Thursday, July 03, 2008

Rattling Bones

I thought this posted during the week:

So I'm now into year three of my new life! This past year has definitely been the best year of my entire life. I got to do new things, maintain a good lifestyle and just really thoroughly enjoyed myself :P

I started college (full time) and only missed a couple of days. I went skiing, I joined the gym (I'll go back someday...), I got my driver's licence and drove my new car around (and crashed, too), I did my second mini marathon, I went on SO many nights out on the town I can't even count (which is a change from before), I've been able to do things without planning and I've been able to plan things too, I've got a FULL TIME job and I'll be going travelling (as in not a holiday) very soon too.... and I'm sure there's a bazillion more things I could add but I can't remember them all...

Today I went for my dxa (dexa?) scan to see how good/bad my bones are. The last time I had this test done was three years ago. I'm now on permanent steroids, drink no milk, eat no yogurts or cheese and do not a whole lot of exercise.... Looking for bone problems anyone??

So the results, as expected, were a lot worse than three years ago, with a lot less density in my bones. BUT I don't have Osteoporosis yet and am only borderline Osteopenia (pre porosis). I'm not sure if that's correct as I thought I was Osteopenia-ac last time but we'll see. I sneaked a look at the screen and my hip doesn't look too white so I don't think that's right! Oh well!

When I have a chance I might pop in and speak with my pharmacist as my taking of calcium tablets is non-existence, I'm useless at it!