Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another year, another update

Another year has passed since I last posted. Scary how time really does fly.

In about six weeks time, it will be seven years since I had my life saving transplant. It still feels 'new' and I'm still pushing the boundaries of what my body can do. Just today I was at clinic where my lung function dropped a significant amount for the first time in years. Nobody knows why, but I'm not concerned; everything else looked great and unchanged, I feel fine and this evening I went and played rounders with a local team. I think it may be my abdomen being bloated as well as poor technique which didn't help.

I guess I would say I have now managed to reach a point in my life where I would consider myself living 'normally'. I now visit my clinic just twice a year (although I will now revisit next month), I work a full time grown up career job working for a company I have always wanted to work for, I cook and I clean, I stress out and I work hard to juggle it all. Thankfully, I am with someone who is incredibly patient, understanding, caring and supportive - and that definitely helps immensely.

Medically, I moved on to using an insulin pump a couple of months ago which has improved life too. I could happily continue plodding along this for the next seven years. Of course, the difficulty with plateuing (is that a word?!) so nicely is that niggling feeling at the back of your head that reminds you of the only direction you can go after this. And honestly, that feeling only rears its head when you show up to clinic and get unexpected lower than normal results. (I did cut that sentence out and re-paste it several times before deciding to leave it in; it's somewhat negative but also honest. So the honesty won out)

Thought I'd update just in case anyone randomly drops by or even stumbles upon here by accident.