Friday, September 30, 2005

Today I shall talk about Phases and trends and fads, actually one in particular.
So hanging round college today, I began to notice something which everyone had, it had suddenly become all the rage to have. Although, I've had mine the longest, so I like to see myself as a bit of a trend setter. But seriously everywhere I went people had one. And it annoys me more then you can ever imagine. Oh, whats that? What am I referring to? The trend slash fad that just everybody is following is.....they all have....COUGHS!!!!

At the restaurant, in class, on the bus, even the the library, where you're supposed to be QUIET!!! Everyone is spluttering. Maybe Im a magnet, maybe these people like to follow me and show me that they too can cough. I dunno. I mean am I a hypocrite? Who knows. I mean a cough is a great thing to have, don't get me wrong, but its def not a thing to be shared!

So if you are one of those fashoin followers- STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

September 27

Buses, can't live with them, can't live without them-if you're from Dublin. To get to my college I have to take the 75 bus, a bus which I was warned about. 'Unreliable, never comes, smells'...and so the list goes on. I brushed these negative comments aside and said to the synics 'No you're wrong and have a negative attitude.'

So, today, I had a lecture at 2.30pm. I checked the bus timetable and selected the time to take the bus that best suited me. I chose to take the 1.40pm bus. I was going to be too late for the 1.10pm, but the 1.40pm would be perfect. So, off I set, around the corner, Ipod in my ears, bag on my back, coat zipped up and I got to the stop at 1.26pm- 'Perfect, I thought, I'll be right on time' And so I waited.....and waited.......and waited... and then...waited I looked at my watch it was 2pm. Oh no! I only had half an hour left before my lecture started...So at 2.15pm a bus pulled up. 'TUT TUT' I said to the driver (Ok I *felt* like saying). But while I was waiting, it gave me a chance to think and so here is what I came up with
10 things to do at a bus stop-(the poles not the shelters)

1. Hang out of it
2. Skip around it or play 'Ring a ring a Rosie' around it(minimum of 2people required to be successful)
3. Climb it
4. Kick it
5. Hug it
6. Pretend to be playing the recorder on it
7. Tie a string around it into a tight knot and try to untie it again
8. Paint it
9. Do a pole dance on it
10. Give it the finger-Suprisingly fun!!!

So there are 10 things to do at a bus stop pole if you end up waiting 45 minutes for a bus! I guess I'll leave you with a snippet of random piece of information. Did you know it was against the rules to sing on a bus?! Its actually true! And its also against the law to play an instrument musical or otherwise(what does that part mean I wonder??) on a bus. If you dont believe me check out See it for yourself!!x

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Blog number 3- Sep 2005

September 25
blog numero tres

Ok OK so some of you have been bombarding me with emails and phone-calls, chanting 'WE WANT MORE,WE WANT MORE!!!!' (Well maybe not *quite*, but a teensy bit..). So this blog was originally going to be about how many times I could say Eileen, but I have better things to write about. Ok OK I admit it, Eileen got a court order out against em stalking/obsessivness again.. So I don't really have a lot to say tonight. No real topics to discuss, so I thought I would share with you, my 'fan mail'

Ever since I started this blog thing, my popularity has risen sky high! I have been litreally inundated with emails, letters, postcards, phone calls and did I mention emails?! Yes the response to this has been mostly good! I say mostly good as there have been a few negative responses to it. Some unhappy rude people, because their rudness has been publicised. I even had one person who (successfully) bribed me to take them off the list...I've been stalked by an Eileen( whoo hoo,3 times already!) fan and I got in a little bother of trouble over the photos that i posted (Who knew you had to have dogs' permission to use their photos?!) So I thought that I would share with you a few comments people have said to me regarding my site..

A. Curtain-Donegal said:

''Hi, my names Annette and I just LOVE your blog thing. Its sooo interesting, but I'd love to know more about you, as in 'you the person'. You seem so smart, intelligent, pretty, your personality is enigmatic and charming. Keep up the fantastic work! And don't mind Eileen (no4), she's really rather-''
Why thank you Annette Curtain for your lovely comment, keep reading!

R. Banks -New york wrote:
Rosie, your writings are fantastic, I think you're so inspirational and am starting a campain to have you elected as president. I have plenty of money, so our campain will be a great one. Robin.
Its great to hear that, Robin Banks, and I can see you're a true success-all that money. You are the inspiration!

And finally, E. Dover - Cheshire cliffs

Hi, Im Eileen, I recently had an accident, where I fell off a cliff edge. It was completly my fault, but I want you to know that its because of you I decided to get better. I had to read your blogs each day, they're simply brilliant, despite what people may tell you, keep writing. You're just simply excellent!
Oh why thank you Eileen Dover, Im sorry to hear of your accident, keep away from those cliff edges! Not safe!!!

And thats all I have time for because Im afraid, everyones keeps asking me 'Is it done yet????!'
So yes, now just for it is. More comments and that later!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Appointments-Sep 05

September 2005
Blog number2-Appointments

Firstly, thanks to you 'all' who left comments on my last blog, especially to the anonymous last poster who seemed to be in love with Eileen. I'm sure I can put you in touch with her, she'd love to have a friend (there may even be a bit of money in it for you!)

So now, to more pressing matters (aka stuff to fill this space!) Todays blog is about appointments. And as usual I am going to complain. SO, all summer, I bum around with nothing to do, (except going cruising on the odd day with other 'friends' who also had nothing to do) and then 'WAY HAY!!', I start college, I'm busy getting to know the timetable, getting to know the people, and then, I ask you what happens, I suddenly have THREE APPOINTMENTS IN MY FIRST WEEK!!!!!!!! I mean cmon!

So I think that the three doctors, came on to msn chat, and discussed methods of trying to annoy me, and they came up with this. Then (and this may be bordering on paranoia here) they contacted my college in a ploy to confuse and frustrate me further, and told them NOT to give me my timetable, so thus I don't know if I'm missing stuff.

And so, concludes today's blog my friends. As you can see, my cold is worse then yesterday, hence Im *slightly* more aggitated and thus I just waffle. So I may not talk to some of you over the next few days what with all my appointments and everything!!!!! If you happened to fall asleep during todays blog, please email me and i will be happy to send you the summary notes. (Yes the paracetemol seems to be kicking in now! ) x

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Blog1= Colds!

~This blog is from Sep 2005, and is No.1 ~ I'm transferring all my old blogs here so I can keep them all in one place!

September 20 2005

Ugh, how much do I hate colds????! It would take me too long to tell you! Thats how much. What on earth is the purpose for colds, I mean what the hell is their function? Well they piss me off, for one. I've always hated colds, and I hate them even more since May. For those of you who don't know, somebody (not naming names here...ahem...Looks at Eileen) passed a cold on to me, which resulted in me having my longest ever hospital spell, 5weeks, sorry 5 LONG weeks!!.
So now you know how much I hate colds, you can imagine how I felt waking up this morning, with sore throat and stuffy nose, yes exactly, 'annoyed' would be an understatement!!
Well, thats all I feel like writing for the moment, now please excuse me, I have to go and get *another* tissue! x