Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm home from America, eight and a half weeks later. This year, it was camp, New York, Orlando/Miami, Bahamas, Rhode Island and home again. I am beautifully tanned despite everyone denying that this for me would be possible due to my fair hair and blue eyes, but yet again, here I am, bronzifed. Not that that's anything to boast about....

I have a month left until I go back to college. For my FINAL year!

Apart from that, it's all quiet. I'll have to see about going to get all my clinic appointments and blood sorted out. I feel like I have a half chest infection but it could be that my lung function is on its bottom cycle. Apparantly it goes in cycles, so I hit highs like 107% and then it goes back down to 98% ish and then works its way back up again.

That's all.