few feet from your death should you slip. So that was terrifying. And I shall not be telling everyone I know that because a lot of other people were doing it, we too climbed the barrier and went for the dangerous 'do not go beyond this point' walk. Oh wait....

Well, I just won't post photos.

And now that I'm home, it's back to planning study.

Friday, April 03, 2009


The whole 'CF' issue still hasn't improved and so all the hardworking people at the CFAI (and hundreds more) have launched a campaign called 'Irish War Crimes', because now, this has become an issue about human rights.

College finished up today for Easter, which means we will have our last week of second year in three weeks time. Provided I can use this break to study and thus pass my exams!!! Tall order, but fingers crossed!

I also realised that what with it being April, I have now made it four (five?) months of good health. I advertise that information cautiously, with fear too that I may jinx things, but fingers crossed, I can stay this well. It's great being able to trust your own body when at times it can act in such an unpredictable manner.

My weight is also good, and steady which means starting Monday I shall begin to implement the next phase of my 'get well, stay well' plan which involves training. Or exercise. But training sounds less boring and daunting. I don't like to do much exercise when my weight is low, for fear of falling into a spiral of losing weight, getting sick, getting better, exercising, losing weight..etc. And of course my dislike of exercise has nothing to do with the fact that I might be lazy or my embarrassment that I sound like an elephant galloping like a horse, whilst dashing for the bus when I attempt to run. No, no, just my fear of being sick....

That is phase three of my 'get well, stay well' plan, stage four comes when I am accustomed to doing exercise and will likely start during the summer.

By the way, I have no idea if the 'get well, stay well' program has already been invented, or if that name is used for anything else, but if not, I invented it. So don't steal it. Or I may be able to run after you and hunt you down ...depending on which stage of my program I'm in.