Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I declined to go in to too much detail yesterday, but for those of you who didn't know, and to those of you who saw and wondered, I was indeed on the Seoige & O'Shea show on RTÉ1 yesterday. (If you click that link quick enough you'll be able to see the part about yesterday's show) In fact, apart from hinting at it in yesterday's blog I told absolutely nobody. Which explains Helen's text of "You brat! I just saw the end of your interview, you never told me!". I didn't tell anyone, because while I don't mind doing media stuff to promote awareness on issues that the general public should be aware of, I don't like to actively seek out attention (except doing dance-offs!). If I was to tell everyone about all the things I do every time I did them, then people would think I was some sort of media sponge and they would become 'another one of her things' which would detract from the purpose of them in the first place, which is to raise awareness!

On a positive note, I got some great feedback from all sorts of people (from old school classmates to relatives to some of my former nurses and people from the CF community too). So to those who contacted me, thank you very much, it means a lot. I haven't seen the thing myself and probably won't ever look at it, as I never can stand watching or listening to myself, eeeeeeeew! All I can hope is that I got the message out and all that.

For the majority of the time, I like to compose myself with a certain amount of dignity and all that, but I have to say, I was SO pleased to meet/see(!) Lucy Kennedy and Podge & Rodge (the puppeteers not the puppets)!! Lucy had her makeup done just before me so she passed me as I took her seat, and then in a moment of confusion I thought Was that who I think it was?! You must understand how much I LOVE that show! Anyway, bumped into her in the lobby afterwards. That was SOOO cool! I was a bit star struck and managed to splutter a very uncool "I love the show!". See had I thought about it, I probably would have said something a bit more professional but it was sort of spur of the moment. I'm just such a HUGE fan of that hilarious show. Podge and Rodge's creators went to my college so they're in my good books!

Had Mater review today, but I've rambled enough here, so I've posted the update in my Redbook blog. Viewable

Monday, February 26, 2007

* Wow, I’m still alive

* Wow, I’m bad at badminton

* Today, I am going to spend my afternoon promoting the importance of organ donation.

* This charming mug with assistance from the national broadcaster will discuss my transplant on an afternoon show.

* Which reminds me how I never posted up my encounter with a newspaper shortly after Christmas.

* Wow, I’m highly unorganised.

* Which reminds me how I neglected to tell about my “Smarties Pants Friend" (AH) who appeared in a newspaper today. It was her story in her own words. Wait, no, it was her story in their words, meaning that they exaggerated a lot much to her annoyance. But despite what she says, it was great!

* Wow, some glitzy people are making their way down a red coloured rug. This looks exciting.

* Wow, I got to go watch this!!

* Wow, I like to say WOW a lot…

Sunday, February 25, 2007


I post these, to prove, if I am right, that...I was right (?)

  1. (Last week's eps) Juliet's sister is a man. (Juliet successfully impregnated male mice if I'm correct). She has a rather deep voice and is a bit masculine-ish looking and with Juliet's help, she became pregnant. Why was this hard*? Perhaps because she's a MAN!

2. Isabelle (The "Others" sherif) is Juliet's [male?] sister...Deep voice, round figure...

*I am ignoring the fact that infertility problems that many women suffer from is an option here, as this is Lost we are talking about. I am in no way suggesting that if you can't conceive, you must be a man. These are my theories, and don't intend to offend anyone!

Uh huh, bet nobody else thought of that!!

  • Training today in ALLSA for transplant sports.
  • I need to find my badminton racket.
  • I need to learn how to play badminton.
  • We have a competition in England in April.
  • I just read on the site that it is for "experienced players"; I wonder will they take my two P.E. lessons of it into account?
  • I hope so.
  • I hope I will be alive to blog on Monday.

*Edited to Add: No, badminton racket is gone. Despite Badminton Season being over, my sister has left the thing in school. Despite the fact that its HER fault, my mom is defending her- "If you needed it, then it was up to you to ask for it; She didn't think to bring it home" etc etc. But all is OK, I kept at my Mom until she admitted she was defending her, but then of course she retracted her confession post haste. It almost feels like this house is on a continuous loop. Thank goodness I have a bad memory, as does my Dad....and my Mom come to think of it.

And I have a bad memory as well! My Dad does too...and I think my Mom...mind you mine's not great, of course my Dad's is bad too....and my Mom come to think of it...

Speaking of BAD memories, I have a bad memory, as does my Dad....and my Mom come to think of it....

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Today Ireland play England in the rugby. This is a day where all couch potatoes become experts on the game.

According to Newsround (where I get ALL my information on current affairs), the match will be played in a place call 'C-E-R-R-R-O-K-E P-A-R-K' or, to everybody else Croke Park. "It's the first time an English team has played in Croke Park. That's because it's usually used for popular Irish sports like hurling and Shinty (?!)." I don't have a clue what 'Shinty' is, or if that's what its even called, but from what I gather from Newsround, its a pretty popular sport!!

I won't watch the rugby today. I'm not even wearing green. I'll be looking for food to eat, and then later I'll watch Pokerface (UTV+TV3 8.45).

Today was the memorial mass in the Mater (15th annual in fact). It was ALL heart patients, with the odd one or two lungs thrown in there. That's because the Mater have only done about 10 lung transplants since their first two years ago. I wasn't going to go as I'm wrecked but then I thought, Sure I may as well! We got FOOD afterwards as well, but bizarrely they were serving smoked salmon, which is AGAINST THE LAW for transplantees. Strange...

Tomorrow I have training out at the airport with the transplant team. It should be....fun.

Apologies for lack of blog yesterday. My bad...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Who I had the pleasure of working with today:

  • Yes. You see I can be mature at times too. If anyone was reading my blog in January, you would recognise this character. The pathetic thing is, when I went to go and draw fake glasses on him, he already had big bottle ones on. *Sigh*

  • I'm off to the "Capital of Culture" (or something like that) today for work. Basically I shall dress nicely and pretend like I know what I'm doing. I will return tomorrow. It should be....interesting.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Later Post: I got my trouser suit. I am a size 10 on top and a size 6 on my waist. That makes me an upside down triangle. Interesting...

Growing up, every weekend and summer day would be spent running around outside with "my group". "My group" consisted of four people. There was me, my sister and two girls known as "The Sarahs". One Sarah was my age, the other Sarah was my sister's age. Since you can't do much with two people, we all used to hang about together despite the three year age gap.

The memories I have of the days spent on Rollerblades, on bicycles, going to the shop, playing our games on the road(made up or otherwise), playing indoors when it rained and making up plays are some of the happiest and most cherished memories I have.

Looking back now, we still laugh at the silly antics we got up to and silly things we would say. I could write a book on "Quotable Quotes".

As we grew up, we drifted apart as you do. We all went on into the same secondary school although we were in different years. I don't think it matters much when you are younger but as you grow, the age gap is more significant. We would say hi on the corridors and bump into each other the odd time.

I still keep in touch with the younger Sarah (though we don't see each other half as much as we should), despite the fact that the older Sarah lives only across the road from me. We discussed all four of us meeting up for a long time, but nothing ever came of it.

Then today, as I was walking down to Dundrum, I met young Sarah (Sassy) and we got chatting, when all of a sudden Older Sarah came up from behind. It was unexpected, and lasted only a few minutes, but we laughed about how funny it was meeting up.

A few minutes later, we all went our separate ways. I stuck my earphones (yes I found them) in my ears and walked on in my direction. I didn't look back. I think the childhood years are the most important in a person's life and I'm grateful mine were so fun.

Despite the closeness and strength of our relationship when we were children, I guess, sometimes, time can act like an unwanted wedge in life; sometimes it feels like only yesterday we were sitting on Older Sarah's wall chatting about making perfume, and yet at others, that interval between now and then seems like a lifetime ago.

I don't know when we will all meet again. Perhaps it will be many years, and perhaps it will be as unscheduled as today's. As I set off listening to Aerosmith's "I don't want to miss a thing", all I could do was smile. I wasn't sad it was over, but glad it had happened.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I have a brand new sparkley Ipod. And someone has gone and taken my brand new sparkley Ipod earphones. I know who took them. This person also had my USB cable a few weeks ago. Oh no wait, he was cleared of those charges...

Monday, February 19, 2007

Smarties™ Anyone? Seriously, because I do have another seven days worth....

I avoided a stay in the Mater today, as they feel another week on the Moxyfloxacin is what is needed. I was all geared up to rant down the phone about how I should have given a sample, and how I would give one now as there is *no* point in treating something by "guess work". It was a nice plan really, and my tummy was all tense as I rang, but then I folded like a napkin when I actually called. I got all shy and didn't want to be all confrontational. I politely suggested the sample idea but they thought there was no point. It would take a week for the results and yadda yadda. So another week of the Smarties™ will have to do.

Physically though, I do feel a bit better today. Except for that long sleep I had from 3pm to 7pm earlier. I'm hoping that's the kind of sleep that you get at the end of a sickness; your body has fought and won, but now it needs to hibernate for a while...Yes I shall be just fine, and I guess I'll keep eating these non chocolate smarties to keep the people who be, happy. On second thoughts....are you allowed to sell medications on eBay™ ??

I ate a mountain of Hershey's Kisses™ after dinner which were yum. If I was the type of person who gets pangs of guilt after gorging on an enormous amount of non healthy food, then I would lament about how awful I feel. But I'm not that type of person, so I won't. I believe life is worth living once (duh), and one should never be made feel guilty for enjoying simple pleasures in life! This may be helped by the fact, that I have to practically go running to catch my calories, but nonetheless, we all like food, so what's the problem?

On the point of food, I'm nearing a near break down...nearly! Tomorrow is Pancake Tuesday™ (is that one trademarked?) and we have n'er a pan or a cake in sight! I heard rumour that my work place is serving up a feast tomorrow. *Ping*, that's my illness gone out the door!

Anymore news? Nope. Anything witty at ALL these days? Nada. Can I tell a joke? Probably..Is it a funny one? No. Have you got out much these past days? No. Is that why you are talking to yourself? Yes. Are you schizophrenic? Perhaps.

Thanks to everyone who wished I would get better. It seems all good thoughts are working. You should patent that idea and sell it to the people who make Smarties™ medication.

*I hope you all liked my new found Trademark symbol!

"Sleep talking? Awake talking? All you ever do is talk, talk, talk!" ~ Miss Smarties™ Pants 'friend' (A.H.)after explaining my affliction of sleep talking...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Yesterday I worked in the pharmacy as per Saturday tradition. It was nothing dramatic. Just spent the day selling things and cleaning shelves. I really only cleaned the eye level shelves to be honest, and then wiped the front of the rest of them. It was a pretty half way job, but I was tired so as long as I'm cheerful to the customers, I hope nobody will notice my laziness.

Last night I babysat. It was fun looking after the children. It mostly involved one of the kids singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", but to a slightly different melody and with completely different lyrics. In fact, I think it was just her own song and she took the first line from Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I hope she doesn't release it, because as good as it was, she blatantly breached copyright laws.

I finished my antibiotics tonight, but don't feel a whole lot better. I'm beginning to feel tired, and this prevents me doing things like....[insert example].

I'm going to ring the Mater tomorrow and inform them of my lack of improvement and then go over and see them. I even bought a little sample pot from my pharmacy to give them a nice sample in. Gone are the days where these things were found amongst my cutlery. I now have to *pay* for them.

Anyway, in hindsight the Mater probably should have got a sample last week before they prescribed me antibiotics, instead of playing 'Guess Who', because if the medication I was given isn't right for whats growing then I may as well have been eating smarties. Except smarties are tastier. And it also means I've had a week untreated where this thing has had opportunity to grow even more, and the more broken a thing gets, the more work is needed to fix it.

AND to conclude my rant (!), because my lungs are so precious, and need to be kept so clean, I hate the idea of anything growing inside them! (By this I mean harmful bacteria or fungus EILEEEN which can be dangerous. I'll "silly cold" you if you don't stop nit picking)Eeeee-yuck!

Now if you shall kindly excuse me, I need food! I did a shop today in Tesco (Clean up on Aisle 27! *10 minutes later* Cleeeeeeeeeean UP-uh on Aisle 27 - some guy dropped a jar of chilli sauce) and bought some nice little Mr Kiplings for myself. Mmmmm.

AND to end with that stupid, stupid sentence that everyone uses, and thinks they're SO witty by using it, is anyone still very lost with Lost?! Desmond, huh?!..Toodle pip.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

FAQs of transplant

(For those of you lucky enough to view my previous 'Saturday' blog which I posted earlier, don't be confused, I'll put that back on tomorrow)

I have been asked many questions about my lung transplant since...well my transplant(!). A lot of the time the questions are ones I have heard before, and generally relate to things you don't get told when reading 'A guide to transplant'. So I decided (two nights ago) to write a selection of the most common questions I get asked. Unfortunately my beautifully informative blog got lost in cyberspace and in the process of throwing the computer out the window(!) I got tired and went to bed. Please, if you have any questions (weird or wonderful) post them in my guestbook (anon or otherwise) and I will try to answer them. Don't be embarrassed if they are strange, the idea is try to inform people after all. So here are a few anyhoo:

Was it sore?

No. Honestly for me it wasn't. I had an epidural (the thing that Mums in labour can get) which numbed a large portion of the torso. Everybody is different though, and this was my personal experience. The pain medication is excellent, and really worked a treat.

How long were you on the Ventilator/What was ICU like?

I stayed on the Ventilator about 24hours or so. I was asleep for all of that, and when I 'came around' I demanded the thing be removed, as although it is very helpful, it doesn't feel nice because its in your throat, which isn't pleasant.

ICU was OK, the nurses were great. Because of morphine I didn't sleep at all, but the nurses kindly chatted with me at length. Most of that time I was in awe that I had just had a transplant. I stayed in ICU from Sunday to Tuesday.

Do you have a massive scar?

The scar itself is very thin and neat. It runs from one side of my chest to the other, following my bra line carefully, so wearing low tops and swimming togs isn't a problem.

Did you notice a difference immediately (from old lungs to new ones)?

I was expecting to come off the ventilator and take a really deep breath which didn't happen. Instead it was small changes like the sound and strength of my voice as well as the length of my sentences and the complete LACK of cough! Then when I was well enough to go to the gym, I noticed the huge growth in energy which was fab.

Did you cry loads?? (I'm not sure if this person meant from pain?!)

Emm...no. The enormity of such an operation can take a huge toll on your emotions, as can the medication. There were times, which the smallest of things could set you off, but as a whole, I didn't need THAT many kleenexes really!

Are you on LOADS of medications?

I'm on a few! But about the same as I was before transplant. I take my anti-rejections twice a day, and then I take my others (5) with my breakfast. So overall...I would say no.

I've probably written a book, but if you have any more, just holler. My guestbook also has the option of commenting to the Admin (me) so your comment won't be viewable to the public.

This blog is also in my RedBook blog too!

Friday, February 16, 2007

I knew straight after I wrote it, that yesterday's blog was rather and inexcusably negative. I was far too tired to bother changing it, so cést la vie, it stayed that way.

Today my nose is no longer blocked (ewww) so I'm delighted. This is a big sign that improvement has defiantly arrived! I didn't go to work today, as although I felt a lot better, I felt like taking a day of rest...so...that's what I did.

I have spent all morning munching on Hershey's Caramel Kisses which are highly addictive. I never like the taste of Hershey's chocolate before, so I don't know whether its my loss of some of my taste (from cold) or whether its just my new appetite since transplant that has me scoffing these little beauties at an alarming rate, but either way I'm happy.

At the risk of completely jinxing myself, I am cautiously happy to report my weight has steadied somewhat at 49/48kg, so with another push this month I *hope* to break the 50kg mark.

Rang clinic today to update them, but my transplant nurse wasn't even there! Anyway, I talked to another and she was happy for me to continue my antibiotics and finish out the course (Mon) and in the meantime if I wasn't well, that I was to ring the ward tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure I could raid my shelves in the pharmacy where I work and find something to take...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Today I don't feel like running around mountains singing "The Hills Are Aliiiiiiivee!", but nonetheless I feel so-so.

I'm still a bit chesty, but due to the fact that many nerves in my lungs being cut during my transplant, I don't get that instinctive 'need to cough up' feeling that I used to. I felt like doing a bit of physiotherapy yesterday, but my favourite technique (Autogenic Drainage for any CF-ers reading) doesn't do much good now, as it relies heavily on knowing where the "stuff" is in your lungs. The only thing I can do is go for a run, but considering the weather at present, I fear of being blown into a bush. Not a very attractive thought.

Today, the wind howled and screamed, while the rain showered on and off (mostly 'on' when I was out and 'off' when I was inside). I decided to just work the afternoon today as I was a bit tired. The bus I got (number 10, beware) from UCD was packed FULL as in, way over the limit, so the windows steamed up, couldn't find my stop etc. AND did I mention I'm *tired*. The only thing that saved me from going insane, was that I wore my 'peep scarf' today and it kept me nice and snug! My peep scarf resembles something of the scarf that Muslim women wear, only mine is red. I am completely ignorant to what the official term for the 'peep scarf' is unfortunately! And it seemed nobody in my work knew either. The closest thing we came to was a 'Burkah'. I call it a peep scarf, because all you see is me peeping out. Makes sense to me. Non of this politically correct jargon round these 'ere parts.

I think I'm going to give work a miss tomorrow. I have to call my clinic and had hoped for a call that would go along the "Hi, sorry to bother you, just letting you know I'm fine!" lines, but now I look forward to discussing in detail, WHY I'm not much better. I'm hoping that I'll be told to just ring back on Monday with another update.

On a positive note, my brother and his GF came home during the night, and it was fabulous seeing them. We got some Herseys Chocs (mmmm) AND I had two dinners tonight, one which was a McD's (mmmm). It would appear my appetite is not affected then.....

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I had a beautiful blog all written out that I was going to (lazily) copy and paste into both my RedBook blog and this one. I couldn't be bothered writing two blogs as I have....[insert something interesting] things to do.

Today was St. Valentines day. I got a red chocolate in work. It was nice....

In the shop around the corner from the office, where I regularly get my roll for lunch in, they too were in the love-ey dove-ey mood. I thought this was some good spirited jolly festivities and smiled at all their balloons hanging up as I entered the shop.

Then I spotted a guy with a tray of chocolates just handing them out for free! I was delighted, excited, over joyed. Lets just say the combination of 'free' and 'food' made my day.

I stood in line for my roll, pretending not to see the guy with the tray coming over to the queue. I didn't want to seem desperate after all. The man [fool] in front of me declined the free treats. It was then I looked down "for the first time as though I had just noticed this guy with free food" I saw then that he had chocolates AND drink on his tray. If it was champagne I wasn't going to take any, as I have a bit of a temperamental allergy with regards to alcohol, but if it was apple juice I could drink away, so I said:

ME:"Sorry what's that?" (pointing to glasses)
ME:"Sorry what? The stuff there, what is it?" (gesturing towards the drink, which resulted in him swiftly pulling the tray away)
"No, no! Chocolates only!"

So I thought perhaps you had to pay for the drink or something. I declined the chocolates. So this employee moves to the next customer who proceeds to take a glass. I was a little confused and said:

"Excuse ME, how come HE got a glass of that and I didn't??"
"Uh...because you can't have any" (As if this tool knows about my allergy...)
"Ehhhhhhh...why NOT?!"
"You are..uh...too young-ah"
"Ehhhhhh....NO, I'm NOT!"
*Looks me up and down like a piece of filth"
"How old are you?"
"Oh, uh......fine. Have some"
"Well, actually, I don't want it anymore" [so HUH!]

I promptly gave him a VERY dirty look and tossed my head away. He could stick his champagne up where the cows don't go for all I cared. Of course, I'm FAR too shy (and polite) to actually say this, so I just gave him mean looks instead. The only reason he offered it to me anyway, was because I was causing such a ruckus.

That's another place I'm going to have to write and complain too. In case anyone has forgotten, KFC gave me a full sugar Pepsi last week despite me asking *specifically* for NO sugar.

I think I have way too much time on my hands...

Yoga class tonight. 6 down, 2 to go.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I continue to feel well today thank goodness, despite the continuing clinical symptoms of infection. Having scoured the information leaflet given with my new tablets (which I obsessively do with each and every medication I so much as have to touch), I worked out that, depending on the dose, my tablets are prescribed for Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Acute Sinusitis and Pneumonia.

I am on them for seven days which falls under the Acute Sinusitis branch. Thank goodness its not Pneumonia! I hope...

For those readers who don't know a whole lot about transplant, and illnesses after, and the significance of normally mundane infections.

  • You never ever get your immune system back, therefore you are always susceptible to infection.

  • Twice yesterday, I said to people "Well if I'm bringing up 'bad stuff' from my lungs, its either a sign of Infection or Rejection*". Both people said 'well I hope its infection then!' Actually, rejection is the easier one to treat, as it takes three days of high dose steroids and then you get back on the wagon. If it's infection, samples have to be taken, tests done in order to find out what kind of infection it is, and then it must be treated. You can feel ill for days (or possibly weeks) and the treatment road isn't as straightforward.

  • While I would never ever wish for rejection at all, I hope to make clear that it isn't the end of the road at all. I've had it before once and I may well have it again!

*I refer to acute rejection, which is the one that can be treated. There is also chronic rejection which, unless you get another transplant, can't be cured. (Eh...I don't think anyway)

So today I'm probably going to go into work, against my mom's wishes. She thinks I may anger my work colleagues by coming in and infecting them. I quickly reminded her that they hadn't had transplants so they have nothing to worry about! When I turned around she'd gone.

Now I gotta go back and watch Dr Phil. Wow this episode is good! Where's my popcorn?! Sure I may as well stay in bed and watch this...I would hate to trek through the traffic to get to work in the wind and rain. I'm thinking of my poor colleagues and their immune systems of course!

Monday, February 12, 2007

UPDATE: I rang the clinic and spoke to my transplant nurse about my current predicament, and after speaking to the head man himself, it was decided that I shall be put on a week's course of Moxiclon (?). It's a newbie for me, but I am told it is in the same family of antibiotics I have been on before. I googled it and discovered it is used to treat acute sinusitis. The good news is I still feel fine. If it wasn't for my chest bringing up some "not-so-nice-stuff", I probably wouldn't need anything, but its best to err on the side of caution.

In other HUGE news, Eileeeen officially turned twenteen today! She keeps pestering me to go out tonight, but with her past record of infecting me with goodness knows what, I haven't made my mind up yet. Plus I still haven't had a root around my bedroom to find something I could pass off as a new present....Wait there were those nice socks I only wore once...and I'm almost certain I won't be wearing that Zara scarf anymore...Ah yes, all I need to do now is feed her the "oh but vintage is in!" line. Classic!

EARLY POST:Today I am going to ring the Mater, as I seem to have picked up some sort of bug (Thanks Eileeeen). Clinically I would appear to be sick, but thankfully it hasn't yet hit my energy or mood. It started on Friday/Saturday, with a bit of a snuffley cold thing and a bit of a sore throat.

This evening though, my chest is rather clogged, with me producing some thick and not so nicely coloured 'stuff'' when I cough up.

I will probably have to go over and give a sample and I'm hoping to get sent away with oral antibiotics. I may resort to getting on my knees and begging not to be given IV antibiotics (ones in arm, like a drip) as my veins are absolutely absolutely absolutely awful! The only way I survived the past 10years was thanks to an ingenious invention known as a "port/implantofix" which is like a permanent line inside you hooked to a nice fat vein. Without that, I'm lost.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I've been switching the blog about this past while (which explains the gaps about the place), and will continue to do so until I find exactly what I'm looking for. This could take a while, as anyone who knows me will state on oath that I am theee most fickle and indecisive person around. When I was in hospital, my Mum had to fill out my meal menus as I couldn't possibly decide.

Ireland are playing France in the rugby today. This is the first time rugby will be played in Croke Park, a stadium only ever used for GAA matches. To have an English game played in it will no doubt cause a ruckus amongst the farming and nationalist communities respectively. Tickets are going for up to €1,000. Are these people idiots? Don't they know its been shown on RTE and BBC? Foools...

Last night was week..uh...two(?) of Pokerface. It was fantastic, and the Geordie girl bluffed her way to win it. It was simply excellent watching. It'll be on again next week, same BAT-time, same BAT-channel (!). Does anyone else remember that Batman series from the sixties that used to be shown on RTE? Oh the laughs...

Finally, I got my hands on BUZZ last night. Buzz is a quiz show game for the PlayStation, and it was lent to us by a friend of my brothers. I ended up playing alone sadly, but this evening I hope to have a good competition with the clann. After all, there's no fun being the best and having nobody to celebrate with now is there?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Today I worked in my (the power has gone to my head) pharmacy. I think in total we had about...twelve or so customers. Yes, it was quiet. I had time to sweep and wash the floors there, just in time for people to come in and walk all over it again. At 5.33pm, as everything is shut off, a man comes in looking for some paraphernalia. The pharmacist and me in the back just looked at each other, not wanting to go out. In the end she did.

I am feeling a lot less tired from work and stuff today, and greatly and warmly welcome my sleep in tomorrow. Ahh, a date with my pillow.

I've asked to go sledding up at Eileen's house tomorrow, but since she has taken my Tiara (Tia), she's afraid to let me anywhere near her in case I take it back. We got *NO* snow here as per usual, but Eileen lives "Up the Sticks" (countryside, mountains) so she has plenty but of course will she share? Huh...

And finally, my brother Billy and his GF have gone to New York for a few days today. They are *sooooooo* lucky! At the moment they're probably in the middle of their shopping and will soon be getting ready to see Beauty And The Beast on Broadway.

And if any of you are stalkereeish (Helen, Eileen, Susie to name a few) you know their exact location, so someone go haul Helen's jet out of the hanger and go bother them please!

Actually Eileen, you stay here; I need to borrow your sled.

Friday, February 09, 2007

*If anyone has seen TIA (my beloved Tiara) please note her location, or even better, return her to me!*

Today I woke up minus my voice. At first I panicked, but then after practising a few soprano scales it returned. Crisis over.

I went and met a good friend of mine who had her transplant about 10days before me. We used to bump into each other at clinic, but since we don't spend very much time loitering about hospitals anymore, our contact is mostly through texting. So, when the opportunity came for us to meet in Dundrum, I couldn't resist! We had a delicious lunch in TGI's and then did a bit of shopping. I then requested a Diet Coke from KFC, but I got some sort of pepsi concoction which I'm sure was full of sugar. I was raging at them, as I specifically requested NO SUGAR. As a result, my sugars have jumped up to 26.6. TOO HIGH. I may write a letter to their management and raise this issue with them. I shouldn't have to mention my diabetes at every turn and if I request a sugar free drink, I should get one.

On a sad note, two people with Cystic Fibrosis passed away this week.

One girl, Sian, who posted once or twice in my guestbook died yesterday. Sian was 18 and waiting for a lung transplant, but sadly, like too many others, her time simply ran out. It's the old story of lack of donors.

Another young boy, who I don't know at all, but heard about died yesterday as well. As I said I don't know anything about him, except that he must have been young as he passed away in Crumlin hospital (Children's).

It reminds one just how precious life is, and how we should never take anything for granted. I know I say it all the time, but its true. My thoughts and prayers go out to these two families tonight. Life can be so unfair at times...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I worked. I.......worked some more. I'm pretending this is Wednesday but really it's Thursday and my memory is THAT atrocious that I can't remember what I was doing yesterday for the life of me...

Oh, I had yoga. I had a farter beside me again. What is it with me and farters? I mean we all know its natural and yadda yadda, and therefore when such *natural* events occur, one should try to maintain a mature composure, but MY GOODNESS, when they SMELL that bad, it is difficult!! I think I must have some sort of magnet that attracts them to me. "Hey Farters, come my way!". And its always in the same position, when we're on our backs, with feet up in the air and behind our heads that these *natural* events occur...

Anyway, it was my last week, and as the slave to punishment that I am, I signed myself up for yet ANOTHER 8 weeks. Thankfully we get a rest period of about 3 weeks though, so that's nice.

I just need to find something else to keep me in shape until then.

To the people who commented about the farting incident yesterday, did I not make myself clear? It wasn't ME who did it, it was my friend, "Posie"!!!

I just saw an ad on TV for diet coke (mmmm) with a man standing on top of a bus and shouting to the world. At the bottom of the screen it says "Carried out under controlled conditions; do not attempt to recreate or reenact stunts shown''......Well DUH! It seems nowadays everyone is doing parenting.

I guess that puts an end to our plans we had to recreate the next ad we see for diet coke then Eileen. *cry*

Last night it was Big E's birthday party. That's right, Eileeeeeeeen! Of course I only realised this when I drove past her house and saw an empty front room with millions of balloons and a young girl inside crying. Being the good Samaritan I ran up to the door and discovered that it was her birthday party but nobody had shown up. So, I made a few calls and got my friends to come. Everyone was all over me, showering me with attention, thinking it was my birthday, but with people actually there, at least Eileen looked cool in front of her parents.

Anyway, we got the Luas from Dundrum into town and went to an over 21s bar (apparently) but I didn't even get asked for id. I then saw people getting refused outside! Wow I felt cool! There was a lot of walking involved and it felt fab not dreading it all. I also wore flat boots so it was easy too. I shall talk about my views on footwear tomorrow as I think everyone should know my opinion. (Duh!) After that we went to a club nearby. It was fun. We had fun. The music was...fun.

I rolled into the house just before three and fell asleep...for a long time. So I went into work for this afternoon. It was snowing and raining, and rather miserable weather wise, but I enjoyed the day anyway!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I have "this friend". Lets call this friend...oh I don't know..."Posie". So today "Posie" went to Yoga class for a bit of a good work out. Now "Posie" has been feeling a bit bloated these past couple of days, and particularly "windy" - Keep in mind that Cystic Fibrosis also affects digestion, and while thankfully I suffer from very few problems in this regard, it isn't unusual to have the occasionally "musical" day. Thankfully mine are for the most part silent though.

*Anyhoo*, "Posie" wanders off to her yoga class this evening, full of enthusiasm, and ready to take on any challenge set.

So "Posie" sits on her yoga mat, having completed her warm up, and now moving on to stretches. One [ridiculously stupid and pointless] stretch involves moving off one buttock and stretching over. What this is meant to achieve or what muscle its intended to tone is beyond me, but "Posie" does as "Posie" is told.

And then suddenly, without *any* warning, a sound like a scale on a flute is heard. Loudly. "Posie" is left embarrassed, humiliated, degraded, mortified and in uncontrollable fits of giggles. Thankfully nobody else joined in, or else they could fully empathise with her.

So this "friend" "Posie". What on earth should she do? The only thing that saved her was the fact that the woman behind her let out an incredibly noisy "noise" towards the end of the class. She acknowledged it too, which is good. I can't *stand* when people don't acknowledge their farts. "Posie" didn't.

Thank *GOODNESS* next week is the last class...

Uh...for "Posie" of course...*laughs uncomfortably*

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

*For some reason, there seems to be problems with viewing the ball photos. From what I have gathered though, if you wait a few minutes, they both should show up. Let me know if you still have problems!*

Today I worked. I will be working tomorrow too. My mid week work is in an office - just to clarify that!

Tomorrow is Eileen's party, but she has informed me that she's sick! It won't stop her from attending her party, but it might stop me (with shoddy immune system, fighting colds et al isn't a piece of cake). Weighing up the odds though, I probably will go. That is, if I'm not busy of course!

My brother's GF, who not 24hours after she bought her Peugeot 206 had it break down on the side of the road due to a burst tyre which took 2hours to fix in the freezing cold, while I had nothing but pumps on me to keep my feet warm, has, I'm told, got it all sorted now - PHEW!

I wish to add, that I had MORE then pumps on me obviously, but still!

I have nothing witty or smart to say today. I fell asleep on the Luas and that would be the high light of my day.

Now off to watch some kiddies be obsessively competitive about ballroom dancing! If anyone has Film4 or Film4 + 1, you should be able to watch 'A Beautiful Life' tonight. It's a truly fabulous film well worth the watch (and read of subtitles!)

Monday, February 05, 2007

  • Today I did nothing.

  • Later (actually now) I'm going out to dinner with the two girls who are mentioned an awfully lot in this blog.

  • There was complaints from all sides as to the location of this dinner and who would come.

  • I stated that as long as I had food in front of me I didn't care where we were or who I had to sit opposite.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Me: CF Ball 2006.

Me: CF Ball 2007

Last night myself and my family went to a ball in aid if Cystic Fibrosis. I had a fantastic time and met some lovely people. A lot of the people hadn't seen me since last year's ball, at which time I had just gone on the transplant waiting list, and was in fact sick that evening. Last year was very much a 'Cinderella' story, which at 12.30 saw me go into the ladies and change into a tracksuit and rush away to the hospital. This year was a different story all together of course.

I met my consultant who looked after me when I attended Vincent's hospital for my, as I was later told, 'severe cystic fibrosis' which I'm guessing isn't too dissimilar to 'end-stage cf'. I got to thank him properly for his care as the last time I saw him was 4 days before my transplant.

A lot of money was raised last night, the most recent figure I heard was €140,000, which is truly fantastic.

I got talking to a lady with Cystic Fibrosis who, during the week, appeared on The Afternoon Show to raise awareness for CF. Unfortunately I missed the interview but it was great to meet such a positive person. She was full of life and had a great spirit about her.

Today I rolled out of bed briefly to get medications and then rolled back in again. At the moment I'm following The Amazing Race, it's simply...uh....amazing. You can view the episodes here. I'm in the middle of series 10. Fantastic watching!

I will have photos up later or tomorrow!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Me in Monte Carlo, Monaco. This photo was skillfully taken with me jumping out of the car and sitting on a wall and then jumping back in just as cars began to beep at us. "Those pesky Irish scoundrels!" they'd shout - Well, they probably weren't speaking English but the sentiment was there... A blog or two ago, I mentioned how we fell upon a restaurant whose only words of English were 'Whaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh?!' and 'No.' For some reason every restaurant we so much showed any interest in was empty. Zero peoples. Nada. At first we thought it was us (See my fears list number 3) but then we figured that Italians maybe didn't eat out as much in Wintertime. But then why lay so many tables?? (See all the PEOPLE around us....oh wait...)

*first photo had to be edited slightly as permission was not sought from "model".

Anyway, this restaurant had a touch of 'Fawlty Towers' about it. The food was "interesting", the music, cheesy and very hotel-ish. You could tell your man who worked here was just run off his feet trying to cope with the demands from all his customer. He was a waiter, cleaner, manager all in one! I think Eileen does that job too. But this guy looked like he worked WAY harder then her...

Just look as he....plays with his phone. Yup, there's a guy who'll be tired tomorrow! (Also see all the other empty tables!) When the time of desert came around, I asked for ice cream. "Ice cream??!" (Looks as though I have 4heads), "Si, Ice cream..you know...gelato or something?". "Oh Ice cream! Ice cream, no, NO Ice cream!!!" Well it was rather silly and naive of me to presume that they'd have ice cream anyway, I mean, they're only a RESTAURANT!!

But although they had no ice cream, at least they had chips....sort of. Well food is food to me, so even if it looks, shall we say, not the may west, the portion should be big enough? Na-uh! Strike two!
Yum doodles!
Tomorrow I work. Then later I will go to a ball in aid of Cystic Fibrosis. I got night leave from the hospital last year to attend, and ended up well and truly flunked (although pride would not admit it at the time). This year, will hopefully, be so much better, another reminder of how things have changed. Another reminder how life is precious. I could go on and on...

Friday, February 02, 2007

It's me and a palm tree. The sea got in on the photo action too!...

Yesterday I was in four countries, Italy, France, Monaco (if that is a country) and Ireland. Now I am stuck here in this 'one countryeeedness' for a while. Woe is me!

The majority of my trip was spent in Sanremo in Italy. It was nice, but I only really managed to settle when we discovered the MacDonalds on our third day. When we found it, it was shut, but my twitches and senses of unease were greatly decreased when I knew I would be having my lunch there the next day. I slept very well that night, and dreamt my favourite dream about dancing in valleys with mcHamburgers and McFries! (Joking of course).

The food there was really nice, loads of pizza and spaghetti but very little chicken. We found one restaurant which did chicken, and it was delicious. Oh wait, that would be the MacDonalds again.

That would be me on our balcony. What you don't see is the book in my hand, nerding it up in the sun. I decided a light read for the trip would be good. So I brought Stephen King's Shawshank Redemption.

In Monaco we saw amazing yachts belonging to bazillionaires, whose toilets (the bathrooms not the actual toilet obviously) would probably be bigger then my house. Some day, with the help of Bank Dad, I will own a yacht of my own there. I can't sail more then a topper, but I'm sure sunbathing with a cocktail on board one of those yokes doesn't require much skill. Besides I have a talented sailor as an uncle who can do all the tricky bits like....sail...and stuff.

The photos are all of me, because with only two people on the trip, only one of us was photogenic enough to be put on the blog. I didn't want to be responsible for anybody's computer screens cracking now...