Thursday, March 31, 2005

Update from Thursday's review:

Well my review went great. I told them I was feeling good and they checked my lung function tests to see how I was. I got 1L / 32%, thats up by one point. So its in the right direction, BUTTTT I weighed in a pound lighter then the last day , Well I'll just work hard to gain that little pound back again.

* * * * * * * * *

An interesting point was put to me last night, by a friend who shall remain nameless. He/she asked why Eileen was the 'person-i-HAVE-to-mention-in-every-blog' and how come I had never given him/her a chance. I thought this through for a minute or two, and you know what? He/she was right. I had never given him/her a chance, I had just propped Eileen up there. And to be quite honest, Eileen as of late hasn't been doing very much to fulfill her role. So I asked this person to submit their CV, and I would have a look at it. I was impressed by what I read, and I think you may be too. Its just one or two sentances but I'm encouraged by what this person had to say...

"I am much prettier and smarter and can't manage money as well. I love shoppin and I donate all my earnins to charity. I am also not entirely into myself''

That was very impressive I think. So if you think this person deserves to be the 'person-I-have-to-mention-in-my-blog'' then please leave me a comment. If you happen to be Eileen, you may also submit a CV in your defense. The hearing will be next week!


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

One day to go...

Today is my last day of ivs hopefully!! Tomorrow is the big review! I will be told whether to stop the antiobiotics or to keep going for a little while longer. I'm really hoping I can stop, because I want to go swimming on Friday. (Do you want to join me Eileen??, Don't worry I'll let you pay, your treat!)

Anyway, so far this course has been plain sailing. First time staying at home throughout; first time where -hopefully- it will just be the standard 2 weeks; first time my pfts (see previous entry for explanation) have taken such a jump half way into treatment. Note that all of these 'firsts' only apply to my time in Vincents.

So anyone who's up and about tomorrow at 11, just spare a thought for me!! I know its nothing life changing or dramatic, just another run of the mill revew appointment, but if I could get some good news it would be somewhat of an accomplishment. And if Eileen's lucky I might just go out with her for the first time in months (We could try 'The field' down by the luas, apparently its really nice) LOL, for those who don't live here that seems really random, but keep your dirty thoughts to yourselves PLEASE!!!
Love, Rosie!!

Note: Some of you may notice that Eileen has been reinstated as the person I HAVE to mention in my blogs, yes thats right AIFRIC is no more. She really let me down in her role as the person I HAVE to mention in my blogs, and I had high hopes for her..

Thursday, March 24, 2005

A Fantastic Review

Note: for all you non-medical people, there is an explanation of terms (appendix) at the end.

I am a week into my (hopefully) 2 week course of iv antibiotics. Last Wednesday I turned up to clinic, feeling more then a little 'wan' (see previous entries); my lung functions were way down, my sats levels in room air were poor. I was more then a little sick and I knew it. Had the winter vomitting bug not been in full swing, I would have had no option but to head straight to A+E and wait for a bed. But thanks to this bug, they were limiting their inpatients to 'very sick ones'. Meaning unless you were very sick, you stay the hell away. Now, here's when you know this is the case, and the doctor still considers bringing you in, you know you must be pretty sick. BUT, thanks to my persistance and with a little help from the physio, we convinced them to let me start the i.v.'s at home. (Note: In my time at vincent's I have NEVER been allowed go straight home on i.v.s)

So.......a week later and how am I doing?? (As if the title didn't give it away!)

My lung functions are up, my weight is up, and my sats are up. This is the first time in ages (definately since coming to Vincents), that I feel I've got good lung function results without even trying. I don't mean that in a physical sense, I mean I always try my hardest. But the last few times, I've been so desperate, like saying ''c'mon, I can do better, why aren't they going up?'' and always been a bit disappointed. This time, I came in and did them, and was delighted with my results, first time around. And as for the weight, again, a total surprise, I'm the heaviest I've ever been! Again, it feels as though I've not been trying! So I've put a comparison of my results below:

Date: 15/3
PFTS %=22%
PFTS L =0.70L

Date: 23/3
PFTS %=31%
PFTS L= 0.99L

This is really promising, because keep in mind, I am only half way through my course of ivs! And btw, since I am in such a good mood, now might be the time to ask me for favours or money! LOL.....

Explanation of terms:

Pfts: Pulmonary function tests - sees how well your lungs are functioning by measuring how much air you can blow our in one second. As you can see my lungs are only functioning at 31% of what they should be.
PFTs L = the amount you can blow out
PFTs %= what that percent is
Lung functions- exactly the same as PFTs

Sats: Saturation levels- A test to see what percentage of oxygen is at the furthest point away from your heart (either your fingers or toes). In a healthy person this should be 100%, but anything over 95% is good. If below 90% you should wear oxygen.

I.V. antiobiotics: Antiobiotics that are given intravenously. This means that instead of your run of the mill tablet, the antiobiotic goes straight into you veins, thus into your bloodstream. They are stonger and more effective then tablets. In my case I am on two antibiotics. One is given once a day and the other is given three times a day.

LOL= laugh out loud. It is an involuntary action of the body in response to something funny.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Feeling 'wan'


The word 'wan' is pronounced 'waan' in a posh accent. I don't know that you'll find the word in a standard English dictionary, but if you know me, you will know that has never stopped me before! (e.g., pah, ugh, meh....) I tend to favour three letter words that I make up. Anyway, the definition of feeling 'wan', is not nessecarily feeling sick, but not feeling super-tastic either. Feeling 'wan' is usually accompanied by a pale complexion and feeling tired. If people ask you how you are, you usually are like *dazed look* . Thats not to be confused with being confused by the way...confusing? I hope not!

So thats how I am feeling today, wan. I have an appointment with my doctor on Wednesday, I've made it a month without needing any help, antibiotics wise! So thats very pleasing! Unfortunately, as I said I'm feeling a little wan at the moment, which means it may be time for some antibiotics!! But the great news (for me, and probably only me) is that Vincents aren't admitting patients at the moment, only the very needy, because they have the

Whooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! So I'll continue to go about my ways, feeling wan or otherwise....

Love always, Rosie x

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Yoo hoo, only me!

Yes, for a while there I'll admit it, BEBO took over my life. I left my poor little msn space out in the cold, like a raggady old coat that has gone out of fashion! But I shall proudly put my raggady old coat back on, for all to see!

I haven't been in Vincents since my last update thank goodness, and since they have themselves a winter vomitting bug at the moment, I shan't be going in anytime soon! So, for the moment I have no interesting ''Vinnie's'' stories to entertain you, but so what? Who cares? I certainly don't! So, what better an oppertunity to tell you all about my little sister, Susan!

Many of you may not be aware that i even have a younger sister called Susan, but I do. She is 11, and I love her to bits. But my sister's health isn't really great (we share that in common). She has juvenile arthritus and on top of that she has something wrong with her legs that makes her walk funny. She sometimes even falls down, but does Susan ever complain? NEVER. We have been told that there isn't a whole lot we can do to help her situation, so although it was hard at first, she's happy and so are we. In fact we sometimes poke fun at her and laugh, but she doesn't mind.( People did it to me all my life and look how I turned out!! )She has a love for life like no other. Her favourite time is dinnertime and she loves going on walks so she can meet other dogs.
So you see, the truth is there are always others out there worse then you! ( Queue sad, thought provoking music) Susan a.k.a. Suki is evidence of this. ( Get out tissues ) But we only get one shot at life, so if you walk funny, so what? Who cares? I certainly don't! So I think it a fitting tribute to Suki, that for just one minute tomorrow we all walk like we're drunk. ( This is where you stand up and give a raptuious applause, and wipe the tears away and scream "Oscar Oscar!!!") -Ok you can leave the Oscar part out...
I'm not sure exactly where I'm really going with all of this....probably the lunatic asylum no doubt ( I wonder if the food is as good as Vincent's)......yeah so maybe this entry has no point, so what? Who cares? I certainly don't!