Thursday, July 31, 2008

Excuse me

I was on vacation. I worked my way through Boston, MA., Newport, RI. and New York, NY with a couple of zip throughs through Connecticut - once whilst lost and the other whilst road-tripping.

Naturally the shopping was *amazing*, the food portion sizes were epic, and all in all everything (literally everything) was larger than life. And of course it was simply super to see our amazzz*droool*zzzing family :P

I'm now back into the familiar rainy damp 'summer' weather here at home, but well equipped with my new clothes. I plan on staying put for approx two weeks.

Pit stops are scheduled for Hungary, Poland, Austria, Germany and The Netherlands before September 1st!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I seem to always have a problem with the buses. They hate me. If I'm honest, the feeling is pretty much mutual so I don't really lose sleep over it.....much.

So this evening I was going out with a friend. Where we were to meet meant that I could either drive (keep in mind, I only need to spin around on my feet and I'm lost) or take the bus. I opted for the safer option and went with the bus.

So I wait at the bus stop and four buses proceed to drive by, none of them stopping. Cursing the buses with my fist I began to wonder what on earth was their problem.

The fourth bus driver then raised his arms up in a 'what do you want me to do?' fashion. Eh, stop perhaps! Not only had I my arm out, I had my thumb stuck up in geeky fashion too!

And then I look up. At the bus stop. Which turns out is merely a speed sign. (50 k/ph if anyone cares) Ooops.

The buses probably thought I was an idiot or someone who was very concerned about the speed of buses.

And so I walked off to find the actual bus stop. And life goes on....

Saturday, July 05, 2008


It's official, Ireland are in a repression again. I was born when were coming out of the last one and my only understanding of it comes from a clip made in the mid eighties. It was filmed outside the US Embassy where a queue were waiting to get visas to leave. Asked why they were leaving a girl said 'I have a degreee in Law and all I can get is a job in Mac Donalds'.

Now, I wouldn't be complaining if I had endless Mac Donalds food at my finger tips, but maybe with a law degree I wouldn't be so McHappy about it.

So all of Ireland pretty much left the country for work and for jobs back then. Except for the farmers.

I hope they bring back easy Visas for my generation because I'm not living in a country where I'm no longer allowed to live spending disposable money!!!! What a waste!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Rattling Bones

I thought this posted during the week:

So I'm now into year three of my new life! This past year has definitely been the best year of my entire life. I got to do new things, maintain a good lifestyle and just really thoroughly enjoyed myself :P

I started college (full time) and only missed a couple of days. I went skiing, I joined the gym (I'll go back someday...), I got my driver's licence and drove my new car around (and crashed, too), I did my second mini marathon, I went on SO many nights out on the town I can't even count (which is a change from before), I've been able to do things without planning and I've been able to plan things too, I've got a FULL TIME job and I'll be going travelling (as in not a holiday) very soon too.... and I'm sure there's a bazillion more things I could add but I can't remember them all...

Today I went for my dxa (dexa?) scan to see how good/bad my bones are. The last time I had this test done was three years ago. I'm now on permanent steroids, drink no milk, eat no yogurts or cheese and do not a whole lot of exercise.... Looking for bone problems anyone??

So the results, as expected, were a lot worse than three years ago, with a lot less density in my bones. BUT I don't have Osteoporosis yet and am only borderline Osteopenia (pre porosis). I'm not sure if that's correct as I thought I was Osteopenia-ac last time but we'll see. I sneaked a look at the screen and my hip doesn't look too white so I don't think that's right! Oh well!

When I have a chance I might pop in and speak with my pharmacist as my taking of calcium tablets is non-existence, I'm useless at it!