Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wet weather

Can't a girl catch a break? I was hoping to get just one lesson where I didn't have to use windscreen wipers, but today I ended up driving around for two hours in torrential rain and stormy winds. The winds were so strong, when I was walking, they were pushing me down the hill and then pulling me back up. I looked like a puppet on strings.

  • Anyway driving went ok nonetheless. She only got frustrated at me a few times! Oops. She should probably brush up on her rules of the road though, as I had to point out that I was clearly in the right at one stage while making a turn. She muttered 'Oh yes...sorry'. Hmm.

  • Finished my monitoring for my diabetes today, and I am no longer a bionic woman. I wasn't allowed to put the needle (for the monitor) in my tummy because apparently the three people they did this with were unsuccessful and it fell out. I pointed out that I had it in my tummy the last time, and it was fine. Still though, they insisted on putting it elsewhere for fear of falling-out-ness. Well they need not have feared, as removing it forcefully took me ten minutes alone! Hopefully I should have the results in a few weeks. (I'm hoping before Christmas)

  • Searching for my all time favourite song, which I'm not sure of the name of it, but it goes 'And he sits outside and he waits, outside those factory gates, painting matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs'....Anybody know who that's by??

EILEEN and HELEN I doubt you know this one, unless you were forced to grow up listening to the likes of this like I was...

Babs, any ideas? Or how about Shell there in the back??

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Second Post:

  • I have just seen the news and Gordon Brown's child has been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. ( Gordon Brown is a politician in the UK, HELEN ). He is four months old. Although, all indications are that he is healthy enough, so touch wood this continues.

  • Dentist went fine and I need no work done. I share my Dentist with my mom. She has been going to him since she was 16/17. He was thrilled (understatement) to hear about my transplant in the summer, and was delighted to see me. For once he did most of the talking!

  • I had yoga tonight, but having the monitor stuck to me proved a little tricky. Plus the lady beside me farted. And what's worse, she completely ignored the fact that she farted with no 'Oh excuse me'. I guess she was hoping nobody noticed the loud 'PARP' noise. Well I did...

  • Tomorrow I have a double driving lesson and I'm dreading it. Why can't driving be easy??

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Early Post:

***It would appear, despite the fact that my two friends have their own animals, they continue to bicker and argue! Something about monkeys having killer viruses and monkeys being better then dogs. Honestly, there is no pleasing some people! ***

Arggh! Having flipped around the channels to find some music (as listening on my laptop eats into the battery) I have just found '20 Best Christmas Songs Ever' on Magic! Hello! Still November here people! I am not anti Christmas or anything, but there is a time and a place. And that time is not now, nor is that place here. Bahhh-humbug.

Dentist at 11.15am. Yay! I'm actually pretty proud of myself, having avoided the Dentist for 6 years, I finally went back as it was mandatory if you wanted to join the queue for a new organ. Anyway, no work to be done, my wisdom teeth were not yet wise enough to come out and I was told to come back in 6months, so though I'm about three months late, I shall be there in the end. I hope the Dentist keeps that in mind when he is asking me questions while sticking a yoke thingy in my mouth, rendering me unable to talk. Although that didn't stop me the last time, he ended up telling me to shut up "for just for thirty seconds." Oops. My bad! Enough said...x

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Second Post:

I returned from the hospital at about mid-day, after picking myself up yet another MacDonalds. It was definately weird being back in that hospital. I met a trillion faces, hence I was there so long. The phlebotomists (blood takers) reminded me of their super powers and got blood within two seconds. I went into the 'Tower' where I used to always go to see docs and medical people. Wow, they have upgraded! Flat screen tvs, games consoles, the works!

I was showed how to work the little monitor, except the lowest blood sugar you can enter is 2.2. I asked the doctor what I should do if my sugar went below that (as it has done). She looked at me puzzled and I said 'Well like, what happens if its 1.8? Its been that before...' She looked startled and said 'Um....don't do that'. HELLO! Okay then I won't! Gosh if it was that easy to control my sugars I wouldn't be a frigging diabetic now would I?!

The other doctor, Dr Steeeeeeve was alarmed when I told him that my 6 week sugar was 11.5. To be honest, I wanted to cry. I didn't think it was that bad...

As I said, I met loads of old faces which was really lovely. I met my fantastic dietician, who I battled with for years. Actually she battled with me. I just always agreed with her. But then didn't gain any weight. I think it was good to show her that I finally have mastered the whole 'eating and weight gaining thing'. She herself is looking really great!

Also bumped into my physio who looked after me for the first time when I was diagnosed aged 6months old. I went down to the wards and met my old ward sister, who didn't recognise me and just asked could she help me.

The only thing I noticed was how narrow the coridoors were! I always remember them as massive. I guess when you spend months in big hospitals they're not so big.

Anyhoo a nice morning over all. EILEEN I'm glad you are enjoying the animals. Don't wear them out now! x

Early Post:

This morning I have to be up at the crack of dawn to go to the Childrens Hospital for the follow up of a study I participated in last year. It is to do with diabetes. I'll will have a little monitor attached to my tummy which will measure about 3000 sugars in total (or a day? Its been a year, I can't remember!). So a bionic woman I shall become once more...

I have to be up very early indeed, because I must be there at 9am. And she (the woman on the phone) said I didn't need to be there early, so come at 9? What planet is she on? What time would I need to be there at if I DID have to be there early? Ugh!

Anyway I need my beauty sleep! Please see the two Adoptees along the right hand side. I orginally called the dog Heleeeen, as it was a mush between Eileen and Helen, to avoid any bickering and favourtism. Because they would bicker and then come to me and complain and I only like to babysit if I'm being paid. Enough said. Anyway no sooner was it up, I get a complaint from an anonymous source (no prizes for guessing who surprise surprise!) so I had to adopt ANOTHER animal! Anyhoo, if you have too much time on your hands you can play with them and feed them. (Click the 'more' button) It was up about 10seconds and I pointed this feature out to EILEEN, but she said she'd already done that. Enough said...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Early post:

While visiting a friend's (HELEN)bebo page, I saw that her flashbox (little video on the page) was Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas". It is STILL November, hello! Anyway, I had been thinking about doing my shopping early this year, simply because I hate the comercialism of Christmas and wanted to avoid the over crowded shops at the end of December, each belting out their own Christmas songs. Of course, if I do it now, this means I will be avoiding all those Boots deals and 'perfect for Christmas' Christmas presents, but alas it must be done.

I don't have anything planned today, which means the day will probably map out with me going to Dundrum (see Christmas shopping above) and then getting a MacDonalds. The only thing I just realised is that my sister's school has a half day today, which means the place will be mobbed with people running around in Turqouise uniforms. (YES our uniform was turquoise)

I realise that EILEEN is probably reading this, and I had promised her that I would mention and perhaps blog about the beautiful heartwarming comment she left me with regard to Organ Donation a few days ago. So I will, but just not yet! If you wish to see the comment, I think it's under the organ donation post from lsat week. It touched my heart, and I am sure it will touch yours. This is why I constantly post about what wonderful friends, like EILEEN that I have. I am truely blessed! *cry!*

Anyhoo, I shall blog later, time permitting, and then.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Rereading my post yesterday regarding ski-ing on wet slopes and the need to go to A+E, I think my joking may have caused some jinxing to take place! Now, before anyone gets alarmed, I didn't have an accident on the slopes yesterday, and nobody ended up in A+E, but my goodness, if I had my way, one of my classmates would have gone!

Two young-ish American-ish girls joined our class. One of them was incredibly chatty and outgoing, in a sort of clumsy geek-ish way. She was holding up the ski lifts and was laughing and proclaiming that 'Oh it's been like NINE years since I've skied *giggle giggle*'. It was the sort of typical American personality that us Irish shy away from. We all stood there in silence and shuffled up as our turn on the lifts came along. Not smiling. Not talking. Just getting down to business. (Keep in mind this is my Saturday-very-serious-taking-notes-class)

So it soon became apparent that this American girl was indeed a bit rusty, struggling to maintain a snow plough (the way you slow down or stop), which is really a basic skill. We were then instructed to ski down and do jumps which would increase our speed. Being first, I skied down and then went back on the lifts to return to the top. As I was going up, I saw the American-ish girl coming down. Now to me, she didn't appear to be going all that fast, but seeing the instructor shouting 'Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!' I realised she was perhaps going a bit too fast. Then the ski instructor skied after her. At the the end of the slopes is a waist high fence with a crash cushion on it, basically to smack into if needs be. So 'smack' into that cushion she did, but then, in an instant (but it felt like slow motion) she did a (pretty impressive) somersault over the fence, one pole going flying off, and then disappeared altogether. I shouted 'WHOAAAHH!!' and then collapsed into a laughing fit. The instructor had jumped off her skies and ran down to the site of the accident and spectator (who coincidently was my old English teacher) dashed in as well. I couldn't believe it. This was the closest I had ever come to 'You've been framed' in real life.

Composing myself as my stop on the lift got nearer, I knew my Saturday-very-serious-taking-notes class would not be impressed if I was laughing at this poor American-ish girl's misfortune. So arriving at the top, I said 'Oh My goodness, did you guys see that?!' Some replied 'No, I missed it. What happened??' And the minute I opened my mouth to tell the tale, the corners of my lips curled up, and the next thing I knew I was in yet another fit of the giggles, apologising with 'I know I shouldn't laugh...' Luckily we had a woman from Galway in the class today who shared my [perfectly normal] sense of humour, so I wasn't alone. Not to say two wrongs make a right or anything.

The American-ish girl was fine and returned up the slopes, albeit demoted to the lowest slope, but fair play to her! I asked had she been hurt and was she ok. She said 'Oh yeah, I'm fine, I just landed on my butt, and the shrubs broke my fall'. I glanced down at the shrubs behind the fence and noticed the ruler straight line of bushes had a considerable dip in them from where this girl had landed. Once again, the laughter returned. Oh dear....

Anyway, that was my ski lesson. I went home, slept, and then went out to a place where I go a fair bit but still get questioned for id. Mind you, EILEEN was given the Spanish inquisition, being asked her age, date of birth and her star sign. EILEEN, you should really act less immature, then you wouldn't get treated so! Got home about 1.30am, lift courtesy of HELEN slept again.

I'll probably go shopping for ski-stuff today. Don't want to waste the day! Pah....

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Saturday, Natterday, Eat more, Get Fatterday....

  • Friday was an abysmal day. I was awoken at about 7.40am because I had to go to the Mater for my bloods as I slept through my appointment on Thursday. It was quite literally pouring out of the heavens. My mom offered me a lift as far as college where I could catch a connecting bus, but in my slumber, the idea of standing in the rain wasn't very appealing. So I chose the easier option, of turning over in bed and going back to sleep. I awoke again at about 9am and the rain was still pelting against my window, the sky a depressing grey colour. It looked like when you spill the water to clean your paintbrush all over a painting. Frustrating and depressing. I seriously considered staying in bed, but considering it was Friday I felt I should probably go. I legged it to the luas, without an umbrella and got the luas into town. I then caught a taxi to the Mater, and succeeded in staying relatively dry throughout my journey.

  • I just missed one of my transplant friends but as it happened bumped into another. The clinic was really quiet, and I was actually done only 30mins late! Has to be a record!

Results are: My anti-rejection medication is at the right level. BUT my diabetes control is abysmal. They are able to measure how your level has been over 6 weeks (don't ask me how!)and mine has been far too high. I reckon though, that these last two weeks have been good, so if that continues, my next test should be a good bit better.

  • Later today I have my ski-ing lesson. This should be interesting considering the current weather, I may well need a stop off at A+E on my way home after! I mean wet slopes and skies aren't generally the best combination. I guess that's why I call it 'Falling down a mountain in style"

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all my wonderful friends (again - gosh I'm gushing about all of you these days) for being just that, friends! To the ones that knock down bins, (lets call her Helen L....No wait, far to obvious...How about H.Lambert!) to the ones that....Err....Gosh is she the only one of my friends who does stupid things?? No wait, there's always Eileen! Well anyway I HEART you all! And I mean ALL!

Oooo, would you look at that, good ole Johnny Ross is on. Talk later! x

Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I realise that this is actually a day late and that I don't even celebrate thanksgiving, but I thought the concept was a nice idea. A day where we are thankful for everything we have etc etc. Ignoring the history of the holiday (which has something to do with native Americans and Americans coming together in peace and breaking bread - you learn from growing up watching American cartoons) I think that everyone should celebrate it. I am usually most thankful at Christmas, but in need of a blog, and because I have so much to be thankful for, I thought I'd post my thankies.

I am thankful for:

A Wonderful, supportive and loving family
Fantastic friends, who I would be nothing without
A wonderful life, privelaged in so many ways
Because life could always be worse
For being loved and for loving
For being blessed the way that I am
For being given a second chance at life
For the kindness of strangers
For the family of my Donor.

Count your blessings instead of your crosses;
Count your gains instead of your losses.
Count your joys instead of your woes;
Count your friends instead of your foes.
Count your smiles instead of your tears;
Count your courage instead of your fears.
Count your full years instead of your lean;
Count your kind deeds instead of your mean.
Count your health instead of your wealth;
Count on God instead of yourself.
~Author Unknown
"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming"

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Learning from one another

I know it was expected that this entry would be Sally's adventures part 2, but as I'm not I'm not on my laptop at present, I have no Sally photos. Shock horror. I shall do that blog entry later or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow.

Today I had my second driving lesson. I was allowed drive out on open roads, woot! Up until now I have been in an estate. The driving on proper roads was a bit nerve wrecking to be honest. I went into auto pilot, just doing (or attempting to do) what she (the instructor)instructed, ie, "turn left, go into second, clutch in etc etc" Hopefully I will gain some confidence by my next venture out.

I was thinking about how I will probably never forget my Italian driving instructor. No matter how many years go by, or where in the world I go or end up, I will never forget her. Sure, I may forget her physical appearence, the colour of her hair, perhaps even her name, but I will foever remember the lessons she has taught me. It is the same with everyone I meet in life. I believe we all have a purpose in life. No matter who you are, you can teach others and you can learn from others too.

Due to my medical condition, I was in and out of hospital every so often when I was growing up. This meant that I came to meet people from all walks of life from a very young age. While many 4year olds' social circle is comprised mainly of other 4 year olds, I had met people of all age and backgrounds and I think that is what makes me, or made me open to trying new things, learning new things and meeting more new people. I am adventurous at heart, and believe life is far too short to sit inside all day and watch the days go by (though at difficult times this is often the easier option). I often wonder, had I not been born with a medical condition and been exposed to things I mentioned above, would I be content just to do the '9-5', 'go with life' routine. I simply can't imagine living like that now anyway.

As I said before, I believe we can all learn from eachother. I have learned so much from nurses who I have met, like how to be compassionate and understanding, and at the same time being on the ball and getting a job done. The majority of nurses I have met have been lovely, but even the ones who I wasn't too fond of, I can learn from. I learn to know that I should be careful to learn not to act in whatever manner it was that annoyed me. When I was six, I met the Duchess of York in hosptial. She asked me whether I thought the nurses were Dragons or Fairies. I replied Dragons, simply because they used to have to hold me down to give me very very painful medication (which of course was for my own good). I detested that with a passion, and I believe that is where my phobia for canulas (drips) comes from. But nonetheless, I have the upmost respect for each and every one of those nurses, because obviously, it was their compassion that was the over riding factor in how I look back and remember them. I don't think of them as monsters, but rather as kind people who had a lot of patience!

I learn from friends everyday. Again, even learn from their mistakes and knowing 'well I better not act like that' (ie, don't knock down people's bins!). I also learn that friends are probably the most important things in life. In my opinon without friends, you are nothing. I am very fortunate to have a close circle of friends who, though they don't always understand me, they are always here for me.

Growing up, I used to be sick most mornings. It wasn't a case of nausea, but rather being over full, which combined with a good coughing fit, would result in a quick 'sick'. When I was well, I would get sick maybe twice a week. When I was ill, it could be anywhere from 5-7 days a week. To me it didn't bother me. I had adapted from a young age. But in the schoolyard one day, I told a fellow 6 year old about my sickness. Her reply was 'Yeah right. I don't believe you. You'd be dead if you did that.' It was then that I learned that people my age didn't nessecarily understand the whole 'cystic fibrosis' thing, and from then on, I tended to keep rather quiet about it. But although they couldn't comprehend the physical aspect, their understanding and acceptance was something real, that many adults I had encountered couldn't do. Adults tended to fuss and 'make sure I was okay'; Children just tended to go with the flow.

Another example was when I met the daughter of my Mum's friend. She heard me cough every so often, until she asked me what the noise I was making was. I told her it was a cough, and asked did she not cough too? She replied that it had been months since she had coughed. I was gobsmacked. Did she really just say months?!! When I told my school friends about this amazing girl, they barely batted an eyelid, giving the whole "Sooo??!" attidude. I said in my defense "well I cough every DAY!", to which they replied, again barely batting an eyelid "Well that's 'cas that's just you Rosie". Children don't get into the concept of whys and 'unfairs'. They just go with the flow.

I doubt I have taught people much, but I know that I have learned a great deal from other people. I think this ties in with the importance of having a positive attitude. Even when you encounter [idiots] people you don't nessecarily agree with, you can take that onboard and move on and perhaps even learn from their mistakes. I think it helps when you meet ignorant or arogant people anyway. So in years to come, I will remember the lessons learned from positive people like my Italian teacher, but also from meanie doctors who have a poor beside manner. Just a thought....

Sally will be back later. I'm off to the CF fair now!

Sally's adventures...(1)

As I mentioned, Sally was my new travel buddy. I obviously wasn't able to take photos of myself while travelling, so the camera was used on Sally. The photos below are of day one. We caught the flight to Marseille and then took a bus to the train station, where we caught a train to Montepellier. Confusing, but I managed anyway. As did Sally.

<- This photo isn't of Sally (obviously), but the guy beside me was wearing an Arran Island sweater. To me, wearing one of those is like wearing a flashing neon sign around your neck that screams 'TOURIST', so it annoys me! Of course there are some Arran sweaters that are lovely, and very nice, but on the other hand they also have these ones. At least this one was just one colour. The American in front had a multi coloured thing.

This is Sally in the train station. We ended up waiting about an hour and a half for our train. Also, when I was using the machine to get my ticket, I clicked the 'adult' ticket instead of the '18-25yr old' one. So I paid a little bit extra. I only wish I could blame my mistake on my lack of French, but alas, the machine was in English. The train was beautifully comfortable, and there were only two other people in my carraige. I got a marvellous view of the countryside and saw loads of traditional French farmhouses. Marseille itself has a level of poverty I had never encountered here (or perhaps I just choose not to see it here). I was a little bit surprised and taken aback. Once we came out of the Marseille region, however, to areas less industrialised it wasn't too bad (or perhaps obvious)

<-This is Sally as we were pulling out of the station. She loves trains.
Although not entirely obvious in this photo, the weather was a stunning 21*C. So after arriving in my hoodie, scarf and heavy jacket, boots and jeans, I felt a little 'hot under the coller' and a quick change was nessecary. Luckily I had that extra 90 minutes to do it though!

And finally, because I think I have put enough of Sally on the train, Sally made a new pal called Donna. And this is them getting cosy in the apartment. (below)

That was all day one. I was lucky to have two seats to myself on the plane, which meant I could stretch out and sleep, which I did do. A weird thing I noticed aside from Arran jumpers and poverty was that when I woke up on the plane, I was staring at the ceiling for a while, and then saw that I was sitting in seat 27a. 27a, for those of you who did not send me cards(haha) , was the transplant unit I recovered on after my transplant. This was my first trip after my transplant. You see???? .....Well I thought it was rather interesting. I shall do more of Sally's trip tomorrow!x

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Well I have returned safe and sound from France. I return with the same view that I always come back with, and that is, that the French (guys in particular) are a little bit 'different' to me. I don't mean physically of course, but rather their attitudes are just....odd. I'll elaborate more later.

I mentioned in my last blog how my travel buddy Patrick would be accompanying me on my trip and thus I would have plenty of photos. In fact I discovered on the morning of my trip, that Patrick had been put into storage before I came home from Newcastle after my operation. I guess that goes to show how observant I am. I grew a nasty bug in my old lungs (called pseudemonas) and I was advised to rid my room of all my teddys as they would probably have it on their fur. So off they went.

Anyway, Patrick was replaced with Sally. So I have plenty of Sally photos, which, if I could find my leads I would upload.

I hope everyone had a nice few days while I was gone. I shall blog more about appreciation for life and all that....or just about my trip (depends whether I have enough energy to be philosophical or not) later. I had yoga this evening and my body is....stiff....Off for a nice bath! Toodles...

Edited to add: Never mind, I found my leads after all. See above for comment on "not very observent".....Hmmm, maybe I need glasses... Anyway below is a photo of Sally sitting on the train in Marseille. She likes the train.

Friday, November 17, 2006

The one after organ donation...


Well, as some or most of you know, for a few reasons I didn't go to Kerry today as planned. I shall be travelling down later in the year sometime instead. It worked out ok though as I had to get to the Mater to pick up a travelling letter (I lost the last one) and then we went car shopping again. I still need to get/pick my new car. I was told that its a false economy to wait til January to buy one, just so its a 'year' older hence cheaper.

Anyway I am still making plans for my organ donation awareness. One plan I have is to get about a thousand organ donor cards and hand them out in UCD in the next couple weeks. (Don't worry EILEEN, you can pretend we don't know eachother). I don't know if this is even legal?? So I'll have to check that out.

Also I plan on taking plenty of photos in France as it will be the first of MANY trips I plan on making! I may even bring Patrick along with me so he can be my little travel buddy. If you don't know who Patrick is, you'll have to wait for photos. xXx


Please be a donor!

There are one or two regular readers to this blog (namely EILEEN and when EILEEN hits the refresh button). So my two readers know all about how important organ donation is to people who are waiting on the list, but there is the slight case that some randomers pop along here from time to time, and so I think, since this will probably be my last blog before I jet away, I should say something a little serious for a change. That way it will be left up for a few days.

Organ donation changes lives. In your death you can litreally save the life of up to 6 or 7 people. Imagine having your best friend who was slowly dying. They were able to do less and less. They had less energy, they were sick more often. Hospital became their second home. They could no longer go shopping, go to school or work. Imagine that there was no cure for your best friend. There was nothing more that doctors could do for your best friend. You have memories which seem so distant now, of all the fun things you used to be able to do. You dream of all the fun things that you are going to do in the future, provided your best friend's life can be saved in time. All you could do is sit back and hope to goodness that soon the call would come before it was too late.

Because everyone of those people who are waiting so so desperately for the chance to have their lives back, is someone else's best friend. They too have parents, brothers, sisters, neighbours. These people who wait, are just that, ordinary people.

If you could, in death give a mother back her daughter, a father back his son, a boy back his father, and friend back her best friend, I can guarentee you that for these people, words would never be able to thank you enough. By being a donor, you are giving a gift which money simply can not buy. You are giving the gift of life.

I guess what brings me to post this post today, is that I am off travelling this weekend. It is because of a donor out there that I have this opportunity. I am someone's best friend. I am someone's daughter and sister. So if you do nothing this weekend, please think about organ donation. If you would like to get a donor card but can't find one, please let me know and I will get one for you! I have many friends who are waiting for their call. We hear about how many people are dying on the roads these days. But what we don't hear is of the number of people who die from lack of donors. Give the gift of life. Thank you.

~Don't give your organs to heaven....heaven knows we need them more here~

Thursday, November 16, 2006


I have to pack and tidy today. Two things that I detest. Simply because they take time, they're boring and mundane and takes a lot of organisation.

I managed to hook up my portable dvd player to my tv last night. I was able to enjoy half of an episode of Roseanne Series Three, before I thought I could hear my mom telling me to shush! I couldn't be sure, as sometimes I can imagine these things! Anyway I was too tired to get out of bed and shut the door so I just went to sleep.

Last night me and a few others went to see a production of Jesus Christ Superstar. It was a rock, hip-hop r+b version. It was actually deadly, the choreography was excellent. Turns out the part my sister was playing was a blind person...Well that completely went over my head! I only realised it when she was taking her bow, and she was there fumbling with her cane. She said that she thinks it looks stupid anyway and she's going to change it for the next few nights. Apparently the artistic director or someone saw her in rehersals doing something or other and said, with vogue hands "I like that....yes....go with that!". Anyway it would seem she won't be "going with that" much longer.

Oh, I think I smell an Eileen coming my way...Oh the woes of being paid to be someones friend...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Well today was my first big driving lesson (and my first yoga lesson as it happened - not at the same time though..). I arrived promptly on time, and is it my imagination, or is the first big rain storm we've had all year??? Maybe I'm imagining that...

So I arrive on time, and my instructor arrives shortly after, asking the receptionist for the keys to the '05 Micra, to which none could be found. My instructor then went on about how there was no way she was taking the 04, as its a terrible car, and she wasn't driving it, and it was awful. When no keys could still be found, she turned to me with a smile on her face and said 'Ok, we're going to go out now, we'll be taking a lovely 04 Micra...'. Actually it was more like 'O-ah-K, we're-ah going-ah out-ah now-ah..." (She was Italien). Did she think I couldn't hear her rant and rave about this 04 hunk of junk just minutes previously??? Anyway, the car was fine.

The driving itself, wasn't "toooooo bad". She did have to grab the steering wheel off me a few times, and apply her passenger seat brakes on one or two occasions. I also cut out the engine trying to stop once or twice, BUT I did drive up to third gear, and did a hill start. So all in all, when it all balances out, I reckon it wasn't too bad...

On the way back to the centre she commented that I was very young to be driving and asked me how old I was. I replied that I was 19, and she turned to me, eyes a popping, (to which I had to shout "eyes on the road, EYES ON THE ROAD!") and said "Oh, I thought-ah you were-ah 17" Well thank goodness I didn't learn to drive when I was 17 like I was supposed to, because I looked about 13 back then!

So after driving, [practising having a heart attack and making dramatic Italien instructor faint] I went for an ole shop to the Drumster. I PURCHASED a sambo from Tesco, (see my thieving days are behind me!) and then ate it on the coridoor. I had to shoot up with some *discreet* insulin, but a little girl saw me. At least I'm guessing that's why her eyes nearly fell out of her head (notice an eye popping theme here?) and then she walked away rubbing HER tummy. Oh well....

Anyway, its packing day tomorrow. So after then I shall be a gone til next week. Don't ask me what to do when I'm away. That ain't my problem... I'm just a talker, not a listener...Toodles!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Today I shall be having my first driving lesson, woot! I have been talking about it so much, it seems like I've already had it. But I haven't.

I went and got that special person their pressie and to my delight they loved it! It took me about an hour to get it all together but it was worth it.

On approaching Dundrum I saw a load of people hanging around with lots of colourful balloons. I love balloons. I also love free stuff. So free balloons just sent my heart a racing. BUT they weren't giving them out - turns out they were Spanish students who just had taken a load of balloons from MacDonalds. Mac Donalds balloons, yuck! Anyway, despite the upsetting start, I perked up and shopped away! I was tempted to 'steal' a cough sweet from Tescos, you know just to keep up with my reputation as a Tesco thief, but I didn't.

This evening the bank man (or man from the bank) came up to my house and delivered my post from the bank. Something 'plastic' arrived for me at the bank this evening which I was supposed to pick up tomorrow, but I guess he just felt like being kind to me. Its not everyone who has a bank that does personal deliveries! And up here in the capital, its a rareity!

Anyway surivior, the racist version, is about to start. Talk soon. And 'Jay' come up with a more believable name next time, muchos gracias!

Ski part 2

I went ski-ing [falling down a mountain in style] last night for my 2nd lesson of four. I learned a few things besides the actual 'how to ski beautifully'. I learned:

  1. I need to buy waterproof trousers - The slopes are wet. Trousers get wet. You can get possible hypothermia in your legs from wet trousers*
  2. There will always be idiots on the slopes - Ones who block the enterences, ones who stop and chat at the BOTTOM of the slope, causing hazzards and ones who chat waiting for the button lifts, thus missing about 5 button lifts as they do so, all while a queue forms behind them.
  3. Don't leave the ski hut without your skies. (No this wasn't me- see number 2.)
  4. Don't leave the slopes without you poles (Again see number 2.)
  5. Don't fall off the button lifts and just SIT there, MOVE! ( Number 2. again)

Last night I had a different teacher because I usually go on Saturdays but will be missing this Saturday. She was a scary ass teacher it must be said. Very old school and a off-beat sense of humour. Once you got used to her though she wasn't too bad. The people in my class were so sound though, unlike my Saturday class, where it wouldn't surprise me if they brought notebooks and pens to take notes. I had no falls last night either which is always a plus. But when other people fell, we all laughed. Except for the person who fell. They cried. And then they skied away out of shame. (No I'm joking they didn't)My technique is slowly coming along nicely, and the scary ass teacher asked me if I'd ever considered competition. Ooooh, well no as it happened I hadn't. But it was nice to hear that all the same.

Today is the birthday celebration of someone very very close to me. Despite this I haven't bought them their present yet, whoops. But as the song goes, 'Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime, is on your side'. I'm never usually good at buying people presents unless I've had a year or so to think about it, and while this person didn't exactly spring their birthday on me, and I have known them all my life and their birthday falls on the same date every year (coincidence or what!) I still just didn't have time to think. So anyway its down to the ole hovel of Dundrum, to find something extra special. With just a hint of grovel too, I mean I am late with this. What's the point of birthdays anyway. So pointless! Honestly, there is no point to them. Out with birthdays! ...Incidentally, mine is in August just to let you know, so you have plenty of time!

* Not a proven medical fact

Monday, November 13, 2006


Today I feel absolutely fanstatic. Had I been feeling this way healthwise 2weeks ago, I'd have said 'well I've felt better'. My nose isn't quite clear just yet, meaning I alone am still using enough Kleenex to keep their company making profits for the next two years. BUT compared to where I was last week, I am 10 times better! And it delights me to be able to say that! I am thrilled that I have conquered this cold without hospitalization and intravenous antibiotics. Rosie: 1 Cold: 0. It's times like this that the transplant has just transformed my life! My mum came up with a good way of describing a cold pre and post transplant.

For a 'normal' person, they work at 100% of what they should be. Then a cold comes along and knocks them, and they fall to about 50% and stay like that for about a week and then gradually find their feet again.

For me, pre transplant, I was working at about 25-30% of what I should be, meaning I'm already knocked. Then a cold comes along and knocks me beat. I get sicker and sicker, and then I need ivs, hospitalization, extra o2, extra sleep and I stay like that for about 3weeks. And about 6 weeks later, I gradually come back to my 25-30%. And then, about a week after that, I come down with a chest infection. And so the cycle continues....

So naturally I am over the moon I am better again. I am really so lucky to have a chance to live like this, its fantastic. Tonight I am off ski-ing, as I am away next weekend. I am, as usual, looking forward to taking to the slopes and hurling myself down them at an alarming speed.

OOoh, last night I watched HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL for the first time. And it is superfantabulous! It is so, so, so good. The dvd was borrowed and its American, so when it gets released here, I suggest you all go and buy it. It is this generation's 'GREASE'. The songs are catchy and if it weren't 2am when I watched it, up in the study with wooden floors I would have been up boppin, rocking, jamming and breaking!! (If anyone has seen it, you'll get that!). Honestly its a gem of a film. So, so, so, sooooo good. And no I don't work for disney, that is just my opinon. Incidentally, while purchasing this film, take a look at all of Disney's range of films suitable for all the family...JOKE....

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Things I put up with...(1)

Me: Hi, can I have a large fries and nine chicken nuggets please?
Mac Donald's worker: NINE chicken nuggets??
Me: (sheepishly) Yes....Nine please..
Mac Donalds worker: Don't you want 12?
Me: No thanks, just nine
Mac Donalds worker: But it would be better value to have 12
Me: (Maybe he misheard me) No. THANK. you. Nine will be fine.
Mac Donalds worker: It will cost you just 10cent extra for three more chicken nuggets..
Me: (I'm sure my voice is working again..) NO THANK YOU! I WANT NINE!!
Mac Donalds worker: (Thinking I'm some CRAZZZY girl) Ok then....That will be €5.90.

What is it about this place? My regualar order is ALWAYS nine chicken nuggets and a large fries and this was the FOURTH time I've had this conversation with the peeps who earn their doh' at Maccy D's..I don't care that its better value to have TWELVE chicken nuggets. I only want to eat NINE! Is that such a big deal?! The cashiers don't even have to package the nuggets, that's someone else's job! I only want NINE ok??!! So stop trying to push your extra three on me. I DONT WANT THEM! I mean afterall, I am trying to eat healthily you know?? Jeeesh...

An Aside note, My friend found this on the net for me so I thought I'd post it. And yes, my friend DOES have a LOT of time on her hands. Unlike me...Oooh, I got to go, there's paint about to dry on the wall over there! I'll blog tomorrow, have a nice day!

"In the movies, if you have a ghost problem, you call Ghostbusters; if a train is about to hit you, you call Superman; but in real life and at the law school, when you have a facilities problem, you call Rosie. Whether it be new paint for the bridge, new batteries for the clocks, a slippery floor, lights out, doors locked, temperature too hot or too cold, one needs to call Rosie. Rosie Fitzgerald is our building supervisor. She has an excellent working relationship with the people from Physical Plant; therefore, when Rosie calls, they send someone immediately."

Saturday, November 11, 2006


"Saturday, Natterday, Eat more, Get Fatter-day."
Today, was a day of new beginnings. I am finally definately getting better! Woot! And it feels great! Since sleeping 'propped up' I have been able to sleep nearly the whole night through. I like to leave Sky News turned on (on mute) while I sleep, so that when I wake in the night I can see what time it is. This was a lesson I learned in the middle of the week, when I woke up and turned on the tv to check the time, and was nearly BLINDED by it.

So this morning I woke up and swallowed, and I can officially state that my throat status has been downgraded again, and is now at 'marble ball'. In fact, its practically gone now.

So today...

  • I went ski-ing, and it must be said, I EXCELLED in my lessons. I really enjoyed it, and learned a lot. I'm now able to go much faster without fear of going belly up / bum down. I only fell the once. And at least it wasn't that bad. This guy in my class couldn't stop, and ended going up crossing over to the other slope. If it wasn't actually dangerous, I would have cracked myself laughing. I lie. I did in fact crack myself laughing anyway. Here's something I learned. The people in my group are very serious. They don't laugh when others fall. Rather they empahise with the frustration of a failed run. I on the other hand managed to laugh at every single fall. You see, its times like these, where maturity isn't exactly my forté.

  • I slept when I came home and then went out to Stillorgan, which is worthy of another blog for itself. The shopping centre is one of the few shopping malls left that are the old - open air with shelter- style. The shpos for the most part are pretty rundown. The place has an eerie feel to it. When I grew up, Stillorgan was the hot place, the hang out spot. Since Dundrum opened, that has all changed. They don't help themselves by closing all their shops at 6pm I might add. Anyway I was in Dunnes in Stillorgan, which was probably a high-tech shop in its day (its day being in the mid fifties) and it has a nifty escalator in it! Only up of course, because to have one coming down would just make too much sense. But its such a cramped shop, I just couldn't concentrate. So I left.

Anyway, I shan't go on about Stillorgan too much, as it depresses me slightly. But for anyone who cares, if you remember where Santa's house and the display conservatory used to go, they now have staires! It makes me laugh because the staires are the exact same ones as they have in Old Dundrum, but with less of an eighties feel to them.

Anyhoo, I'm off for the night now. I'm going to book my driving lessons tomorrow. Lets hope I don't drive Wrecklessly now!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Opera Shmopera...

After my long hot bath this morning, I flicked on TV3 and saw that the Opera Winfrey show was on. I used to be a regular viewer of this show, particularly when I was a patient in the childrens' hospital. My lunchtime viewing schedule would go Home&Away -> Neighbours -> Opera. I don't know quite what happened, or what went wrong, but slowly I stopped watching it.

So today, they were celebrating 20years of the show, or something similar. They were reviewing 'best bits' and they had this guy on, who had lost about 100 stone or so (well it looked that way) and for his efforts, he was surprised with a car. A convertable car at that. All for losing weight! Everyone knows its harder to put on weight then to lose it. I should know! And when I reached my target weight last year, did I get a car? No. Did I get a present? No. Did I get an audience with tears streaming down their faces chanting my name? No. Did I even get gold ticker-tacker falling from the ceiling? No. (Though I was in Vincents at the time, so there was probably dust of some sort falling..) What did I get??

I got a paper card made on our home computer with a tubby child eating icecream on it. Yes. And the ink was smudged too. And to top it all, there was some fat joke inside. How deligtful. Of course, I suppose it was the thought that least I got one card. I didn't see Eileen sending a congratulations card...

Anyway, my point of this ramble? I'm jealous. Jealous that some guy loses a ton (tonne? Spelling police help me out!) of weight, and gets a car! A CAR. FROM OPERA! Life is SO unfair! How silly.

PS: In the off chance that Opera reads my blog, if you wish to send me a car, I will take it off your hands! Thank you muchly!

I am also glad to report that the throat status has been downgraded from Tennis ball to Golf Ball! Yippeee!

Friday, Lieday

8 Early Post...

Well, feeling slightly better this evening you shall all be glad to know, though I was told I could expect to feel the same if not worse over the next few days (I just LOVE how positive some people are).I shall just have to grit my teeth and bare it me thinks!

Thanks Shell and Jaqui for your comments and to the ANON spell police officer too. Gosh, I really don't know HOW I would sleep at night without your protection. So for that I thank you. PHEW!

Can't believe it's Friday already. How the time flies when you're [not] having fun. I mentioned earlier about how there was a ghost living in my weighing scales. It appears there's also one in my radio! This is just freaky! A real life ghost I tells ya, and I don't even believe in them! But that is another story for another night. And I know how I promised to tell it 'next time' which would make it 'this time' but understand people, I am a very very lazy person. And that story takes typing. And typing takes actual effort. And effort is not something I do lightly. If I am trying to look for something, this 'looking' usually means casting my eyes around the room carefully. Occasionly if I'm in a mood for making an effort, I shall turn my head around as well. So yes, I could blame the lack of promised story on my: (queue violins please)

  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Chesty...chest (!)
  • Tiredness
  • Sore bum from sitting in one position for too long
  • The fact that Forensic Detectives is on

...But I won't. I'm honest and I'm lazy. I am honestly lazy. So I shall blog more tomorrow. And yes before the 'SPELLING POLICE' or any other kind of 'CORRECTION POLICE' point out, I do realise that in the time typing out my excuses I could have just told the ole ghoul tale. But there you go!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Blog with no name...

I thought I was heading in for a stay at hotel Mater today, as I woke up feeling like I had been knocked down by a double decker bus. It would seem that the tennis ball is still very much lodged in my throat, but also now my lungs are definately getting in on the act. Had this happened before my transplant, I would already be sitting in Casulty and waiting (and waiting and waiting) for a bed up on the ward. So needless to say, considering my immune system's fighting abilities, I was nervous and anxious to get rid of the bug! I started Azithromycin/Zitromax yesterday orally. So I was dissappointed that a stay in hospitral was looking likely. I rang up my transplant nurse, but he said that this is ok. Well, it's not ideal, but I need to give the Zitromax a chance to work. He told me that its likely I'll be feeling like this for the next few days anyway.

So not what I wanted to hear, but at the same time, it is good news. I may avoid hospital which is always good. I must stress a few things having reread what I have just written.

  • I realise that I am so very lucky that this is the only problem I have had since my operation.
  • I realise that I really shouldn't be complaining about tennis balls lodged in my throat, as there are so many people waiting and who have died waiting, for the chance of life that I have been given, so though this 'blip' is annoying, I WILL get over it.
  • This 'blip' is making somewhat cranky at the moment, but I know that given a few days, I'll be as fine as red wine again. And thus back to my extra-cranky self!
  • I am not overly concerned about this 'blip' either, and thus none of my friends should be. In fact, I am grateful its happening now, and so I have a chance to recover before going to France, and YES I am still going to be going to France!

In other news in Rosie's world, I got my provisional lisence yesterday! Woot! That means that I am now allowed to sit behind the wheel of a car and! Can you believe it? Perhaps this should be a warning to any children within a 10mile radius of me. Please be careful. If you get in my way, I shall have no sympathy for you! ...I joke I joke! I have no plans to drive wrecklessly just yet. I'm not Helen-who-knocks-over-peoples-bins-Lamberto you know!

Sorry for the negative blog today. It won't happen [much] again. I will have to tell the story of the ghost who lives in my weighing scales next time. (Yes I'm actually serious, a regular lil Casper living in my scales...*gulp*)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The eye of the storm...

It would appear that this throat/sinus/chest thing that I have going on has really got into full flow. Its not so bad during the day, but I wake up feeling theres a tennis ball in my throat and a train in my nose. At night, the tennis ball is replaced with Mr. Tickle from Mr.Men fame.

I got put on Azithromycin (Zitromax) for a week today. Hopefully it will kick in soon. As I (am sure) I said before, I realise that I have been very lucky to make it 4months with no problems. I guess 'blips' like this one are expected, even if they are highly annoying.

Funnily, my anti-rejection meds are to be upped, because the levels were apparently too low. Perhaps if they had been taken on time this would be different. But whatever...

And finally to end this [whining] informative blog, I learned today that I am slightly neutropenic at the moment. This was the problem that kept me in England for so long after my op. Being neutropenic means you are very suseptible (sp?) to infection. So just have to err on the side of caution for the moment. Eileen, if you are sick, stay away!

  • No yoga tonight after all. Being tired and slightly neutropenic, means no yoga for me.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cry me a river...

Firstly, to the loser anonymous who gave their opinion on my blog! Thanks a million! I hope you come back again soon! And to anyone who had the chance to read this comment, I do apologise for any offence caused! Of course this person wasn't brave enough to sign their name, just typical! So long, ANON.

I've decided to get some antibiotics tomorrow from the Mater, as really there is no point being a brave soldier about the whole sore throat, running eyes etc etc! Anway, I'm off to 'mime' to some songs infront of the mirror. Yes, you see I'm practising already. And yoga looks like its back on the cards for tomorrow. Woot!

8 Second post...

  • This morning I woke up very early, about 7am (so technically still middle of the night) and I discovered there is something more traumatic then undergoing a serious operation like a transplant; something more distressing then being a diabetic and having to poke yourself five times a day; something more frustrating then ordering a meal in Mac Donalds and then realising you've forgotten your money (whoops); Something so awful, so disastrous that I may need counselling. I have LOST MY VOICE! *Duh - Duh - Duuuuuuuuuuuh*

  • I've been looking for it all day, but alas, its gone on strike. So while Eileen and the like may be be thinking 'Oh PEACE AT LAST', do not fear. I shall take up the art of being a mime and simply [annoy] communicate with people that way.

  • Yoga is now off the cards for tonight. I shall work on my miming skills, and put my goal of being able to fit into a matchbox on the backburner. I have a fear that without my voice, I may go into a box, get stuck, and then wouldn't be able to shout for help. Destined to stay in a matchbox for the rest of my life....*cry*

Can't think of a title...

8 Early Post...

I feel I am going to have a rather, what I describe as, beserk week. Tonight my throat still feels sore, and my blood sugars are going crazy crazy. They were 22.8 earlier, which means, 'somebody' has had too many sweeties...but wait, no I haven't! I am not to blame! I'm already sweet enough (haha!.....oh forget it) My temperature, although within perfectly normal range, is higher then my usual, which means not only am I sweet, I'm also hot!! But we all already knew that now didn't we.

  • Tomorrow/Today....LATER, I might be going to Yoga, woot! Which means, as I explained to Eileen, I shall soon be a contotionist.(Look at the picture link, that will be me, except without the cow print hat!Ewww!) Basically able to fit into a matchbox, by folding up my body. It has been one of my 'post transplant' goals. Lying in ICU and up on 27a, I would secretly dream, of one day being able to fit inside a small box. A small tear would trickle down my cheek, knowing that I could now fully realise my dreams. (Before I would have coughed you see, hence possibly causing the box to explode).....Well maybe not *quite*, but you get me!
  • Anon - who critisied me for my holt water drinking, I'll see you in a church show down, whoever you are. I can guarntee I will now out-holy you!
  • Jacqui - Thank you for your comment. People tend to find me amusing, but more in a 'hey you're funny to look at' kind of way. Feel free to join their club. I think Eileen (who insists on being mentioned here) is their president.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Bloods today...

FIRST THINGS FIRST! Thank you all so much for voting on virgin radio for Tony Blair. Turns out he won! WOOT WOOT. Congrats to Graham Marsh, who I hope he doesn't mind I've linked to his website. The money, as i said before, will go to FHLTA and Tyneside youth community centre (I will get that name right one day) and of course towards the costs of Graham's trip to the transplant games to Bangkok. Of course all of this has done great for promoting organ donors. Incidentally, I have some donor cards at the mo, should anyone wish to have one. (That's your Christmas pressie sorted Eileen!...Though of course you already have one...but you can now have two!)

  • Today I had bloods at the mater to monitor my anti-rejection levels. I arrived at 9.20 and to my delight I was called in at 9.25. For once i would be on time! In and out in 10 mins, was this too good to believe?....Well yes, infact it was. I thought that although I would have nothing to [complain] blog about today, I was happy because the Mater had finally got their acts together regarding time keeping.
  • I got in and we had the blood bottles all set out, the turnkey on my arm (tight thing to squeeze the the arm tight) WHEN the doctor's bleep went off.

"Oh no, I'm sorry. Dr XXXX has just arrived, sorry. You go wait outside please."

With that the doctor left the room. I can fully understand that the consultants time is precious, and transplant patients do need to be discussed. But at the same time, my anti-rejection levels NEED to be accurate, hence the blood NEEDS to be taken on time. Not an hour late OR an hour and a HALF late. It really would have taken 5minutes at the most to get my blood. ( I was warm, my veins were good today)

So at between 9.40 and 11.20 I sat and watched the end of the jermey Kyle show (My Ex-Boyfriend was violent, beat me up, nearly killed me BUT he is a good dad) and then some GMTV. I was supposed to take my anti-rejection meds at 10.15. The bloods were late, so once again an inaccurate result will be noted. I don't think they have EVER taken them on time.

I was in such a rush to get out of the place though, that I FORGOT to get some water for my tablets. So sitting in the car, and not seeing any shops nearby sitting in traffic (Yes, I know,I was in the city centre) I ended up using the holy water I found in the car to take them with. Although my mom said it mightned be the cleanist, I didn't much care as I was already late, PLUS I think having drank holy water for the first time, my body is probably holy in some way. Therefore I should be ok, please God (pardon the pun)

  • Throat is still sore, but sterpsils should do the trick.
  • Got called back for my diabetes trial in Crumlin today, so it will be back to the original madhouse at the end of the month. I wonder have the taken down the Bosco painting up in Xray since I was last there
  • Babs, Pending results, my potion lotion MAY well be available to buy in the near future

Edited to Add: The staff in the mater (transplant nurses) are excellent it must be said, and its proabably not their fault that they don't like to try to take bloods from me. Its the running of the place that's higgle-ti-pigglity. ALSO: Crumlin is not really a madhouse. They are not [all] that mad in there!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Feeling shabby

**Reminding everyone to visit Virgin radio, and vote for Tony Blair on the 'Who's calling Christian' competition! Thanks all!**

  • Babysitting last night was, as always a pleasure. It really helps when the children you look after are good and well behaved. Its generally a case of them entertaining me rather then the other way round. The eldest child was out last night, so I only minded the younger two, one of whom was already in bed. So it turned out to be just the one. She is fantastic (as are all of them it must be said) and her imagination is one to be reckoned with. After putting her to bed (following many stories from her, and amazing magic tricks from me), I settled down to watch a bit of tv. RTÉ were showing 'Mona Lisa Smile' as their 'Late Late Movie' - quite a good one for so late at night. I was impressed by it, and by the acting in it. I got home at about 1 am, give or take.

  • This morning, having had a rough night, I awoke with a sore throat. It seems I have the start of a cold, which probably wouldn't be on my christmas wish list, considering I have a rather cheap and shabby immune system. But nonetheless, a hot cup of tea followed by a hot bath should HELP matters I reckon.

  • This morning was of course to be my first ski lesson. I decided I wouldn't go. But I do think things have a way of working themselves out for the best. I was scheduled for the 'C' class, which by goodness, following my rather abissmal (for 'C' standard) practice during the week, I figured was a bit out of my league. My mother kept saying 'sure go up and explain you want to drop a class' etc etc. I absolutely HATE confrontation (with strangers) and generally tend to avoid such situations, unless I'm in the mood. So while on the phone this morning to the ski-club cancelling my lessons, I decided to bite the bullet and switch down a class. So I am now in B class. Thank goodness. But it means I shan't be starting until the 11th of November. But it also gives me plenty of time to practise. (As one of my friends said recently, 'only YOU would practice for a practice').

  • Finally, though I don't like to air my political views in public, I shall air them anyway. I've just heard that Suddam Hussein is to be hanged. Will the Americans ever learn?

Quote from babysitting:

Girl: "Rosie you have lots and lots of spots. (and here was me thinking my remedy was worth patenting) Me: Oh really? Hmmm, Oh dear...(What was I going to say?!) Girl: You're like my mother, she has lots and lots and LOTS (me thinking, what concealer does SHE use? I'd never noticed a blemish)**Penny finally drops** Me: Ohhhh, you mean freckles? (So maybe my remedy is still worth pateneting??)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Last night I think I may have been on the verge of discovering a remedy for pink round small blemishes (aka spots). I can't give details of this remedy out just yet, as I may well decide to patent it. Anyway, I have decided to try this potion for 3nights in a row and see how the results fair out. I realised, upon discovering the improvement on my mug, that I probably should have taken photos for a 'pre' and 'post', 'before miracle treatment' and 'after' sort of thing. But alas, my brain rarely works that far ahead.

Anyway, my sister, having pulled out of 'our' babysitting gig (much to my delight) means I'm off babysitting tonight. It was originally MY job, but when I got sick my sister had to help out, but has since hijacked the whole thing altogther. But since she is 'exhausted', she can't go. Woot woot!

Friday, November 03, 2006


8 Early Post:

I might be busy tomorrow to post so I figured I'd do it early. Yes, doing nothing requires an enormous amount of thought and planning you know. For example ; 'Should I do nothing in the kitchen, perhaps the playroom would be better...Though the lighting is good in the conservatory'

I am HOPEFULLY going to go swimming tomorrow. Fridays were my usual swimming day. This week because my 'swim partner' was off school, we decided we'd go some day this week, but as it happened our schedules clashed until tomorrow. So another Friday swim t'shall be. As long as I don't drown or the Mickey pain gets worse, I shall check back tomorrow. Have a good day!

Tony Blair is the MAN! AFter Graham Marsh that is! I had read On Graham's site yesterday about a top secret mystery guest that would be on Virgin Radio, and presuming it was another one of his crickiting players, I decided I would sleep in and catch the podcast. Well OMG, as part of a competition, people were getting celebrities to ring in and leave a message for the dj. Good ole Graham got the Primeminsitar (spelling!) to call in! So now you can go vote for him to win. THe money will be divided between funding for Graham to go to the transplant games, the Freeman Heart Lung Transplant Association (who do fantastic work for the hosp, including funding flats where my parents stayed after my transplant) and then Tyneside community centre (sorry if I have that last detail wrong!).

Anyway he needs YOUR votes, so please GO VOTE!

***Link has now been disabled***

or go to

VIRGIN RADIO and click on 'Who's calling Christian VOTE!' Thanks everyone!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

November 2nd

  • Today I went down to Dundrum and got two friends of mine a couple of bears. The build-a-bear shop reopened today, but I prefer it the way it was to be honest. You used to be able to pick the type of heart you wanted for your bear, so for one friend, I wanted to get a heart that meant 'luck'. But now you only have a choice of red, or cheese-cloth pattern. I was dissapointed it must be said.

  • I had a hypo (where your blood sugar dips so low you're in danger of collapse) in Tesco. The whole incident resulted me shoplifting for the second time in my life. I was mortified naturally. I grabbed a bottle of 7up and took a swig of it. I then went about my shopping intending to pay for said bottle when I got to the checkout. Only between carrying two bags, 2 pet boxes (from build-a-bear) I must have dumped the bottle into one of the bags when I was carb counting some products. I might go back tomorrow and explain the situation and pay for the bottle. I actually DID notice my error on the way home, but was already half way up the hill (mountain) and was too tired to turn back.

  • I first began my crime sprees when I was about 5 and I unwittingly pilferred a packet of opelfruits (now known as starburst). Again, it was a case of picking them up and consuming while still in the store (notice my habit of doing this!). My mother discovered it once we left. After frantically searching her receipt and finding no evidence of purchased Opalfruits, we returned, apologiesed and paid.

  • Anyway after last nights ski-ing, my left leg now throbs. It reminds me of being all stiff after my operation. Not only that, but my mickey button is very painful at present. The Mickey button being the device in my tummy whose function WAS to feed me at every waking and sleeping moment, but who has since been forced into retirement and who remains living in my tummy rent free. I hope to have it out soon as its getting highly irratating. x

PS: I think I should drop a class down in ski-ing. I think I seriously over estimated my abilities!


Wednesday, November 01, 2006



  • Well, just got back from watching what can only be described as a very interesting season opener of LOST. If I'm honest, I am still LOST with the whole thing. I also confess that I already watched the episode last week on the net (which I admitted yesterday) but the second watch was definately both, needed and helpful. I've heard about a new show called HEROS (HEROES?) which is supposed to be good, but I think for the mo, my weekly jaunt of LOST followed by the ledgendary PODGE & RODGE at 10.50pm suits me just fine.

  • Discovered this evening that we now have Film4 and Film 4+1. Over in England I was bombarded with those red ads on channel 4 with various actors screaming "It's freeeeeeeeeeeee" and "Film 4 is now FREE! What am I? I don't get it; am I fruit or a vegetable?" If you saw them you know what I'm talking about. Anyway much to my dismay we didn't get it, free and all as it was. That is until tonight. I am very pleased.

Second POST:

Beautiful day it must be said, and so I am off for a ski this evening. I need to desperately brush up on my skils before Sunday. It would be a quare sight if I was to turn up on Sunday morning in my advanced intermediate class and not know the ski from the ski-pole. Im really hoping it comes back to me once I get out on the slope, or I may have to reconsider my classes altogther...

Wednesday tv is generally appalling (as is my spelling as of late) so unless there is a Wife Swap on somewhere, I may have to retire to bed early. Oh what a calamity that would be...