Friday, April 03, 2009


The whole 'CF' issue still hasn't improved and so all the hardworking people at the CFAI (and hundreds more) have launched a campaign called 'Irish War Crimes', because now, this has become an issue about human rights.

College finished up today for Easter, which means we will have our last week of second year in three weeks time. Provided I can use this break to study and thus pass my exams!!! Tall order, but fingers crossed!

I also realised that what with it being April, I have now made it four (five?) months of good health. I advertise that information cautiously, with fear too that I may jinx things, but fingers crossed, I can stay this well. It's great being able to trust your own body when at times it can act in such an unpredictable manner.

My weight is also good, and steady which means starting Monday I shall begin to implement the next phase of my 'get well, stay well' plan which involves training. Or exercise. But training sounds less boring and daunting. I don't like to do much exercise when my weight is low, for fear of falling into a spiral of losing weight, getting sick, getting better, exercising, losing weight..etc. And of course my dislike of exercise has nothing to do with the fact that I might be lazy or my embarrassment that I sound like an elephant galloping like a horse, whilst dashing for the bus when I attempt to run. No, no, just my fear of being sick....

That is phase three of my 'get well, stay well' plan, stage four comes when I am accustomed to doing exercise and will likely start during the summer.

By the way, I have no idea if the 'get well, stay well' program has already been invented, or if that name is used for anything else, but if not, I invented it. So don't steal it. Or I may be able to run after you and hunt you down ...depending on which stage of my program I'm in.