Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Summer is well underway. The last three summers, I've travelled around, whereas this year I'm mostly staying put, since I'll be moving to another country in September.

Healthwise, I'm *touch wood* still doing great. I'm just home from my holidays, which were a LOT of fun. Although, at one point I looked heavily pregnant. I think it was a combination of greasy food, incredibly hot weather, dehydration, and a total lack of physical activity (which was inevitable since that was kinda the aim of the trip), but thankfully with a couple of movicals, this passed by the next morning. And more thankfully, at least I only LOOKED pregnant! I'll have clinic in a couple of weeks, 11 days after my fifth year anniversary - how quickly time flies!

I passed my exams, and was delighted that I came out overall with a first class honours. So barring any random ash clouds or volcanoes going off in Ireland, I'll be home to graduate in November.

This was just a short update, thanks for everyone/anyone (anyone?!) who still pops by from time to time :)