Thursday, April 03, 2008

Fools of April

I planned no jokes this year which is pretty unusual for me. But thankfully I was NOT an April fool either. I am rest assured that next year, when I play jokes I'll do them properly and they'll be funny. Unlike SOME idiots:

Some online dictionary defines a fool as "a person who lacks good judgment". I'd whole heartily agree.

See Eileen and Helen planned a joke on me and fair deuce to them I didn't see it coming at all. Eileen being the obvious ring leader claimed I was an "easy target" - the audacity!!!! And poor Helen was pushed into helping.

They blew up a tonne of balloons, got some string and some shaving foam and what with there being 3 weeks until their degree finals had PLENTY of time to go harass people. As you would.

The plan was to tie the balloons to my car and dump a whole load inside too (which unfortunately with a broken car is pretty easy) and then "write messages" in shaving foam on the windows. Immature but cleverish. For two people less than a month away from getting degrees.

And what did the idiots do???? They came out to my college, found my car and began work. On my car, which was parked right infront of a window of the classroom I was sitting in.

After I noticed one or two people turning around, I glanced behind. I don't know which I saw first, Eileen or the balloons before I shrieked "that's MY car!!!" and ran out to kill them. It's always nice to have witnesses to these sort of occasions. Luckily I arrived when they had just begun their stupidity so there was hardly anything done.

So the fools were foiled. Eileen had to drive away with the tonne of balloons in HER car (might call that one a backfire??) but being fools they are STILL congratulating themselves on a 'great' job. Even though they failed. And looked like fools.

But never mind, I always have LOVED the taste of well planned revenge, muahawhawhawhawhaw! Which I might point out to Eileen actually hasn't been done yet despite thoughts to the contrary...