Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I had a beautiful blog all written out that I was going to (lazily) copy and paste into both my RedBook blog and this one. I couldn't be bothered writing two blogs as I have....[insert something interesting] things to do.

Today was St. Valentines day. I got a red chocolate in work. It was nice....

In the shop around the corner from the office, where I regularly get my roll for lunch in, they too were in the love-ey dove-ey mood. I thought this was some good spirited jolly festivities and smiled at all their balloons hanging up as I entered the shop.

Then I spotted a guy with a tray of chocolates just handing them out for free! I was delighted, excited, over joyed. Lets just say the combination of 'free' and 'food' made my day.

I stood in line for my roll, pretending not to see the guy with the tray coming over to the queue. I didn't want to seem desperate after all. The man [fool] in front of me declined the free treats. It was then I looked down "for the first time as though I had just noticed this guy with free food" I saw then that he had chocolates AND drink on his tray. If it was champagne I wasn't going to take any, as I have a bit of a temperamental allergy with regards to alcohol, but if it was apple juice I could drink away, so I said:

ME:"Sorry what's that?" (pointing to glasses)
ME:"Sorry what? The stuff there, what is it?" (gesturing towards the drink, which resulted in him swiftly pulling the tray away)
"No, no! Chocolates only!"

So I thought perhaps you had to pay for the drink or something. I declined the chocolates. So this employee moves to the next customer who proceeds to take a glass. I was a little confused and said:

"Excuse ME, how come HE got a glass of that and I didn't??"
"Uh...because you can't have any" (As if this tool knows about my allergy...)
"Ehhhhhhh...why NOT?!"
"You are..uh...too young-ah"
"Ehhhhhh....NO, I'm NOT!"
*Looks me up and down like a piece of filth"
"How old are you?"
"Oh, uh......fine. Have some"
"Well, actually, I don't want it anymore" [so HUH!]

I promptly gave him a VERY dirty look and tossed my head away. He could stick his champagne up where the cows don't go for all I cared. Of course, I'm FAR too shy (and polite) to actually say this, so I just gave him mean looks instead. The only reason he offered it to me anyway, was because I was causing such a ruckus.

That's another place I'm going to have to write and complain too. In case anyone has forgotten, KFC gave me a full sugar Pepsi last week despite me asking *specifically* for NO sugar.

I think I have way too much time on my hands...

Yoga class tonight. 6 down, 2 to go.