Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2 months to the day since I last posted. All is still (thankfully - touch wood) well. The Shingles passed, and I don't think there have been any long term side effects (I've heard that pain can be long term or life long or something involving the word 'long', but amazingly I seem to have escaped)!

I am now embarking on an exciting new adventure.... twelve whole months of productive procrastination! And I'll get a few more letters added on to the end of my name after it as well - always a bonus! In fact, I'm about to start a masters in neuroscience (the title is somewhat more specific than that, but, got to keep my stalkers at bay...you know how it is...). I litreally do NOT know what I want to do with my life. It's funny because five years ago I probably had a list a mile long of things I would do if things worked out well, but in fact they have worked out so well, it's like I have gone beyond the amazing and novel things to strike off that list, and now I have an actual *life* to plan. Shame, I'm pretty useless at planning!

So here's to hoping it all works out well. And if some random mystery illness that nobody has EVER heard of decides to land itself on me, well, guess it will add a bit of spice to my life!

Also, because we can't stay young forever, my brother (the BFg) is getting married to the G-raze! I am naturally highly excited about this! Plus, my actual sister and I really grate on each others' nerves regularly so it will be nice to have another sister! Congratulations to them both :)