Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2 Down, 3 to go...

Today was my second exam. This is the one I LITERALLY didn't study for. It had two components to it: Photoshop and Illustrator. I know my way around Photoshop a bit. I'm able to 'shop' photos to make them funny and can do useless stuff with it like that. However, it's a bit like going to a friend and being able to say a few sentences in Japanese, it's impressive, but once you go to Japan it's not much at all!

Anyway I needed to get 14% in the exam in order to pass the year, so fingers crossed I got that much but who knows? It didn't go as well as yesterday so when I was leaving I was trying to put it to the back of mind and concentrate on planning my study for tomorrow's exam. I got into my car and turned the engine on, still feeling a bit blah. "You're A Superstar" came on. Not many (I don't know if any?) people will understand the significance that song holds, but it's pretty big. Especially considering I haven't heard it at all since I heard it that day in December. I sat and listened to it, and smiled. Then I drove off and felt quite a bit better about the exam, about my day and about myself :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1 Down, 4 To Go

I sat my very first college exam today. It was nerve wrecking, mostly because I didn't study for it. I got up at 8.30am to begin study and left for college at about 12.45pm. At least there are repeats at the end of the summer, so if I don't do well I'll get a second chance. To be honest though, who wants to spend their summer with an exam looming at the other end?? *Fingers crossed*

Being a diabetic, and having given myself a nice little hypo in another exam during the year, one where I couldn't leave to get sugar because I was too embarrassed so I just trundled through and left early, I decided to be better prepared this time around.

The STRICT rules say one bottle of water only, so last week I politely went and asked if it would be ok if I brought in a small thing of Coke (Cola...) just in case. I figured it would be pretty straight forward, but NO. I needed a consultant's letter. I guess it would be pretty easy to conceal answers in the black liquid and all that...

Then I read the rules about bathroom breaks, and still not fully over my tummy sickness, I wanted to be sure that should I need to leave if I felt unwell I wouldn't be penalised and lose time. *DING DING* Another consultant's letter please!

So I went in today and the invigilators were ever so nice and explained that they had got the message about me and that I'd be up the front and near the door which was great, and allowed my coca-cola and hooo-haww.

During the exam I saw one of them opening to read the letter and watched her expressions. Rather humorous actually! The letter basically gave my health history and had a list of my 'ailments'. I take it as a compliment that I don't look like I have anything wrong with me!...until I open my mouth but that's for another day... :P

We had three hours to do the exam so naturally I raced at the start, then slowed down, then stopped, got distracted by other things, started daydreaming about the summer (happens me when I study too) and then I started again. Loads of people left after the hour which made no sense to me at all. So I hope I've passed anyway. Computery one tomorrow.


Monday, April 28, 2008

And After

I see I haven't posted a photo of me here in ages. Well I'm sorry if you have just got your screens and monitors repaired because I feel bad and decided to post one up. It's me, the morning after the night before, when I should have been studying but changed my mind. And *yes* I AM doing my make-up differently these days- thanks for noticing!! :D

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Busy Lizzy...

...that's what I'd call myself if my name was Elizabeth, but it's not. But I've been busy all the same!

I had our college's formal ball on Wednesday night which was great fun! I've seen some pictures this morning (because my camera died on me that night so I am relying on others who happen to be terribly slowwwww!) and amazingly I actually look a healthy weight! I ALWAYS manage to see a too skinny me in formal pictures but these ones I look healthy in- whooo. Although saying that, the dress that I wore managed to drop my lung function down to about 50%: I could barely get it closed and when I did, I could barely breathe. It took a bit of getting used to but I did it- no pain, no gain and weight gain=pain!

The next night we decided to go to the local (my college's local) because we're supposed to be studying and I am the queen of procrastination. I only meant to spend an hour there but ended up leaving at closing time. Boooo.

Yesterday, having officially finished college and being a mere 3 days away from exams I saw this as a perfect distraction free opportunity to get my head in the books. Instead it went into a cushion as I fell asleep on the couch.

Not to worry, after dinner I cracked open the book and started writing essays. I used to be great at revision but it's been three years since I left school and so my new method is just to write essays, highlight them and learn them. This way I'm repeating the knowledge when I go to write it, when I go to highlight it and when I go to learn it. I may change my tactic for next year...

So today I've slept in until lunch time and EILEEN is insisting we go out to town tonight. Normally I'd say no, what with middle of the night being my prime study hours, but my legs are looking fantastic from the formal ball and it would be a shame to waste them. Like, d'uh!

Oh well, be young, be foolish, but be happy!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well I'm never normal but anyway. Today I missed my morning class...again! I think falling out of a routine has really messed me up. Oh well.

I have a feeling tonight that my 'sore tummy' is returning. I hope not because tomorrow I plan to get up and make my early, early class.

Then I finally made it down to Dundrum to do some shopping at last today. We have our formal ball on Wednesday night so I needed to get a few things for that, which, whoohooo, I did. I also looked at nice bikinis too because the summer is itchingly close. I held off however as I wasn't sure which colour would go best on me.

Then this evening I signed up for the Women's Mini Marathon. For some reason, this year the 10k seems a LOT longer than last year. Not good. And I also realised upon signing up, that I put my first name where my surname should be and my surname where my first name should be.

So now the emails are coming in, "Thanks Fitz for signing up!!" and "Greetings Miss Rosemary".

I am definitely not normal.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Clinic-y Winic-y *wince* part 2 !!!

At 2.15pm I went into the xray room and lay on a bed and everyone looked at my Second Belly Button. The doctor kept asking me questions but then kept cutting me off whenever I answered with a 'ok, ok, yeah, yeah, that's fine'. But he wasn't listening to my ANSWERS! So the questions got repeated again like 3 minutes later. Things like:

"Did they give you stitches when they removed this tube?"
"No. But I had it put in when I was-"
"-'ok, ok, yeah, yeah, that's fine"

3 minutes later

"So did you just have this put in for your transplant?"
"No, I had it put in when I was like 5 for night-"
"-'ok, ok, yeah, yeah, that's fine"

3 more minutes later

"So did you just use it when you were sick yeah?"
"No, I i had it put in when I was 5 for night feeding and when-"
""-'ok, ok, yeah, yeah, that's fine"

And so it went on. Bah. So I had layers upon layers of sheets put over me each with a little square hole cut out so they could still see Second Belly Button.

The procedure was to put a little catheter (kind of like a piece of tubing) into the hole and put dye in and watch on the screen and see where the dye travels to. The pain of the catheter was honestly, horrible. It wasn't a sting, it wasn't an ache, it was just dreadfully uncomfortable. I think only people who have/had tubes know what it's like, but I found it just horrible. I *didn't* cry though (!!!) but very dramatically shouted "Ow, ow, owwwwwww, owww, oh I HATE this feeling, oh it's awful, oh, ow, ow". I think I might have scared the doctor though, which quite frankly I didn't really mind doing. Maybe he's not a fan of drama?

Then the dye went in and we watched the screen and took photos. I didn't take the photos obviously, but the machine did. Honestly, I couldn't really see what was going on. I think I could see my stomach though, and obviously the dye. He had me roll from left to right and then it was over. It took 15minutes at most. He said there was a small something, something, something but he doesn't know what will be done about it and he didn't want to "cloud my thoughts with his ideas" (a bit fancy for someone who doesn't like drama!) so my clinic will tell me. Basically I take that to mean there's something but it's not serious and they mightn't treat it I guess.

So little Mickey continues to perform his party piece uninvited.

Then they gave me a chicken sandwich and water to apologise. Honestly, I'd have preferred my €10 parking paid for, but never mind. I then found out I lost my parking ticket anyway but Frank (the car park man who needs a name) just calculated the times and charged me.

Then I came home, napped soundly, EILEEN woke me, barged into my house with Noon and Mermaid (names obviously slightly changed there because I feel like it), sat, kidnapped me, we went and had food, then we dropped Mermaid back to her apartment, where I accidentally set off an alarm when leaving... and ran. I hope the alarm didn't cause too much hassle. Ooops. And while wanting to cry, I just laughed. In a very evil manner.....

The REAL Clinic-y Winic-y *wince*- part 1 !!!

This morning I was very good and got up nice and early and aimed to be in the hospital by about 9.30am. I had to have bloods taken as they couldn't get blood on Wednesday, do lung function tests and then have my Second Belly Button looked at via fistulagram (thing where they inject dye to see if there's some sort of permanent opening somewhere) which was at 11am. All in all, a simple plan which would see me out by lunch.

I drove, traffic was light and I ticked my first goal off of 'be on time' with glee.

Then I went to the blood testing department. There was a queue, so naturally I went up to the top, explained that I had been here on Wednesday and was instructed to come back today and I'd be fast passed up to the front. Or that's how I naively understood it to be. Then the secretary snapped at me and said "Yeah well luv, y'er still gonna have ta queue loike, ya can't be skippin' everyone else yano". Cow. And that made me nearly cry because I was feeling emotional for some reason.

*** I think that if the clinic cannot provide a blood taking service (which fortunately is rare, I'm told-unfortunately for me, I'm the rare one!) then one immuno-suppresseeee shouldn't have to wait in a public room where people with Goodness knows what are all waiting. As far as I understand it, the transplant clinic nurses do try their hardest to get the blood taking department to ensure transplant patients are fast passed, but unless they are dragged down (away from their work) each and every time to explain this it doesn't happen. The blood taking place should have a sign up in their systems or something, or even a sign around me which says 'SKIP ME UP'....or something. It's not that difficult, and I don't believe it's me being "Queen Bee", I think it's a reasonable request. *COMMUNICATION* ***

So blah, got the bloods done first time which was fantastic! (Tick number two) And then I went to lung function lab and my lungs are breathing 98%!!!!!!!!!! Whooop! So all's great!!! THEN I saw the dietitian about my poor sore tummy and it seems there may be problems along the lines of something deep inside is getting blocked and sending my system out of whack. (A type of DIOS for any medical peoples) I've never had this before so my understanding is a bit vague at best so don't take my word there.

And then I arrived in radiology for my fistulagram at the ripe time of 11am. Where I waited. And waited. And waited. Eventually I asked if I was sitting in the right area- I was. And at 12.30 I asked a nurse if there was a delay or what time I could expect to be seen at because my appointment was for 11am. "Yeah well they're only a guideline time, they're only a guideline" she said. I told her that yes, I understood that (d'uh) but it was now 12.30pm! I mean were they a guideline time or a guideline day?! After she snapped at me, I wanted to cry again. Badly. Because I'm an emotional ninken-poop today.

After that got around that I was WAITING, people came and talked to me and said it could be another 40minutes. (Again, with the wanting to cry) So I went off and bought a silly book, credit and came back. As I began reading my book, the nurse and radiographer took pity on me and came and sat and talked to me- While. I. was. reading. my. book. that. I. had. just. bought. because. I. was. waiting!!! So the €10 book went into the bag and I politely engaged them in chat. They were looking for the doctor to perform the test and were actually really nice. I think they felt bad for me really. The corridors become achingly quiet as it became clear I was the last one left. The staff were all leaving to go on their lunch, which is where the doctor went too. The nurse and radiographer stayed with me and talked and finally at 2pm word came that I would be seen soon.

And the next bit added to that bit is soooo long, I'll post it tomorrow...

But basically my final rant: We pay for our health service, both in our taxes, and some of us privately. It is a health SERVICE. So why do they always have the attitude that they are doing us a favour? Eh nope, we are customers and I really feel people should start treating us like that. Even on the most basic level of encountering patients and not snapping- especially if we are emotional ones!!!

If I turned up to a restaurant for 7pm and didn't get served until 1opm, would I go back? Eh no. Would I stay? Eh no. Forced to stay would I pay? If I could get out of it, eh no. But sadly there is only ONE health service that so many of us have no option but to use. So stop treating us like crap scraped off the bottom of your shoe. You are providing us a service not doing us a favour.

Can you tell my emotional state has turned to fury upon reflection?? And it's great to have a Dad who teaches you to stand up when things are not right.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Clinic-y Winic-y

This morning I slept in. There's a surprise. I was due in clinic at about 9.30ish but woke up at 9.40ish. I impressed myself at the speed at which I showered and dried my hair and SPEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD down the road (in my car, to the bus stop) though!! Because of Dr Patrick Hillary's funeral in town, I decided to get the 46a because of all the "traffic" on the roads.

It seemed everybody copied that idea, but nonetheless I took the bus. The last time I took the 46a, the bus driver told me to get off as quite frankly, he wasn't bothered finishing the route - I am the last passenger after all.

Today, they finished it even earlier! (At the top of O'Connell st for anyone who's interested) It was reaaaaaaalll late by this stage but nice and sunny so I walked.

I went straight to the blood taking department where even I flummoxed the experts today. Three needles later and not one drop of blood means I return on Friday (I've got other business there anyway). The lady used a technique I've never seen before: Tongue sticking out, she held the needle like a jouster holds his pointy thing in a duel and took aim and fire. With limited success.

I then went back and because of my tardiness lung function lab was shut. So I'll do that on Friday as well. I told them all about my poor tummy etc, etc. Then I said I didn't want to see the doctor in charge of clinic today as there's nothing important I want to discuss and while with some doctors I don't mind going through the whole routine of "Yes, I'm fine. Yes, nice weather", others I'd rather just avoid. I do need to point out the doctor (who's name sounds a bit like a friendly ghost) who usually is there I adore. But he wasn't in.

So I got the bus, got back to my car and drove home. Then I went and got MacDonalds and went to college. We have a hippy who teaches us on Wednesdays so I was able to bring it all to class. Apparently MacDonalds has a smell though?? I've never noticed...

So in a nutshell, I have to actually get there on time on Friday! Grrrrrr

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Etterly Betterly

That title is nonsense too. Bah.

Today I decided to skip my morning lectures again. I had a nice lunch and went in for my afternoon Statistics lecture which is a bit like getting two hours of study done and I was awake and fed enough to pay attention.

My tummy feels better than yesterday. I've cut out fattening my food up a bit, which means no butter which honestly makes me want to cry. I love nothing better than BUTTER!! But alas I can wait.

Unfortunately the crankniess of being sick, while subsiding quite a bit still sees me being a bit childish today. This afternoon for example, it was roasting hot. Driving home was very balmy and nice but it made Delilah (the car) go stuffy and then the window open made her too breezy. I'm never satisifed. Anyway, the road where I live is often used as a rat-run and it drives me bananas!! So a nice big car was behind me, with a nice preemed suit driving it rather impatiently - On my tail like nobody's business. So basically I dropped my speed back until I registered 15mph. And he continued to sit on my tail the whole time!! So then I stopped and let other cars come past us where the road narrows very, very slightly. And then I continued, nice and slowly to my house. And then I stuck on my indicator, and very carefully and slowly turned up my driveway. At which point he zoomed off on.

I always get sooooo impatient being stuck behing slooooooowww drivers so I hope that he felt the same. But I didn't feel better about myself actually. Poor fella, my antics weren't evenr worth it.

Oh well, tomorrow I'll be taking the very spooky 46a to the hospital for a review. I would drive but it's Patrick Hilary's (former president from the seventies(?)) funeral in the pro catherdral and with some roads being closed I'll only get lost. The users of the roads should count themselves very, very lucky!!

But then again, patience is a virtue!*

*I don't know what that actually means but I do know it's something witty and clever and I hear it a lot...


I couldn't think of a title and so to be childish I wrote that. It makes me smile because to the best of my knowledge it's not a word, hardee, har, har. Yes, I'm going to get a life soon. Or some fresh air...

I still have a sore tummy at the moment and as I mentioned before this sort of issue rarely causes me problems (thankfully!) but when it does even an orchestra of violins can't make me feel better. Winding other people up, annoying other people, acting like a bratty child and pushing other peoples' buttons seems to help some what. Thank God I've got dimples or I wouldn't easily be forgiven!


Diabetics (as in REAL diabetics, not me) don't have insulin so they can't take sugar without help. My body can't digest fat at all. And as fat is in everything (that I eat anyway) I need to take medication in the form of tablets to correct this problem, similar to the way diabetics take insulin or tablets when they eat. It's all about the balance. And for a long, long time the 'balance' has always been pretty good for me.

Until last week. And I felt incredibly ill. And snappy, oh gosh, like a CRAB! I suspected that bad heartburn/reflux was making me burn the tablets before they could work, and on my Dad's birthday (Friday; By the way Happy Birthday!) I looked pregnant it was that bad. So I had reflux and looked pregnant and I didn't even get a baby at the end of it all. So I was busy lashing back anti-acids (?) and the old Omeprazoles (things that make you produce LESS acid) and I felt better.

And then on Saturday I improved. Greatly. I didn't feel sore or sick. Until Sunday and we're back to square one. So if I tell you I have a 'sore tummy' that's what I mean.

But last night, at like 2am I went to bed with my hot water bottle and I turned on the TV and the film "Same Time, Next Year" came on. I saw it when I was in New York a few years ago and I NEVER watch films that I haven't seen before (work that one out) but this time I did and it was really nice to watch it again. Kind of like when you're homesick and something reminds you of home and you feel better, except this reminded me of a holiday. I guess I think I need a holiday. And the crazy thing was it's made in the seventies and we all know nothing good was made back then. Except for The Sting, Carrie, Grease, Sesame Street and The Brady Bunch (but not the movie).

Friday, April 11, 2008

No Longer So Bumless

Today I went to college. I decided last night that I would so I did. I woke up nice and early and had ample time for breakfast, work on the laptop and general shamoozing around while I waited for my Mom to bring my car back from the garage. Delilah is still as bitterly battered in her rear end as ever but *this* garage managed to fix her 'tailgate' (or boot) so she now locks. And that annoying "Warning: Tailgate Open: Check Tailgate" ridiculous picture alarm on my screen has gone. So I'm happy.

I had an exam this morning, which was optional for me, which always feels nice going into and then I had to work on my 1minute animation which had to be handed in today. You'd think that 1 minute wouldn't take that long but it took me over 5 hours to make. And it was so short to begin with, I had to scrap my 'story' and just add bits on to make it last 60 seconds. Then when I had a plot that might work, I knew it would go on for too long and so I had to cut it short again. Grief, I'm terrible at timing. So the story is terrible. But I'll give you a run through before you click the little 'play' triangle.

You can pretty much guess what the story (and moral thereof) was SUPPOSED to be from the opening title and subsequent few frames. But that *story* lasted 7 or 14 seconds I think?

So then I decided to add a new character but try to keep it within the morally based tale and make it nice and friendly and blah, blah. Only once I figured out how to make them talk by using text beside their bodies (which is a LOT harder than you think) I realised that this was a clever way to clock up some seconds.

And before I knew it I had 6 seconds left so I decided to wrap it up pretty quickly. Hence the weird ending which I actually find funny as it just doesn't match the start. Oh well, never mind, Practice Makes Perfect!!!:

EDIT: Best let this one load up (takes a while) otherwise you don't get the full effect!! Just click play and then pause and it should load up. AND DO NOT be tempted to watch it until it has ALL loaded up, as in don't be clicking when you've got half of it ready. Ya hear? AND it seems I went 11 seconds over, whooops!

EDIT-EDIT: There's no audio. After five hours I couldn't be bothered. The last frame should say "fin"...

Being a Bum

I've had a sore tummy all week. This isn't the 'other belly button' thing, this is a separate issue which rarely causes me any trouble. But whenever I don't feel great I get snappy and whenever I'm in that kind of mood, I'm best kept away from the general public. There was this one time I was driving at a reasonable speed in a car park when a child darted out in front of me. I stopped and nothing had happened, as I'd seen the idiot running around like a fool before he sprung out in front of my car. His mother then (and only then, AFTER he threw himself in front of a moving car in a busy car park) turned around and took him and looked at me disapprovingly and said 'Be careful...'. In hindsight, she was probably more worried for her silly boy who is just asking for trouble as opposed to being annoyed with me, BUTTTTTTT, my window was down and I was having a snappy day so I replied 'Why don't you watch your child????' in THEEE. SNAPPIEST. RUDEST. CAN'T-BE-DEALING-WITH-RIFF-RAFF. TONE. EVER. Eeeek.

ANYWAY, I decided last night that I wouldn't go to college this morning. Despite this, I woke up with PLENTY of time but because I'd made my decision last night, I had to stick to my guns. I rolled over for more sleep but I kept waking up again (my conscience maybe?). FINALLY the time reached 10am, meaning I was officially late at which point I decided 'well I'm late now, no point in rushing' so I rolled over and went back to sleep again. Now that's stubbornness.

So then I decided I'd go in for my 1pm lecture. But alas, didn't happen. I did however manage to achieve the following tasks to make up for my........poor show today:

  • Had a shower
  • Had a nap
  • Didn't dry my hair (ugh) but straightened it later
  • Broke both my laptops
  • Fixed the home computer
  • Figured out how to unbreak both laptops
  • Watched Neighbours
  • Watched some of Home & Away
  • Had dinner
  • Watched Big Brother USA
  • *Memory Lapse*
  • Ate microwave popcorn with self added butter (just to bump that cholesterol number up)

And that kind of brings me to now. I'm going to go talk to myself in the mirror. I'm joking, I'm not, but that would be pretty funny if someone actually caught me doing that.

PS: HI to 'Charm'!!!! Hope you're lucky! (couldn't resist, I do apologise...)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Well despite my 'ok' scan yesterday which showed everything was fine yet left the question open as to what was causing my occasional 'leaks', I leaked again today with some blood too. Sorry to be graphic.

This all stems from the fact that I was tube fed for 17 years, 15 of those were directly into my tummy. Since I no longer require such feeding, the plug was pulled out leaving a nice little hole where it was. It actually looks not too bad at all, and looks more like a belly button than my belly button. When it's not reminding me what I ate for lunch. Sorry to be graphic!

And today I became the Chairmanperson of our Skiing Society in college. There was no vote and I didn't even put myself forward, in fact I didn't even know the position needed filling. The treasurer just told me that I was it for next year. I told her I'd actually prefer to be the treasurer as I'd get all the moneeyyysssssss be a good responsible figure for our treasury!!! But she shot that idea down. I wonder did she see the €€€ signs in my eyes?

Anyway I can't ski that well but I can chair meetings so whoop. I think next year is probably the year to admit to the fact that I'm a diabetic and have had a lung transplant to the society. I chickened out this year because I was afraid it might result in me needing special insurance, having to fill out forms, admit to things and yawn, yawn.

So this year, with me in charge I can do what I like! I'll just come clean to me and nobody needs to know! Changes need to happen though, starting with a name change I think....something along the lines of 'Rosie's Club'....yeah...and upping of fees...yeah....whoooo!

Monday, April 07, 2008


My scan was fine, more needed to figure out the problem, but anything majorly wrong was at least ruled out. So the party piece continues for the moment.

My scan was scheduled for 2pm and I didn't have until 2.15pm. Fifteen minutes late isn't bad in all fairness but why should I wait?? Anyways I did.

The radiographer asked me why I carried around a sharps box (bright yellow container of used needles)with me all the time. I was actually carrying it around with me so I could drop it into the clinic for disposal. Who just carries around a box full of needles with them??? I was going to say so that I could shake it in peoples' faces to get attention and spray the needles at them if needs be. But I didn't.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

My Cold is Gone

And now the title has devoid (right word?) me of a blog entry! D'oh.

I have my scan tomorrow. It doesn't say I have to fast but I think I would have to. But they didn't say either way so, humdiddly.

Interestingly, on my trip through being ever so nosey blogsville I read one (CF related) from a parent's perspective. I'm (obviously) not a parent so I can only pontificate from my own experience, but I was slightly taken aback about the material treatment given to the child with CF. Sadly I fear that treating (figuratively and literally) a child simply because they have a condition such as CF simply does not prepare them for the real world, and can sometimes mould them into a spoilt person.

When I was younger I would regularly get chest infections requiring a couple of weeks spent in hospital. Up until I was nine, this would often be a torturous experience (which I honestly feel created my phobia of cannulas) as veins were poked daily, much to my "WHY ARE YOU HURTING ME???-ness". Since CF is a genetic condition, it means I inherited the bad genes from my parents. I have never blamed them for that as it wasn't like they were having a bad day and decided 'oh here, have some CF'.

I can't actually remember being given gifts from my parents aside from hugs, toiletries or new pyjamas because of this. Most days we'd walk to the hospital shop and get a lolly or a packet of Frosties. Oh except one time I BEGGED them to get me a beanie babies cat when I was in hospital, but that was it. And I clearly remember my Mum saying that was a once off!! But why should they?

Fair enough nobody else in my class in school would have had to deal with all that, but we all have stuff to deal with. Does the child who is, shall we say 'one sandwich short of a picnic' get treats from their parents because let's face it, they're never going to be able to run a multi-million euro company? Or how about the child who's less than 5"5 who won't ever be allowed to be an air hostess (thanks Mum and Dad by the way!!)? Do they get treated specially?

Maybe it's guilt, I'm not sure. And how one decides to raise their childer is completely and entirely up to them, but I think that being treated with expensive material items isn't necessary. It's just re-enforcing some sort of 'not-right' behaviour.

I'll edit this post when I figure out what I'm trying to say.

PS: Oh and hello and big waves to Alice!!!!

PPS: Doubtful, but if the person whose blog I am referring to (well who sparked this post) happens to be reading this, please don't get offended or huffy. I am merely writing MY opinion on MY blog after reading yours!

PPPS: B.A.S. & D. it's not you! :P

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The End of TBWW

This week was Tracksuit Bottom Wearing Week. I usually wear jeans or other but at the start of this week I had a sore (and preggers looking) tummy which is unusual for me, so I opted for the comfy option...for the entire week. Trinny & Susannah say that when you don't feel like making an effort, that's the very time to make a special effort. Remind me to pull their book out of the bin before Monday.

I have to have a scan done on Monday on my 'second belly button' as there's a question mark over whether it's actually 1000000% shut. So I'll make Monday a TBW day too.

On other fronts my exams are starting in just three weeks. I HATE exams. I freak and stress and panic and give myself hypos (sugar= TOO low) from time to time. Luckily I found out that I've already passed 2 of the five classes already through my assingments I handed in over the year. I'll find out if I've managed to pass a third on Tuesday. Both lecturers suggested that I should attempt their papers anyway just for experience. I told them I'd think about it but I might be busy that day. (Which EILEEN calls a bad attidude - um priorities!)

And I got some sort of cold yesterday.

In other news, EILEEN got some sort of killer cold yesterday too. *shakes fist*

Well if I'm honest, I already had mine before I went stalking her so she shant (word?) be blamed THIS time. And tip: if you BEGIN to get the sniffles, do numerous sinus rinses, it's seemed to keep the blocked nose element of this cold away from me thank goodness!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Fools of April

I planned no jokes this year which is pretty unusual for me. But thankfully I was NOT an April fool either. I am rest assured that next year, when I play jokes I'll do them properly and they'll be funny. Unlike SOME idiots:

Some online dictionary defines a fool as "a person who lacks good judgment". I'd whole heartily agree.

See Eileen and Helen planned a joke on me and fair deuce to them I didn't see it coming at all. Eileen being the obvious ring leader claimed I was an "easy target" - the audacity!!!! And poor Helen was pushed into helping.

They blew up a tonne of balloons, got some string and some shaving foam and what with there being 3 weeks until their degree finals had PLENTY of time to go harass people. As you would.

The plan was to tie the balloons to my car and dump a whole load inside too (which unfortunately with a broken car is pretty easy) and then "write messages" in shaving foam on the windows. Immature but cleverish. For two people less than a month away from getting degrees.

And what did the idiots do???? They came out to my college, found my car and began work. On my car, which was parked right infront of a window of the classroom I was sitting in.

After I noticed one or two people turning around, I glanced behind. I don't know which I saw first, Eileen or the balloons before I shrieked "that's MY car!!!" and ran out to kill them. It's always nice to have witnesses to these sort of occasions. Luckily I arrived when they had just begun their stupidity so there was hardly anything done.

So the fools were foiled. Eileen had to drive away with the tonne of balloons in HER car (might call that one a backfire??) but being fools they are STILL congratulating themselves on a 'great' job. Even though they failed. And looked like fools.

But never mind, I always have LOVED the taste of well planned revenge, muahawhawhawhawhaw! Which I might point out to Eileen actually hasn't been done yet despite thoughts to the contrary...