Saturday, April 05, 2008

The End of TBWW

This week was Tracksuit Bottom Wearing Week. I usually wear jeans or other but at the start of this week I had a sore (and preggers looking) tummy which is unusual for me, so I opted for the comfy option...for the entire week. Trinny & Susannah say that when you don't feel like making an effort, that's the very time to make a special effort. Remind me to pull their book out of the bin before Monday.

I have to have a scan done on Monday on my 'second belly button' as there's a question mark over whether it's actually 1000000% shut. So I'll make Monday a TBW day too.

On other fronts my exams are starting in just three weeks. I HATE exams. I freak and stress and panic and give myself hypos (sugar= TOO low) from time to time. Luckily I found out that I've already passed 2 of the five classes already through my assingments I handed in over the year. I'll find out if I've managed to pass a third on Tuesday. Both lecturers suggested that I should attempt their papers anyway just for experience. I told them I'd think about it but I might be busy that day. (Which EILEEN calls a bad attidude - um priorities!)

And I got some sort of cold yesterday.

In other news, EILEEN got some sort of killer cold yesterday too. *shakes fist*

Well if I'm honest, I already had mine before I went stalking her so she shant (word?) be blamed THIS time. And tip: if you BEGIN to get the sniffles, do numerous sinus rinses, it's seemed to keep the blocked nose element of this cold away from me thank goodness!