Thursday, July 10, 2008


I seem to always have a problem with the buses. They hate me. If I'm honest, the feeling is pretty much mutual so I don't really lose sleep over it.....much.

So this evening I was going out with a friend. Where we were to meet meant that I could either drive (keep in mind, I only need to spin around on my feet and I'm lost) or take the bus. I opted for the safer option and went with the bus.

So I wait at the bus stop and four buses proceed to drive by, none of them stopping. Cursing the buses with my fist I began to wonder what on earth was their problem.

The fourth bus driver then raised his arms up in a 'what do you want me to do?' fashion. Eh, stop perhaps! Not only had I my arm out, I had my thumb stuck up in geeky fashion too!

And then I look up. At the bus stop. Which turns out is merely a speed sign. (50 k/ph if anyone cares) Ooops.

The buses probably thought I was an idiot or someone who was very concerned about the speed of buses.

And so I walked off to find the actual bus stop. And life goes on....