Friday, November 18, 2005

She crawls back out of the woodwork...

Jeesh, an update is long overdue around here! Nobody seems to have mentioned the lack of updates to me so Im guessing that you all just didnt want to pressure me, I mean my life is rather hectic. I'm a bit rusty at this whole 'use your imagination' malarky, so this blog entry is, unfortunately, going to be a tad mundane!
However this evening's lecture is about the hot topic around town (well for anyone whos anyone that is!) Yes thats right, the debutant ball! Omg I can't be like anymore stoked about it! So I got the dress, Iv bought ma shoes, got the beau and all thats left is my bag. Im beginning to wonder whether i should have left this purchase til last, but considering the fact that I cant go without a dress, cant walk without shoes, cant show my face without the boi, its really the only thing I *could* have left til last!
Anyway I'll keep it short and snappy, Im not going to send any of you to sleep tonight (Im going to start charging for that!) And, before I go, I'll mention that since it has been a while since Ive done this, I've forgotton some of it but I'll never forget to keep with tradition and mention my bud Eileen! It was Eileen who inspired me to write about the debs (inspire being another word for 'copying the idea') so Eileen this one is for you Eileen. . . Oh what the hell, Eileen Eileen Eileen Eileen Eileen!!!