Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween to one and to all!!

Today I went down to UCD for the 'D4 Debate', which is supposed to be hilarious. Sadly it seems it was cancelled though. So I just stayed down there and then EILEEN dropped me to Dundrum. I had forgotten that the schools are all on midterm, so my lunchtime shopping hour was disrupted slightly. Nevertheless I popped in my headphones and shopped to my hearts content. There were people up from the country there too, its funny how much they stick out (and these are the ones not in GAA jerseys).

I still have no recolletion what on earth I did last halloween, everyone claims that I wasn't with them, incuding my family! So where was I? I have no idea. 'Tis a bit weird alright!

This year I was really looking forward to Halloween, as its another one of my 'firsts' post transplant. But alas, most places are ticketed events, and last time I checked, I am ticketless. Also most of my friends are Hum-Bugs of Halloween, so they'll be in watching tv or some other mundane task. I'm going with B-G to watch Lost, the season opener. I've already watched thanks to the miracle that is the internet, but with a programme like Lost, its good to watch them more then once! x



Monday, October 30, 2006

People leaving Comments!

If you wish to leave a comment, and you are not a blogger yourself, can you please just tick 'other' and put in a username. You do not need to be registered to do this. Alternativly if this is too complicated, click 'anonymous' and SIGN your name at the end of your comment.

This also applies to a certain person, lets call him D. FitzGerald...no no wait, thats too obvious, lets call him David F.

Streching the truth...

Ok, so I finally went up to Kilternan to book my lessons for ski-ing. I had been meaning to do it ages ago (before my transplant in fact) but well, time flies when you're doing nothing. I skied up there in fourth year with the school ( about 2 and a half years ago) and it was so much fun. But I was in the beginner class, where the lessons basically go like this:

Teacher: Ok class, repeat after me, "these are my ski poles, not weapons"
Class: "These are my ski poles, not weapons"
Teacher: "Very good class"
Anon Student: "Oh noooo, help!" ( Skies down the 'slope' and out of the fence altogether)

*Class stopped while we rescue said student.*

And so it goes on. I knew since I had taken to it so well the last time, I did not want to be in the beginner class. I figured I may have to stretch my abilites a little to ensure this didn't happen. So I went up and explained that I'd already had lessons and i DEFINATELY wasn't a beginner. I told him I was fairly comfortable and confident in my abilities to ski, which he took on board. He said to me
"Right I think you're an intermediate so"
Now, admittadly I should have stopped there...but...I told him I'd been to the top of the middle slope before, to which he said
"Ohhhhh, you've been up THERE?! Well then ur advanced intermediate, class C"
Uh oh! I think I may be a bit out of my depth here! So then he asked for my name, which he (obviously) couldn't find in the system. He asked me how long ago I was here. I replied
"Emmmm, maybe a few months ago, could have been a year" (its been nearly THREE)

So into the C class I was put, although the thought of a challenge does excite me! And the other people may be near experts, but then again, I was never particulary strong when it came to sport, so Im used to being pushed to the max! Of course I wasn't particulary strong in sports BEFORE transplant, so who knows how I am now! I expect me to be great!

Anyway Eileen (are you happy now?!) and Helen (are you also happy now?!) both are against the idea, they think I'm crazy. The latter even suggeseted I ring up and switch groups. PAH! And then former still sees herself as a beginner (well the ski club do) so she's prob jealous I was able to skip all the BABY classes. Who knows what goes on in their heads....Anyway Im off. Time for dinner number two!

Bank Holiday

For me, this bank holiday went off largely unnoticed. For one, because I'm not studying or working at the moment, so I'm on a constant bank holiday. The only difference was everyone in my family was hanging around at lunch, when I'd usually have my home and away / neighbours Lunch combo time. So as a result, I missed both.

I went for a walk down to the Shop with Miss OC, and then I had a delicious dinner at her house. A lovely evening enjoyed by me (except when I had my 'hypo', sorry about that!). We then watched some awful church - praise the Lord singing on some random digital channel, it was very bizarre, and never ended. The singer was dolled up to the nines in sparkles and all, but the audience members consisted of a few lumberjacks and the odd basketball player, AND someone (we spotted) doing up her shirt.....a bit odd. x

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Video killed the Radio star....

I was feeling a bit tired last night so I didn't bother going out, or bother making any plans to go out. I quite fancied a quiet night in to be honest. So I was having myself a snack in the kitchen when I felt like listening to a few songs on the wireless! Now we have 9 stations to choose from, and rather like digital tv, no matter how many channels you have, theres never anything on.

Station one on our radio is RTÉ 1; a channel I don't even BOTHER clicking to. There's only one word to describe it and thats BORING....Apart from a certain programme on in the mornings :-)

We have a Classic channel (Lyric FM) and a news station (newstalk)...and again, you just don't go there. You would be wasting your energy by even trying to see if there's anything good on there. There just never is. It's pointless. No point. Nada. Zilch.

Then we have a 'young' station, 2FM, which is pretty rubbish, as its clearly not for young people at all. You wouldn't catch my friends dancing to any of those songs...

98Fm and Fm104 are pretty ok, except on Fri nights, 98FM have the psychic Una Power, who litreally does my nut in! Can't stand her or that. Fm104 was playing some bongo drum music that had no beat, and it would seem no end.

The reliable SPIN103.8 which is usually great! (10 spin hits in a row) was utterly dissappointing, again, some never ending drums and dance beats, definately not something you can sing along to.

So I had to resort to Q102! And on Friday nights, its BOOGIE NIGHTS! The sounds of the seventies. Now I wasn't born in the seventies, but sometimes enjoy ye ole boogie music, but even this was bad!

So my point, do something, anything, but listen to radio on a saturday nights. Its dire! :-(

Monday, October 23, 2006

Busy bee!

I seem to have been a little bit lapse as of late in updating this blog yoke, so I figure an update is on the cards. Since Thursday I've been rather busy!

On Saturday, I went to a psychology workshop thing on 'Enneagrams' and it was really intresting. But the downside was that it started at the ungodly hour of 9.30am!! Yuck! "WHYYYYY"...I hear you all ask, and I don't honestly know! Anyway, it was rather rewarding, and I got home at about 5.30 or so. I know I did something on Saturday night, but for the life of me, I can't remember at all...I'll come back to that. (Note how I have omitted what I did on Friday...I also can't remember! Alzhiemers association, watch out, you may have a new member on the way!)

On Sunday, myself and a fellow transplant friend went out to the airport to the AirLingus leisure centre, as the Irish Kidney Association were running a training session for people who have had transplants. They run these every month or so, so this was my first. For those NOT in the know, there are games called the Transplant games, similar to the Olympics, but for people who have had transplants. (Queue Billy sniggering). ANYWAY, we played a spot of bahhmeeean (or Bawdminton), went swimming and then played bowling after all of that. It was very rewarding. And although myself and my friend were USELESS at the bawdminton, we did improve slightly! Overall a great day if I do say so myself. But there were downsides to this adventure too...

1. We had to meet at 9.30am (what is it with THAT time of night?!)

2. I am now aching from my bum down, and my right forearm (my bawdminton arm) also aches.

3. I realised how annoying it is that the Kidney association 'owns' transplant sport in Ireland, they should have Transplant Sport Ireland or something, because the way it is, there is too much division. Of course this is all politics, but I feel if Kidney people do insist on running it, then they shouldnt post their logo everywhere on the kits and such. As it seperates us non-kidney people. Of course I'll still take part, but this just annoys me...

And I've had my little rant so I'm happy again. I got back from that at about 6.30 or so and then went to a friend's birthday dinner. Again, top notch stuff! Yum a lishous!

And today I had my flu jabaroony. Considering the amount of pain I'm in from yesterday, I couldn't even feel the wee nip of the needle. Someone years ago invented something called 'sport' which has left me feeling like I've been in a 3car crash with an elephant standing on thighs...but the pain is probably worth it....I think....

So thats all my news, so you see Im really not that lazy! I have the mater (UGH) tomorrow. I have bets on that they can draw blood within 6tries or so....fingers crossed!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

National Blog day...

Today is national blog day (in the UK anyway) so although I have no news I thought I'd blog anyway. Except, oops I have no news!

Have a really long list of things to do before Friday, because they are all things I was supposed to do last week, but didn't, and if I don't do them by Friday then another week will have gone by! My life isn't really all that busy, I just suffer from acute and chronic laziness. Its a pain. But I guess thats life!

Tomorrow I will have an action packed day, so I should really go to bed early...../ier then I've been going.

Home and Away blog...

Well its getting a bit trickier to blog about the goings on at Summerbay at the moment, becuase it's just getting so complicated! I'll try to summerise though...

A joint hen and stag do was held in Sally's, where everyone attended. Cassie got over her "bashed" face ( I may need glasses, but I saw not a bruise!) and joined Mattie and Tasha as bridesmaids. Lucas and Matty kept flirting with eachother and Ric tried to cheer Cassie up.

Amanda's mother is obviously lying about having breast cancer and its making Dan suspicious. She told him she was having hormone replacement therapy, but this isn't poosible if you have breast cancer apparently....so Dan confronted her about it, and she told him, she's not on any treatment at all; her cancer is too advanced.

That night, Amada is sitting alone in the dark in the sitting room (no late night quizes on tv in Australia Im guessing), and her mother comes down to see if she's ok. Amanda then bursts into tears as she remembers the baby she lost all those years ago. She says "I sometimes hear her cry at night, just like I thought I did that night"....We see Amanda's mom gulp and looking rather uneasy for obvious reasons...Its very unlucky for the Mom that Amanda is now remembering all about her long lost daughter, just as the daughter arrives in town....

We see Zoe being sent off to a maximum security prison today, and elsewhere in the Bay, Rachel and Kim decide to move to New York afterall.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Home and Away blog...

October 16 2005 - Monday

I almost can't decide which is worse, Neighbours or Home&Away! ...And by Neighbours I obviously refer to TV programme, not my ACTUAL neighbours!

In Neighbours today, Carmella (or should that be Sister Carmella, the once paris Hilton like socialitte turned religious Nun) took Ned into teach a patient how to sing, only in the cheesiest scene for the day, the three of them were singing Amazing Grace, and suddenly Ned and the sick girl stop, leaving Sr Carmella to sing about a verse or so all by herself, brilliantly. She then realised (after about 30secs) that she was singing alone. Not the brightest of the bunch then.

But this is about H&A, so back to that! Ehhh, well today's episode was rather complicated to say the least...
We meet Amanda's mother (I think for the first time) and we learn that Amanda didn't have a still born child all those years ago. In fact she had a healthy girl, who as fate would have it, has now ende up in the BAY! SHOCK HORRAH! The girl is non other then Belle (Mischa Barton Look-a-like) . Amanda's mom paid some family to raise her, only now the Dad in that family, Bill, is blackmailing Amanda's mom and threatening to expose the whole fiasco! Dan (Amanda' ex and father of her son) is getting suspicious.....definately a spot to watch!
Elsewhere in Summerbay, Kim and Rachel discuss moving in together and getting married. But then Rachel gets offered some top job in the States....not only that but she has to start in TWO days.....highly impractical and such an inconvience! But in the end Rachel decides her future is with Kim.....I think....Got a bit distracted at that bit, I'll catch it at 6.30pm again!

I think I've mentioned it all in a nutshell there!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Home and Away blog

***When my website is up and running, there will be a page dedicated to Home and Away. Until then, I'll post my home and away blogs here.***

October 12 2006

Well whoo-hoo, Cassie left Macca today! In yesterday’s episode he hit her again! So she finally had had enough. There were a few tear jerker moments, like when Cassie was looking in the mirror and pulled back her hair to show her bruise. Then when Belle (The Mischa Barton look-a-like) accused Cassie of all sorts on the beach, Cassie had ALL her hair combed over her face( looked a bit like the BACK of her head), so Belle (Mischa Barton’s TWIN) couldn’t see, so thus she didn’t understand!
There was a lot ‘going to get fresh air’ walks on the beach today. And Alf (Mr Stewart to me and you) got his ‘Mongrel’ line in here and there. Elsewhere we saw a bit of Martha and Jack planning their wedding... A good episode. 8/10.

Wait! My weight!

Everyone everywhere (or every girl, everywhere) has thought about their weight at one point or another...and I'm no exception! Except, I've always been on the very slim side. I've had people say

"You're so lucky, you can eat all you want and not put on a pound!"
..Yes its true, I must really be the luckiest girl in the world! Wow it feels like I've won the lottery every morning when I wake up!...Of course it would have felt like this, if my dietitcan didn't hound me everytime I set foot within a 1mile radius of the hospital! I really must have been a nutrionist's worst nightmare. I was BAD! I ate like a rabbit, pure nibbling all day, IF i even did that. Of course the fact that I can NEVER shut up didnt help matters. As school friends will testify, it used to take me 45 minutes to eat ONE banana; every time it would go near my mouth, i would think of something intersting to say! Eileen constantly reminds me of that!

Of course since my operation, all that has changed! I now have the appetite of an elephant (..how much do they eat?!). What I eat for my lunch today, would have been a miricale if I'd managed to eat that in a day 4months ago. I'm finally beginning to put on a bit of weight (touch wood) so I hope one day to be a true roly poly!

After my operation I was a bit of a michellan (wo)man (that guy who sells tyres), I had loads of fluid (makes you look a bit tubby) from my tummy down. At first I loved it, I thought, whoohoo, Im no longer anorexic looking!! But then....one day....I spent all night draining it (up every 20mins, bursting!) and later that morning I was in the shower, as you do, washing myself, as you do, with a bit of lacoste pink, as I do, when suddenly I found myself thinking,
"Oh my goodness, where's my bum gone?!!!!"
I came out of the bathroom,(having got dressed of course!) complaining to anyone who had ears, that
'Its actually not funny, I've become emancipated! Emancipated I tells you!''
...I later found out that that actually means to divorce your parents.....The word I was looking for was 'Emaciated'. But the point was/is that I was skinny again. And. I . HATED. IT!

So is there actually a point to this blog? NO. But is there ever a point to my blogs? NO. And does that ever stop me from writing them? OF course NOT!.....

..Except that I am now a dieticans DREAM, as i actually bother eating, and I no longer need any feeds or anything (of which I was dependant on before). And although it took me a while to come around to this 'eating' idea (I actually had arguments with everyone in Newcastle who wasn't afraid of me about this!), I'm glad i did. So now if you ever have a packet of crisps, please do share! And if I have a packet of crisps, please don't ask me for any.....thats just RUDE! x

JOKE FOR THE DAY: Why did the sea say to the sand??.....NOTHING, it just waved!

Friday, October 13, 2006

What did your last slave die of?

I actually wrote this the other day, but thanks to my wireless connection, I thought I lost it, but alas, I found it again!

The title is that of a question I am contstantly asked. I have no idea why, I mean I'm not a lazy person by nature or anything...

When people do ask me this, I usually reply with
"They had to take early retirement; lack of work you know?"

or I go for the opposite approach;
"I don't know what killed them, but its a pity because you're useless in comparison!"
Either will usually provoke a 'scoff'' or a 'haw-haw' in response.

I mean is it really my fault if people like to pamper me, drive me places, do favours for me?? I think not! And I've had this problem everywhere I go, even in Newcastle, I would request a SIMPLE favour from the nurses (like, having the fan settings changed regularly, getting a cup of tea-milk no sugar- ,getting me magazines, passing me things, fluffing my pillows, simple things like!) and on more then one occasion the response was
"Eeeee, What did ya laast sleeve die uff?!"
Besides if you're in the kitchen anyway, is it too much to ask to make someone a cup of tea? If its raining outside, is it too much to ask for someone else to walk down to the shop to get you sweets? If you own a car, is it too much to ask to ring you for a lift, EVEN if you're at the other side of the city?? No of course not!

Honestly! Anyone will tell you I am up at the crack of dawn, out for my morning jog, back to make breakfast for the family, clean the house from top to bottom, prepare dinner for family, do the daily shop, take dog for a walk, do some more jogging and then a bit of cycling....So why do people think I'm lazy?! It beggers belief it really does...

I'm off to my room to lie in my (goose feathered, double) bed and watch some tv for a while...if anyone sees my mother, tell her I NEED my new HEAT magazine, and also, my tea from earlier has gone cold, i NEED a new cup, Im thirsty! xXx

I have this friend...

I have this friend, who I won't name, lets just call her 'E'. Now Eileen...uh I mean 'E' (ahem) is somebody who I have always had my suspicions about....from the time she came along with her killer virus (see Sep 05 entry), to the other night when she kung-fu kicked me 'accidently'....

Sometimes I think 'E' was put on this planet to make my life difficult. Everytime I attempt to get together a group of peeps to go out with, she does her best to scupple them on me! So we spend maybe a couple of hours, trying to rearrange things and then in the end she decides that the first choice was the best! Its like going around in ONE GIANT CIRCLE with this one (and its expensive 'cause I end up having to text everyone with updated plans)

Another thing she does, is slag off her best friend for being blonde, and yet today we had a conversation where we discussed a place called the Rockfield Lounge over and over again. Then I say to her 'So its the field is it?' to which she replies..'Field? What Field?!'.....Ahem HONESTLY!

But in saying ALL of the above, I should point out I'm really only writing this because I have absolutely nothing to write about at the moment, but I felt guilty for not updating this yoke. Not that my life is boring or anything, I mean I AM a busy woman!

.......Now, if you'll excuse me, got to get back to watching 'Power Hour' on Bliss and 'Nation's Favourite Love Ballads' on Magic....

Did you hear that they've brought out a portable stereo which looks like a big chocolate cake...It's called a gateaux blaster

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The new me...

I have new lungs since I last wrote and I feel fantastic! Sadly for you all, my sarcastic and annoying personality has remaned, so you're stuck! Now, once I get my act together I'll be blogging once again! So if you could all just be patient for a few moments more, I'll be back to entertain before you can say 'Oh shoot, she's back!'.

I'm a little rusty on how to do this, it has been a few months after all....but I do remember one rule, I can't forget to mention my EILEEN! To reassure you all, she's still as annoying as ever too...and rather boring...she's also moved on from infecting me with germs, to actually attacking me with stilettos (You should see the bruise I have from last week!).

Later! Love Rosie xXx