Monday, March 30, 2009

Moving Forward

So the news of the retraction of the unit for pwcf in Ireland, definitely came as a huge blow, but I know that the fab guys and girls all around the country are working hard and tirelessly to come up with a plan to beat this. I might restate a point that has been made over and over by victims of this government (and past governments) and that is that people with Cystic Fibrosis are not asking for special fancy hotel suites, or jacuzzis beside their televisions (working ones if they can be found), but they are simply requesting basic human rights.

I think I may have worried and/or shocked some people by updating my Facebook status expressing my outrage (but not realising of course to many, that this would come across as cryptic and possibly mean something had happened to my health...) which I apologise for. Of course many people were relieved that this was not the case, and some surprise that I should care about all that kind of stuff, now that I don't deal with it anymore. But the case is that I did deal with it, and I can't help but remember only too well the disgustingness of the situation. Which is pretty disturbing really... And nobody should ever be subjected to some of the things I saw as an 18 year old, some of the things I heard. But in reality, this year's 16 year old will be moving to adult services shortly and they will join the rest of them, suffering through a most undignified situation with courageous dignity.

I will keep you all updated...but watch this space.

I'm in my final week before Easter break, and then the real hog of study begins. In four short weeks, I will be half way through my degree course. The stress of yet another assessment this week seems to be getting to me as I locked myself out of the house going to college this morning (House and car keys and all). Clever. Of course, I totally forgot about the time change too....during an exam! Thank goodness somebody pointed out the error mid exam when I told them the time. I think smoke may have come out of my hand as I scribbled furiously away.

Just one week!