Saturday, July 05, 2008


It's official, Ireland are in a repression again. I was born when were coming out of the last one and my only understanding of it comes from a clip made in the mid eighties. It was filmed outside the US Embassy where a queue were waiting to get visas to leave. Asked why they were leaving a girl said 'I have a degreee in Law and all I can get is a job in Mac Donalds'.

Now, I wouldn't be complaining if I had endless Mac Donalds food at my finger tips, but maybe with a law degree I wouldn't be so McHappy about it.

So all of Ireland pretty much left the country for work and for jobs back then. Except for the farmers.

I hope they bring back easy Visas for my generation because I'm not living in a country where I'm no longer allowed to live spending disposable money!!!! What a waste!