Sunday, December 31, 2006

Here we are, the last day of the year already, oh how time flies! In some ways it feels a lifetime ago, when reading all those 'hospital' diary entries, and yet it seems like just yesterday when I was over in Newcastle.

A big 'shout out' goes to Sian (the welshy one who posts lovely comments in my guestbook - and NO I don't pay her!). Sian and I share a love for all things cheese related, eg, Home&Away and High School Musical. It's clear she has great taste! Anyway, I wish her (and everyone else for that matter) a very happy new year! I hope all your wishes for 2007 come true! I have found a particularly nice, more interesting, blog entry from Jan 1st 06, which I will post on Monday. You see, I make it sound like this of interest to people, which perhaps it is, but don't be fooled, I'm just lazy.

What I find interesting about reading those old posts, besides the content, is the way they are written. I was still in College/Uni at the time, and thus the language and style is a lot less...lazy(?!). Meaning there was a much more active thesaurus working in my head, which since taking the gap year, has gone a bit rusty and dusty.

Anyway, whatever way you all chose to ring in the New Year, I wish you all have fun. New Years is way too overrated in my opinion, but alas, be good and enjoy.

Finally another special mention goes out to my 'Free Willie protester #1' aka, Sarah! What a great friend, and I promise we'll watch Troy and Gabriella sing their hearts out during the week. Which reminds me, Helen, I need to borrow your High School Musical DVD!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Skiing today, whoohoo! I finally (OK 4 weeks isn't *that* long) graduate from 'C' class. Yay.

Since I won't have much time to update this weekend, I thought I would go for a lazy move, and simply post a diary entry I wrote this day last year exactly. It makes me so, so thankful knowing that I am no longer going through all that palaver.

“We’ve come so far, and we’ve reached so high, and we’ve looked each day and night in the eye. And we’re still so young and we hope for more” –Take That, Never forget.

Friday December 30th 2005 Week 4

Today I slept in until about midday, and I felt so refreshed after yesterday’s poking and prodding! A phlebotomist came to take my blood for levels this morning, but even though I was practically dead to the world, I woke up pretty quickly to be able to tell her that I hadn’t had my tobramycin on Thursday, so thus the results would be inaccurate. So I managed to make it through the day avoiding any jabs. I hope my cannula stays in place for tonight’s IVs.

The doctors flushed my port (Vincent’s word for implantofix) with some yokey to dissolve blood clots. After two hours they flushed it and while the saline went in, it was met with a lot of resistance. So they flushed in some more anti-blood clotting stuff. Unfortunately this was unsuccessful again. Its looking like I’m going to need to have my port replaced which means surgery. This will be done next week some time. In the meantime I have to receive my drugs through cannulas in my sputty veins. That part I do NOT enjoy! As a child I was tormented and tortured by “Freddies”, often having to have them replaced twice in one day. I can’t get the memory of having people hold me down while I screamed for them to stop hurting me out of my head. I don’t know when to say ‘no I’ve had enough’ because I need my IVs badly and really can’t afford to miss a dose. It’s a catch twenty-two really.

Tomorrow I’m going home for New Year’s Eve. My sis is going to wezz. My bro is down in Kerry and my other brother is going out somewhere. All of my friends are going out-out, so I’m still working on somewhere to go or something to do!!

I’m feeling good tonight, I just wish I could escape from this whole situation.

Friday, December 29, 2006

The rain is pelting down at the moment, and it's pitch black outside. It would appear we will be washed into 2007, as it looks like these showers are set to continue!

I brought my friend shopping today, to Build-A-Bear. We actually had a fantastic time. And I learned to exercise a little self control, walking right by MacDonalds and resisting going in!...OK, well *almost* not going in. The fries were just too tempting! But I didn't have my usual fat child, begging to become obese meal that conisists of 12 Chicken Nuggets, Large Fries, McFlurry and Diet Coke.

I think I'll have a quiet night in this evening, perhaps watch a dvd. Actually knowing me, it will be past 11 before I can pick one, and then I'll decide it will run on too late, so I'll just go to bed. And I just know you are all so envious of my exciting lifestyle that I lead! *Wink*

Thursday, December 28, 2006

OK, excuse the way over long post yesterday. That is an insight into what life is like living with me, except not only do I talk that much (and more) but I do it extremely fast too.

Today, I watched High School Musical, yet again. I hope someday to star in a production of that show. While many would see me in the Gabriella role, and encourage me that I have many similarities to her, I think I would do very well as Sharpay. If you don't have a blues clue as to what High School Musical is, I suggest you look here or here. The second 'here' lets you listen to some of the excellent songs that make the musical what it is, considering that the plot smells a bit cheesy!

Aside from High School Musicals, I may have mentioned yesterday about how my eating of chocolate has become a little obsessive. I really have never been a fan of chocolate, finding the whole thing a bit sickening and way too filling. This is perhaps the first time I have ever eaten as much in my life. You may have heard people say 'You can't just give kids in Africa chocolate, it wouldn't agree with them...etc'. Well let me tell you how true that is! OK I'm not a child, or African but I have recently gone from nothing to too much, and my tummy went funny! So don't try it. But anyway, my system has got used to it thankfully, and this morning I started and finished a box of Toblerone! I can almost hear the heckling of 'Greedy' and 'Pig' from the back. The only sad thing about this is, this the first year nobody gave me a selection box! I guess they figured since I never open them, there is little point!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

  • Goodness, today was a lazy day. I felt I deserved one anyway, because it's Christmas so why not?

    Balancing the complete and utter lazy lifestyle (under the guise of the 'lady of leisure' title) my mom suggested we go for a walk together with the dog. When I say 'walk' I actually mean **WALK** like a power walk, and when I say together, I actually mean 'five paces behind my mom' (I'm slow), and when I say 'dog', I do actually mean 'dog'.

    I got to wear my brand new spanking hat with ear covers which is viewable
    here, but mine is in bougainvillea (also known as pink). So I set off, nice and prepared, with my hair looking particularly blonde.

    It was very misty and foggy out, and it would appear that the mist was in our ears as well. When I was in Vincents, I would have to stay in a 6bedded bay, with all the other patients being elderly, and most of the time, suffering from dementia (and deafness). Consequently the conversations that would take place between these old dears usually went along the lines of:
  • "Oh isn't it a glorious day outside?""
  • Ohh, it's delicious, very tasty!"
  • "The sun is very bright, it must be warm"
  • "Yes the toast was nice, but the sausages were funny"
  • "Fred should have no problem getting over today"
  • "Yes, my tea was cold too"
  • If I hadn't been so sick or fed up in that place, I would have laughed. Anyway, a joke is only really funny the first few times; when you spend a total of about 3 months in such a place, not only does the 'joke' appear less funny, more irritating, but you actually get used to having such ridiculous conversations with other people.
  • Anyway, this evening on our walk, I was reminded of these times, as with my mother (the one who walked five paces ahead of me in case anyone forgot) with my hat with ear covers. One snippet from my conversation with her went like this:
  • "Ugh I think I have heartburn, yuck"
  • "Now, I just love what they did with that house!"
  • "Eww, I can taste the garlic bread I ate..."
  • "They really made great use of the space in the front"
And then earlier when I stepped in a puddle (pesky puddle) I exclaimed:
  • "Oh shoot, darn puddle"
  • "Did you just walk in that puddle...I told you to "watch the puddle"
  • "I didn't even hear you say anything"
  • It bothered me slightly that she wasn't listening to me and my woes, or rather that she couldn't hear me. And so this sort of 'round in circles' having two different conversations went on for a while. For most of the walk in fact. Much like our walk itself. We walked past a million or so houses (OK slight exaggeration), which all looked pretty similar, but yet all had their unique touch, be it lights in the porch, rows of roses. In the dark though, there was no distinguishable features. I guess that's just one of the things about living in the 'afureas' (suburbs).
  • Anyway, aside from these most peculiar conversations which made one question their sanity at times, the walk did me good. I'm going to do some proper exercise tomorrow, either skiing or swimming or something of the sort. Having eaten far too many chocolate, and even taken insulin specifically to match all the chocolate I've been eating, I think I need to make sure I don't become a couch potato. Wait, who am I kidding, I'm already a couch potato. I think I'll put 'couch potato' on my wish list for cures.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

St. Stephen's Day...

  • After cleaning the kitchen last night and emptying the dishwasher (I make it sound like I do that all the time) I retired to bed at about 2.30 or 3am.
  • Consquently I woke up at the appalling hour of 1pm this afternoon. 'Titanic' began shortly after I woke up. Why do they always show such a depressing film at Christmas (Ooops, sorry if I ruined the ending there...)? That pretty much sums up the day, films, films, films. Harry Potter has just ended and now, Eastenders has started. Even more doom and gloom! They all sigh when they're talking, and they speak in 3 word sentances. I believe tonight is the night that 'Powwwwwline!' is leaving. Will anyone care? Anyone notice? Nope....
  • My friend called around today and we exchanged presents. I do like what I got I do. We then watched some of Free Willy 2, "No Willy, don't go! Willlllllllllly!"*Queue big oversized whale jumping (about 20feet in the air) over a rock the boy is standing on* See comment above about depressing films!!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Nollaig Shóna!

  • Thank you all for your texts that greeted me this morning. Unfortunately, you will be lucky if you receive any from me today, as phone has gone on the glitch again. It must be the excitement of Christmas or something. (Also, Ms Tee, thank you for your lovely guestbook comment!)
  • We had our Christmas breakfast this morning, which was delicious as per usual. Last year we had champagne to celebrate me being home. I'm guessing the novelty has worn off by now.
  • I was showered with many a many beautiful presents from my family and friends. I think I must hold the record for most consecutive pink presents. Anyone will tell you that I am a pink girl. I am Pink! (Helen will try and battle me for that title, but she will always lose)It was lovely to see my family all opening the ones I bought them, and it would appear everyone was pleased. I can't remember what I bought anyone last year, as someone else did my shopping for me. ( A personal shopper is one of the few perks of being sick). A quick rush and we all got out to midday Mass, celebrated by the Archbishop.
  • Christmas dinner will be ready in about 20 minutes, and I can honestly say, I cannot wait!
  • I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Christmas, in whatever way you celebrate it. Be it small families, or family reunions, have a great one. I don't know that there is a happier (pinker!) girl in the world then me right now!

(¯`•._.•Keep smiling and enjoy the day•._.•´¯)

......Who knows where we will all be this time next year

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve!

I will be lighting three candles this Christmas eve. One for my friend who passed away a few months ago. One for a very very special person, without whom I wouldn't be here today and the usual one for Jesus.

This time (exactly) last year, I was sitting on the edge of a bed, waiting for the doctor on call to come around and say I could go home. I had my bags packed, box of chocolates for the nurses, and my days' supply of IVs laid out on the bed. I knew that my CRP (infection markers in blood) were still going to way too high, well over a hundred, when normal is 12, but I was determined to be home for Christmas. The doctor who came to see me, was less then enthusiastic about letting me home, but after 4weeks straight in hospital, he agreed I could have a 2day break at home, so long as I kept up the IV drugs, nebulisers and array of tablets. I was tired. I was sick. I was breathless, but my face was gleaming. In that sort of way, when a runner finishes a marathon; their face is worn out, but they are delighted.

This year couldn't be anymore different. Although I woke up, coughing up some not so nice stuff, I knew I'd be OK. I can breathe and I'm not sick. I'm going to stuff myself with Christmas dinner, and drink all the alcohol I can (Maintaining responsible behaviour though). I will wake up refreshed, not feeling like I could sleep another 3 days. I will laugh without collapsing into a fit of coughing. I will sit (not lie and fall asleep) on the couch. I will look hot, but not physically burn up with a temperature. I won't have to time my shower so I can fit in 'rest time' afterwards (where I sit on my bed breathing in my oxygen). I will have a very merry Christmas. I hope you do the same. xxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, December 23, 2006

  • Update on Health- Sinusis still going ok! Feeling a bit like a turkey...stuffed! Ok, that was bad. But I like Bad jokes! So I still sound like I'm dying from a cold, but in reality I am still fine.
  • We were the first to arrive at skiing again this morning, clearly making up from our first 20 minute late, dreadful appearnece 3 weeks ago.
  • I finally mastered (albeit at the end of the lesson) sliding down black slope. This is something that requires one to just trust the skis and slip. And I'm still working on paralell turns which are tricky! My sister, meanwhile, graduated on to the medium slopes. Yay! Enough ski talk.
  • The photographer arrived about 10 minutes after I came home, so to say I was a little flustered and unprepared would be an understatement! Nevertheless, I made him wait and when I was ready he took (cheesy) photos of me (cheesily) sitting infront of the (cheesy) tree with my best (cheesy) smile. Did you know I hate cheese?
  • I didn't go out tonight, as in anticipation of the Christmas break, I want to be well and refreshed. As an aside note, I walked from the Point Theatre to the Luas Station in Stephen's Green yesterday, plus I'm going out tomorrow night, and...well...I'm not Superwoman. Appearneces can be decieving I know!

Friday, December 22, 2006

  • Sinuses are continuing to improve greatly. I just have a really annoying voice (hey, what's changed?) now that makes me sound like I am dying of a cold. But, rest assured I am fine!
  • I went to Snow Patrol which were amazing!!! They are brilliant live in concert. We were all singing 'Chasing Cars' and it was just incredible. Their supporting bands didn't have very much stage presence and were a little mundane, but it was worth sitting through for the main act. Interestingly, my friend's dad asked my friend 'Oh Snow Patrol, is that a Christmas band?'And on the phone to my Aunt, she said 'Oh that sounds festive!' How can people have never listened to Snow Patrol? It beggars belief!
  • Tomorrow I have to have my photo taken as part of an article on Organ Donation. This means I have to juggle skiing (*YES* you heard correctly, skiing, yay!) lunch, dropping off of presents and the photographer in the space of an hour. If the photo turns out with me having a puffy, pink cheeked, hair over the place portrait, you will know the reason.
  • Finally, since some of my friends are going away for Christmas (ooh la la), I wish to take this opportunity to wish you (*Yes I'm looking at not the person behind you...stop looking around, I do mean YOU!*) all a very merry Christmas. I hope that you (YES I do mean you again!) have a wonderful time, spent in whatever way you spend it. May we all appreciate all the great things in life, even if at times, it doesn't go to plan. And to end with a quote...

This quote I discovered last Christmas, when my life was a world away from what it is now. I was in Vincents and very ill, running temperatures, the works. I just knew 2006 would be a better year, but when I was feeling miserable, I thought this quote was just perfect:

“We have no right to ask when sorrow comes, ‘Why did this happen to me?’ unless we are willing to ask the same question for every moment of happiness that comes our way.” ---Author Unknown

Thursday, December 21, 2006

  • Sinuses are doing way, way better! Hooray for Vicks fast relief and Zitromax.
  • Had a lovely, if not slightly random evening, in the presence of friends in my nearly local local. Once again, I was asked for ID. How typical! "Scuse me ladies, how auld are ye?" and surprise surprise, I'm the same age as I was the last twenty times I met you!! Of course I didn't say that to him, I mean I'd hate to get thrown out before I'd got in...Wait, refused. I didn't want to be refused.
  • I finished off my shopping. Dundrum was as packed as ever. Avoid it all costs, that is unless you actually liked being barged into by weirdos holding a trillion bags, and then not apologising. Or, if you like fools who go up to pay for things and before they pay, they take a phone call and stand talking for a few minutes while the rest of us 'hmmm' and 'haww', well then you'd be in the right place.
  • Day finished off nicely, with Eileen reversing into a bush. And yes she does have a liscence. Did she pay for it though? One wonders...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

  • The 'niggling' throat thing I mentioned yesterday, has in fact turned into a bout of Sinusitis. As long as I don't lose my voice (again), I am, as the old pair say, 'happy out'. Never having had a sinus infection before, I have never been able to empathise for sufferers, and my sympathy was somewhat limited. Never again. That's all I'm saying on the topic.

  • I got the go-ahead from Clinic to take a week's worth of Azithromycin (Zitromax). Not all at once though, for obvious reasons. I am hoping to have a healthy Christmas this year after all.

  • Although this is a wee bump in the road, which makes me hold my head at times, I am adamant that I will not complain. There are far worse things in life then a minor sinus infection. If antibiotics are required, then so be it, it's what will make me better and I'm alive aren't I? And to me, that is the most important thing. To be able to spend time with my family and friends; to see the sun shining through the trees; to see the frost glistening on the tips of the grass; to have an odd McFlurry (or ten!), this is what is important to me in life. And I have it, so I'm happy.

  • I learned of some sad news today, which makes me appreciate life all the more. I am lucky and I know it.

  • The winner of the 'whales' question is....'Anon'. So 'Anon', your prize drink will be waiting for you in the 'Anon' bar, on the 'Anonth' of the 'Nonth', '2000and nonth'. I hope you enjoy it! You deserve it!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I fear I may be coming down with something funny as I have a 'niggling' throat today. It could be from exhaustion, but I don't think so. I'm just hoping it doesn't develop into anything too serious- Nothing a dose of Zitromax can't help shift anyway!

  • On Saturday, Leona won the x-factor. Personally I was up for Ray, mainly because I like to back the underdog (Hence I support the Irish Football team year after year). In my opinion, Leona was going to be a huge success had she won it or not. Ray had, what I class the 'x-factor'; he was unusual and had a great personality. As I've said for weeks 'He's so cute, I could put in my pocket and take him home'. Unfortunately one of the girls I babysit, took this to mean I fancied him and he was my boyfriend. "Ooooh Rosie's got an unrequited love!" Where does a 10 year old learn words like that?? At her age I was still reading 'Spot'...Only joking, it was The Secret Seven for me. I couldn't stand those 'Famous Five' running off into caves without their parents' permission, meddling in gang bosses crimes. Pesky nosey parkers. The Secret Seven solved much more believable mysteries and crimes, like finding out who stole the guy from the bonfire, looking for missing children etc, etc. Anyhoo, I've rambled. I'll stop.

  • As Helen was the only person to give an answer to the 'Whales' question, I guess she will get the drink. If nobody responds by Wednesday, I shall give it to you Helen!

  • Earlier Eileen gave me an answer to the question as well, which she claims she thought of. However, since we are Irish, there is no way we would know the answer, so whoever Eileen got the answer from must be British. (Note: Eileen's boyfriend is English). My point? Simple. Eileen is a fraud! One day I will succeed in convincing the world of this!...Then I'll go back to bed I guess...

  • I have been invited to go to a skiing competition in January, which, if I'm allowed to attend, I will look forward to! It is a special competition for people who have had a transplant, and they can bring a friend or two. On a related note, today I got skiing trousers. My outfit is complete. Fate? I think so...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

A whirlwind of a weekend it was, and now its over. I got my first (or should that be, 'opened' my first..) Christmas present yesterday that my little stars that are my babysitting children gave me. I am mucho pleased, and now I smell much nicer too! I also got my hands on the Christmas crackers at Saturday's party, and pulled one (or 13). Good prizes were had, but alas no whoopee cushion. There were quite a number of funny jokes, but one or two that had us stumped. One wonders were these infact 'Blue Peter' crackers - the subtley-educate-the-craker-pullers-whilst-having-fun-so-cracker-pullers-will-be-none-the-wiser...

Example: How do you get two whales in a car? (Anyone who comes close, deserves a prize!)

  • Congratulations Eileen and Brendan on correctly answering the 'Cmon Eileen' question.
  • For a bonus point, who sang (sung?) it?

Saturday, December 16, 2006


  • A busy weekend ahead, starting off with Ski-ing and then some proper pre Christmas socialising. Hence, won't have a chance to update much. But I'm sure you can all use your imagination as to what I'll get up to! So until later, have a nice weekend y'all! Babs, a friend of mine from Vincents, unfortunately will have to spend a few days in the Chéz Mad House for some proper rest and relaxation. I hear the spa facilities are something else in there Babs! Get well soon though Chickaroo!

  • Quick Quiz question: Can anyone name the song I am talking about. Its about a good friend of mine, ( I mention the fool enough!) and was a number one hit in 1982...Come on, everyone...Now enough clues! Piece that together! Guesser wins nothing. I'm tight.

  • And because I can't think of much to say I'll leave you with a:

Random Eileen Fact: Studying English for the leaving cert required one to learn a host of poems by a host of poets; Yeats, Heaney, Kavanagh, Dickinson, Wordsworth, the lot. In Eileen's class they would get called upon to recite a poem by heart, as was their homework to learn so. And Eileen's teacher had a habit of picking Eileen. And Eileen, being the lazy so and so, never learned them, but rather would have her book open and simply read the selected poem. That teacher was clearly not paying attention, obviously coming up with any old exercise to pass the time! One day Eileen walked in late, and before she had a chance to open her book, the teacher instructed her to recite that day's poem. Eileen, stumbling and panicking......fainted! No no, I'm joking; she didn't have any option but to admit she hadn't learned it. Shocked and dismayed, the teacher enquired why. And Eileen just does as Eileen does best; she shrugs her shoulders and says 'I dunno....I don't want to do that one, no point...' Eileen then became the hero of the class for her courage. This lasted all of a day, when things returned to normal and she was being pushed into lockers by the next morning. Interesting story that....

Friday, December 15, 2006

  • There is a miracle worker in the Mater! One of the transplant nurses can take blood; more importantly, she can take my blood! Do you know what a skill that is?? The traffic was abysmal getting through town but I made it. She felt sorry for me having to wait ages for the doctor (incidentally the doctor who tried 4 times unsuccessfully on Tue) and said she'd have a go. Since she's nice, I let her try and first go in, whack bam thank you mam, my blood flowed like...flowing blood(?!).

  • I finally gave in to doing Christmas shopping and started off in town. In the Stephen's green shopping centre, Rté were filming for the 'Seoige&O'Shea' show. I simply wanted to cross across the pathway, and they stopped me, asking would I answer a few questions. Extremely hesitant, I said yes, thinking it it would just be a few quick questions, but then I discovered they wanted me to lie on a therapist's style couch and do a little skit thingy. Cringing with embarrassment, I explained I couldn't as I was way too shy ( I wouldn't want people thinking I go in search for TV appearances and the like, besides this stuff is way below the standard of what I'm used to!) and ran off! Oh dear...

  • Back in Dundrum, I ended up stopping shopping as I was literally weighed down with bags. Some of the things were rather heavy (Can't say much more then that...some readers = present recipients..). There were children carolers singing (what were supposed to be) Christmas carols in the centre. Although the words, and at times, the tune, wasn't very audible, they were very cute and all had Santa hats on them, so they got my spare change. Funnily, at the other end of the scale, there were elderly Carolers in town. I felt very sorry for them because it was shocking weather today, so they too got my spare change. I I picked up a Mac Donalds (Yes this crazy Mac Donalds craving lady is having yet another) and caught a lift home. Mmmm, MacFlurry!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

One reason why I'm useless in an emergency:
I was standing out on the landing the afternoon, when I heard an almighty crash! Fearing the worst, I went in search of the sound, and ran upstairs (to the attic). Half way up I met my mom who was running down. Puzzled, I asked her had she heard the bang. She looked at me as if with two heads, and said 'Yea, it came from downstairs...'. Oops. So down I went running, and ran into the tree (not literally in-to the tree, but to where the tree was) to inspect any damage, but the tree was stood up innocently. Then to the kitchen, and again, everything looked Hunky Dorey. Living room, hall, conservatory, dog, all check. A few moments passed and I found my mom and sister in the downstairs loo (Not literally in-the loo, but where the loo was) and it was THEN i discovered the picture that had fallen down. (This isn't the picture I mentioned a few blogs ago I might add, we have quite a collection in our downstairs bathroom). See, if this had been a person, I would have been on the wrong floor, searching the rooms frantically for the injured party. How long would it have taken me to locate the right floor, the right room, the right scene?! Too long me thinks. Maybe this was to do with my 'one lesson of First Aid' I took. I was immediately turned off by 'Annie' the armless naked torso to which we were to administer resuscitation. Now, how could someone like me do something like that and not laugh?!...

  • Slept in for my bloods, and shock horror, they actually noticed my absence!! Or maybe it was the silence around the clinic they noticed..Anyway, I'm in tomorrow instead. Yippee. My Scoooothish transplant nurse instructed me to wear gloves. So if he laughs when I turn up with my ski gloves on, I'll just give him a dirty look...or something. That'll be sure to teach him!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Random fact about Eileen: Eileen and I once played on the same hockey team when we were about 15. (I know, can you believe she was as good as me at hockey?!). One day we had a match, and I went down to our sports hall, all ready, most of the team were there, but no Eileen. Turns out Eileen was in a computer lesson (oh what a waste that turned out to be!) and wasn't allowed leave. Eileen, ever the dedicated hockey player, attempted to run out of the class when the teacher popped out for a minute and got caught!! She then had to stay in the class, and afterwards had to write a letter of apology! Oh the woes of some people...

...And on to today...I went to Yoga as per usual. It was our last night before Christmas tonight. My bones and muscles are thanking their lucky stars. There were only six in the class, which if you ever did probability in Maths class, you would know that with less people present, there would be less chance of a wee 'parper', but alas, against the statistics, we had one. And this 'one' parped 'twice'. Ewww.

Tomorrow I am off to the Mater nice and early (waking up on time provided of course) for a second attempt at taking bloods.

On a slightly related note, I received wind of some information this evening, that one of the doctors who looked after me in Newcastle has left. He is an amazing doctor and I know I'll miss him when I'm over there in January. My 'Deep Throat' (informer) who told me this, is "distraught"! He actually is a fantastic doctor though and lives over here when he's not over there. I remember when I was half conked out on the bed, worrying what else could go wrong with my new lungs, he came in and told the room that he was my neighbour. I wanted to clatter him around the head with my shoe at this stage. Funny how first impressions are. Anyhoo, amazing is the only word to describe him!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Today was clinic today where I had my review. An overall summary (full review can be found in the Red Book blog) goes as follows:
No blood taken despite four attempts. I'll go back on Thursday or Friday with the hope of more success. All signs are that everything is continuing to go as planned thank goodness. Bring on Christmas!

I finally made a start with my shopping, but my legs got tired so I picked up a MacDonald's and headed home. The minute I left Dundrum though, it pelted down with rain, resulting in me standing in the doorway of some pub or other. After about 10 minutes of constant waiting, I decided to just cut my losses and run ( all the way up hill I might add). The minute I left though, the rain subsided. Now why didn't I just do that 10 minutes ago?! What is it with weather and me? Eileen kept me up half the night last night in some seedy pub (only joking- you can't beat the Goat Grill!) so I'm a little tired today.

My great news for today is that I got the all clear to go ski-ing after Christmas! I am so excited!! The Baby Jesus was put back in the crib today. Luckily I discovered this error early on so the situation was rectified quickly. I really need to write my Christmas cards soon, as too many have been arriving making me feel very guilty. If any of you receive your cards in January, don't be offended. The most important thing is that they arrive in the end. I wonder do An Póst do a January sales on stamps...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Head hunted...

6months ago, I would have laughed out loud at the thought of me having or holding down a job. Of course I could easily pretend that the reason for this would be constant sickness and breathlessness, having spells out of hospital lasting no longer then 10days, and the little fact that I was waiting for a transplant. Of course, the real reason for lack of job, would be my complete and utter detest for anything work like as I am lazy.

However, no sooner had I started working last week, was I phoned today and asked did I want a job. It's only part-time, but it is experience nonetheless. I will be working in my pharmacy. Yes that's right, I earn them about half their profits, and now I shall work for them. I had an informal training session today, and got to have a look (OK, a good snoop!) around the back at all the medications, many of which I recognized anyway. In their filing system, they had a section labeled 'High Tec', but inside was rather sparse, with only two sheets with my anti-rejection medications' name on them. It turns out this stuff costs thousands of yoyos and really expensive. Whoops. I should really stop practising my juggling skills with them. And I guess playing marbles with them would be out of the question now too?

I have the mater tomorrow for my review. This basically entails reading a book for three hours, and then getting to see the doctor for about 5 minutes. Hopefully I won't have to go back until February, and I also hope for no rejection, as that would be a bit of a Christmas dud.

I discovered today, that the crib has appeared! But, shock horror, someone put the baby Jesus on display!! I immediately put him behind the crib though as we all know he doesn't appear until the 25th. No sign of the wee Angel yet though.

This will be my very first Christmas in living memory where I won''t begin the day with a 'quick sick'...(head down get the picture). I used to have a problem where most mornings I would get sick before I started the day. Christmas day was no exception. I will also take part in the traditional Christmas Breakfast this year for the first time which will be nice (I only started eating breakfast in July). My sister also made this observation about not getting sick saying ''Oh Gawd, I remember every year, we'd have to wait for you before we could go downstairs. It was 'bleeeh, bleeeeeeh, bleeeeeeeh' and we were all like "hurry up!!"' I then encouraged her never to feel like she should hold back ; say what's on her mind, you know?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Decorations Shmeckorations

  • The Christmas decorations went up around the house and tree today. Now our hall and porch is lit with lights galore. We aren't one of those houses that has all those yokey mabobby lights all over the outside of the house though (you know those icicle things), so our little light display in the porch is highly adventurous for us!

  • Sadly no sign of the crib yet though. I'm guessing it hasn't been found yet, and I'm not one to go looking for these things. I do have more important things to do with my time! I'm sure it will miraculously appear in the hall one of these days, with the baby Jesus hidden behind because as the cribbing rules state, Jesus wasn't born until the 25th, so therefore he should not be present in the crib! And I will endeavour to make sure that everyone follows this rule, so if your Baby Jesus is sleeping sound in his manger and I come a calling, take him out!!

  • And on more sad news, our angel has gone missing altogether. (The one that goes on top of the tree)Please note: some people tend to make the mistake of calling her a fairy, but she is actually an angel! We haven't got a blue blazons where she has run off to. Maybe she's getting her fix of Bacardi breezers in before she gets stuck a top of the tree, with a fake paper cutting branch stuck up her dress for 14 days. So until Crimeline can locate this missing Angel we have a pathetic little star hanging off the top. Please keep your eyes out for our Angel. She has a broken (or no?) arm; she is a tad cross eyed and a beautiful cream (once white?) dress. She has Angel-ed our trees for over 20 years, so we will miss her greatly. On a related note, our tree has been up for nearly two days and I think I am the only observant critter to notice her absence.

  • I will post pictures of our wonderful tree when I upload them. Its a sturdy looking yoke, and my sister has high hopes that this one won't fall on her. You see she was just "innocently walking past" when this other tree a few years back fell down on her. It must have been hiding out in the corner of our living room, waiting for an unsuspecting victim to pass by and BAM! Trees....tut...

  • Helen and Eileen, I apologise profusely if I offended you with my 'geek' comments. I now realise these exams go to form 25% of your degrees and yadda, yadda. many hours of study did you do at midnight last night? And how many before mid-day today? Uh huh. Thought as much! And to think you could have spent those hours with me!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Due to certain peoples sleeping in, we ended up leaving for the ski club later then I had hoped. It turns out those extra twenty minutes or so would have proved rather valuable as the kitting room was absolutely jam packed. Not only that, but I had a complete blank on my ski code (where using your height and weight, they work out your size skies or something) so I had to fill out the form again today which caused problems. My weight obviously isn't the average weight for someone of my height, so there is usually a general palaver over what size I am. AND because I am now in the 'C' class, these details are crucial, as you tend to go quite fast, sharp turns etc etc. The one who did my skies was an idiot, and despite the long queue behind me, she found time to tell her supervisor about her holiday and yadda yadda. THEN my sister had a problem with her boots and was getting all tense about it. A quick skip of the queue solved this problem, but nevertheless I didn't get out onto the slopes until 11.20am. Next week 'we' won't be eating 'our' breakfast at 10.30am! Grrrrr....

My new instructor is one tough cookie. She demands a very high standard of us, which is good, but the lack of any praise is a little frustrating. I hope though, that I can improve bundles in this next month with her teaching. We had to start off with some real basic stuff, and to be honest the whole class was a bit basic, but by the instructor's own admittance, she is a nit-picker so the aim is to perfect what we can already do.

The Christmas tree went up this evening, and breaking with tradition, we got a fake one. I wasn't sure if I could have a real one with my shabby immune system (because bugs can grow on trees see??). I was supposed to ring Newcastle to see what the story was about that, but I never got around to it, and felt a bit silly for pestering them with such a trivial question; I mean they could have been trying to organise a transplant or something! Anyway, the tree got bought and put up this evening. It's rather nice (and for the money that was spent, it aught to be too! No €20 trees from Argos for us...Dunno why not) but because it isn't real, you don't get that lovely Christmas tree smell. Well let's just say that a few (or FIVE!) scented pine cones placed strategically in that tree seems to have done the trick! Ooh, and here's a tip, despite reassurances from a certain mother, you CAN actually get paper cuts from those pesky branches. Tut, pesky, fake, branch, leaf, sharp, thingy magiggers! Who invented this Christmas thing anyway?!

Tonight I am staying in, because a)I'm an exhausted little cupcake from the week and b)'some' of my friends are geeky and because they have their mid semesters (?) next week, they refuse to go out! Like they're actually going to do any study tonight or tomorrow morning anyway! Pah....

X-Factor semi final is on tonight. I hope Ben goes home, I can't stand when guys have long hair! What's with that like?? Ewww, thanks but no thanks!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Ah the 8th of December, a holy day.

I went to bed considerably earlier then usual last night, falling asleep at about 11.30. It is incredible the difference a couple of hours can make to your day though. I woke up to the sounds of the hall door opening and closing and someone coming in. In the darkness and semi conscious state I was, I blinked, thinking that had to be one of my brothers coming in; there was no way it was morning already. But alas, a quick glance at the clock confirmed my fears; it was 6.30am. Remarkably though, after resting my eyes for a few minutes, accepting my fate that I couldn't sleep in, I got up. I wasn't tired or sluggish. My eyes were actually open. I watched the news for a while and then went downstairs for breakfast. So now that I have made this amazing discovery, IE, secret to no tiredness = go to bed earlier (don't forget to carry the 'one') I have decided to be asleep earlier every night in the run up to Christmas (barring nights out obviously, as HELEN will tell you, you can get thrown out of places for falling asleep on the ground/dance floor!)

I had work again today, and got in at about 9.20am. The work today was so much easier. We had to put together the event packs, which, when we had a system going was fine. Two others in the office helped me today, so between chatting about various bits and pieces and packing, the job was done in no time.

I left at lunch as I had a driving lesson this afternoon. Before leaving town, I popped into Bennetton and got the things I needed, popped up to TK-MAX as office rumour had it they were selling ski wear, but I was immediately put off by the crowds that were there and subsequently left empty handed.

Driving went very well today and I successfully managed a reverse! Got a good 2mile stretch with just green lights, so was able to get a lovely spin done. And did anyone notice? NO RAIN! Yay! I think my windscreen wipers felt a little abandoned, but they deserve a day off to be honest.

Tomorrow is Ski-ing which I can't wait for. Thinking of Saturday has kept me going all week, as I just love to ski, and even better, learning how to improve my ski-ingness!

And finally, has anyone noticed the surge in orphan umbrellas about the place? I have seen probably about ten. Some are battered and just dead and all sad looking. Others are perfectly good brollies though! It seems people just dump the poor umbrollies at the station. Poor brollies. Is anyone interested in setting up a relief fund for these brollies then?? EILEEN....

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Work Shmork...

This morning I woke up to howling winds and a window that looked like it was in the middle of a car washer (oooh remember those carwasher days, what fun, if not a tad hair raising). In fact I have just seen the news and there was a Tornado in London! What IS the world coming to?? Thankfully I brought a big golfer's umbrella while going to the Luas, but Sod's law, I think the clouds said to themselves "Oh she's coming and she has an umbrella, abort the rain! ABORT THE RAIN". So the weather behaved itself nicely for a change, while I lugged this umbrella, my laptop and a host of other random things to the station. Needless to say, the wind piped up just as I left the house, trying its best to distract me from my mission. Well they need to try better then that!

Todays work was long to say the least. Putting together the event packs is so tedious, and a job that can't be done quickly. I then worked on powerpoint transferrring information. Bascially all you want to read about in my blog. The building I work in is an old Georgian house, and when the wind blows, the house shakes.

On the way home, I had the mortifying experience of having my umbrella turned inside out at the (packed with people) luas station. I don't think people would hav noticed had I not shreaked 'ooo no! My umbrella, ahhh my umbrella' in a high pitched squeak. I was wearing my super skinny jeans and must have looked a right sight, under this huge brolly. A friendly, obliging security man helped pull down the umbrella much to the amusement of my fellow passegners.

Having had a lot of trouble sleeping last night, I am already in bed and its 9.30pm. Thankfully that pain in my tummy (pesky heartburn and reflux that mysteriously can emmigrate into my lungs at times..) has passed though, and am bright and breezy ready for what tomorrow brings. And as EILEEN knows, I am not one to complain, isn't that right??! HELEN,(aka '...') I shall tell you all about my job when I see you! Oh here's a tip, wherever you are tomorrow, you WILL need an umbrella at 3o'clock! Why? Because I'm having a driving lesson then of course!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No longer a lady of leisure...

OK, I think a bit of back-tracking is required here, as although this looks like it was written on Wednesday, it is in fact lunchtime on Thursday. But we'll just sail along and pretend we don't realise this...

Today I started my new job; I am working as an assistant to an Event Manager. Seems rather fancy (or not) but in fact, what I do is pretty much the mundane tasks which are boring and time consuming yet need to actually be done. I don't think any qualifications are required to staple sheets of paper together, but nevertheless it needs to be done. The hours and days are flexible, as if there is no event coming up, I'm not needed. BUT there is an event coming up, so my expertise in....tedious tasks, is crucial!

I only went in for the afternoon today, but have a full day ahead tomorrow. Then this evening, I went to yoga, which I am improving at, but is taxing all the same. Making your body into the shape of a pretzel is easier said then done. But at least there were no 'parpers' in the class this week! Phew! Oh, but there was that woman with that cough. She should really get that sorted out, 'tis highly irritating! Maybe I should give her the number of a transplant unit I once frequented!

Went for a quick shop tonight with my yoga-ing friends and came home. As I was shattered (work isn't really my strongest forte) I retired to bed at the modest hour of midnight.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Second Post:

I feel, thanks to that anonymous commenter (Babs!), that I am a little ahead of myself with posting and posting days and such. I would however like to thank that poster (Babs) for NOT reading my rules for posting comments (do so in guestbook). I would also like to apologise if that commenter is not Babs, my bad.

Today I realised that I woke up with another hypo (2.8) when I was attempting to chat to Helen. I reluctantly forced myself out my warm hub which was my bed and went downstairs in a manner that any good drunk would be proud of. I staggered to the fridge (for what I have no idea) and then checked my sugar. I then skipped insulin altogether and had a sugary feast, which I disguised under the name of breakfast and went about my day (IE, MacDs, nitternatting and shopping with the woman herself, Eileen. Basically voice box!)

I realised from speaking to fellow diabetics that symptoms of not having enough sugar in your blood can differ. For me, my symptoms generally comprise of:

  • Staggering in a rather spectacular fashion (when I'm too lazy/tired to care)
  • Lack of concentration when talking to others (See I have an excuse!)
  • That finger pricking testing thing doesn't hurt at all
  • I say things I don't really mean
  • I am very giggly and find the most mundane of things hilarious.
  • Lack of memory

Now one might think I am describing having had too much drink on them, but I assure you that is not the case. Diabetes is a very serious condition and such be treated as such. Now if you don't mind, I am off to have a can of coke and some chocolate! Maybe one or two sugar lumps wouldn't go astray...

Early Post:

This girl really, really can't catch a break. I think even if I had a massive target painted on myself, and had athletic like abilities to catch things, I still would not be able to catch a break. I thought today, as I glanced outside my windows and saw the sun glowing away, that today would be my first driving lesson without windscreen wipers. After my shower, I noticed with dismay, that clouds were beginning to circle (probably figuring out the fastest way to get to my driving school) and then by 4pm, that was it. The heavens opened and my did it pour! I was delighted that today was my last lesson, but, well, I only kind of, sort of went and bought FIVE more! Why I torture myself I do not know.

Speaking of torture, my TV got stuck today on RTÉ2 and Barney was on. (Yes it was stuck, I swear!). This programme emerged just as I was signing out of my childhood, but I did catch the odd [entire series!] episode. The insurance and legal implications of children hanging out in the school after hours unsupervised always baffled me. What if one of them fell? What if that pesky dinosaur crushed one of them? What if they got a paper cut making their crafts or missed a step while dancing and had an accident? Then that school would be sorry. Those parents would be suing before the ambulance would be called. Obviously the producers shared my concerns. The show is now set in a park and park gazebo/tree house thing. They also have a new dinosaur who is orange, and has a voice like your man who sings that 'What a wonderful world song' (Can't remember who that is - Bren??) Anyway, oh how times change.

After driving I went to...wait for it...Dundrum. Now I bet nobody was expecting that one! I went into Champion Sports and got my Ski Jacket! I'm so excited about it, its really nice and I can't wait to put it good use. My shopping experience leaves a little to be desired though. Lets just say if 'one' queues up for 5minutes for changing rooms (and 5minutes is actually a long time!) with two tops in two different sizes, then gets in and realises both tops are the same size and neither fit, 'one' might be annoyed. If 'one' also found a lovely pair of pink shorts and then discovered they were a kid's size aged 9-10, 'one' might feel silly. Then later, while looking at ski jackets and trying for a while to pull one off a hanger unsuccessfully, and then suddenly the hanger flies out and smacks 'one' on the nose, then 'one' might be embarrassed. Of course that 'one' isn't of course not....'cas I'd never do something so stupid. *Sigh*

Orla, your play sounds interesting. Brings back memories of having to study that play for my grade 11 exam. So I wouldn't get thrown out for heckling would I? Just Kidding

Helen, how nice of you to spend the evening with your best friends...your books!! Hmmm, well I hope they know how to shake their 'thang' like I do!

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Very Early Post:

Sunday, I finally got a great pair of ski gloves from Columbia in 53degrees north. We looked for a fake Christmas tree, because there was a rumour floating about that because of my shabby immune system, a real one isn't a super idea. We always have a real tree, and there is nothing like the smell of a real one, so we've decided to buy those car air fresheners (which incidentally are in the shape of trees) and hang them as decorations. OK I lie, I have decided to do that.

My Dad bought yet another picture to hang up. My Dad is obsessed with pictures and frames for some reason. I wasn't terribly impressed with this one though. When he came into the kitchen he announced that he had just hung it up in the downstairs loo. (Not in the actual loo itself though). My family, being my family, all rushed into see it and then emerged with their opinions. OK, I lie, we didn't all rush in, as I didn't since I had already seen it see? OK, and it was just my mom and my sister. My brothers aren't very observant with things like new paintings been hung up in bathrooms and stuff like that.

Driving lesson later (Monday). I am taking a wild stab in the dark that windscreen wipers will be required. Just a guess, considering this weekend's storm and my mother's warning of 'Watch out for falling trees!' as we left the house to go shopping. Good thing for the warning, because normally I would have just seen a tree about to collapse and kept on walking, perhaps even stopping for a minute or two under said tree and think about life....

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Cricketing it!

  • I didn't get in until nearly 2am this morning. When I got in, I flicked on Sky Sports and watched for the very first time, some live Cricket. It was the Ashes second test. England were bowling and Australia were batting. Now I really don't have very much comprehension of the rules of this game, except I'm pretty sure that the aim is to knock those three stumpy things down. (or knock one down anyway...or touch one of them). Sometimes, if the batter hits the ball behind him, and somebody catches it, everyone goes wild cheering, so I'm guessing that is good too. Flintoff was bowling, and before the ad break, he got the second of the two 'openers' out. I think opener means the first batter to 'open' the game. As I was leaving, Harding was for Ponting, like throwing him the ball. I think I got those two names right. 2am, lack of sleep, slight insomnia state (I mean I was watching cricket for goodness sake!), so memory of the event is a bit hazy...

  • I will try again, and it must be said, I was rather pleased with myself for my efforts. I don't really understand the need for the white face paint (which I'm guessing is suncream) on their noses and lips. It really takes away from their efforts to make the sport cool. Has nobody ever heard of rubbing the cream in?! I'm surprised that nobody has gone up to these players and sort of said 'Oooh, you got something there' (pointing to their face)...or at least handed them a mirror! And as for those big roundy hats they Just no.

  • I have noticed a slight decline in my witty posts of late. Perhaps I haven't had the time to mull over my life and daily happenings to find something funny to say. Rather, I have just become rather sarcastic and sour looking. I can see me becoming one of those old biddys who keeps cats in 30 years time. You know the ones I'm talking about. They live with cats, and have scraggly hair; they sleep half the morning and don't work or study....Wow it would appear I am freakishly close to becoming one of those Cats Ladies, without the Cats of course. *Gulp* Well I shall make a special effort to become slightly more interesting in the next while.

  • I also noticed a while ago, that one of the books I bought yesterday entitled "essentials:Mp3/ipod" was not what I thought it was. I had seen a similar book in Virgin last week, which gave you loads of information on technical aspects of....technical stuff (basically stuff I don't know) and I thought this book was the same thing and was a bargain at €4.00. Turns out this book is about all the different Ipods and Mp3 that are out there, and the history of them, as well as accessories you can buy. Now WHY would anyone like a book like that?!

  • Yesterday was my 5month-new-lungs-birthday, and I had a big detailed thing on my transplant written out, but didn't get it finished so I decided I would post it for my 6month-new-lungs-birthday instead. Reminder, to leave comments in the guestbook instead of end of the posts! Thanks!

Saturday, December 02, 2006


  • I finished my ski lessons today, and hope to begin my next set ('C' lessons) next weekend. We finally got to go up on to the black slope ("expert ski-ers beyond this point only!") and generally just brushed up on our skills. As far as I know, once you are able to ski on black slope, you can ski mostly any slopes around the world. I can't wait to begin my next set now! I don't think my 'Saturday-very-serious-take-notes-class' shared my enthusiasm for the black slope, and I think my instructor saw this, as she would have the class go off and do stuff but hold me back and give me other exercises to do, (and no these weren't special dumbed down exercises before anyone asks)

  • I didn't get back 'til early afternoon and after having lunch, went out shopping. I picked up one or two books and some ski socks. I now officially own a piece of ski clothing! Yay!

  • There was a girl up at the club today, and she looked the business with her slick sunglasses, expensive (and pretty) ski jacket and her own boots. (Not entirely dissimilar to Eileen!)Needless to say I was rather impressed and rather envious too! Here was I, in my own non ski jacket, rented boots and poles, woolly jumper, basically the stereotypical pauper of the slopes! Anyway I expected that I would see her zooming down the black slope, so when she passed me to go on to the 'A' slopes (never-in-my-life-skied-before-slope) I had to laugh! Oh dearie!

  • My Dad said he would bring me to '53 degrees north' to get some ski gear, but he took the wrong exit off the motorway, gave out, got annoyed and came straight home again. He went on and on and on about how he didn't know where he was, how it was getting late, and yadda, yadda, yadda. Somehow this was all my fault. I felt like telling him 'Yes I did hear you the first eleven times you said that', but couldn't be bothered arguing with someone who had the argumentative mind of a two year old at the time. Some people....

  • Brendan and Anonymous, thank you for the answers to my question! I will know where to come when I need some more song information, (and am too lazy to do a Google!)

  • Off out tonight for what hopefully will be an enjoyable evening. Today is my five month anniversary of getting my transplant. Every first of the month is always a reminder. I got called on the first of July, but my operation didn't happen 'til the second.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

Cycle and swim

  • Tonight, the famous (or infamous depending on your view) 'Late Late Toy Show' is on. Everyone, and I mean everyone, watched this growing up. And I'm sure most of us envied the children that got to show the toys, and as we got older, envied the audience when Gay Byrne said 'And there's one for everyone in the audience!'. Memories of being dressed and ready for bed in order to stay up and watch it are what spring to mind in my case. It was the only 'Late Late Show' children ever watched. When Pat Kenny took over, it somewhat lost its sparkle which is sad. Anyway, no doubt I will flick in and out of it if I'm home. If I'm in some body's house I shall flick in and out there. Alternatively, if that fails, I'll watch the Sunday afternoon repeat, which I might add is NEVER the same thing, no matter what parents used to say.

  • Friday is my cycle and swim day. Perhaps I will even manage to fit in a McFlurry and a quick shop there too. Maybe a jaunt to the cinema isn't out of the question.

  • Yesterday's question still applies, because despite Shell's best efforts with the help of Google, no answer has been found!

The Lyrics are: "And he takes his brush and he waits, outside those factory gates, painting matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs"

Eileen, Helen, can't you come up the goods? For someone who knows all about the UK government you'd think you'd know! Any help would be great!