Thursday, February 15, 2007

Today I don't feel like running around mountains singing "The Hills Are Aliiiiiiivee!", but nonetheless I feel so-so.

I'm still a bit chesty, but due to the fact that many nerves in my lungs being cut during my transplant, I don't get that instinctive 'need to cough up' feeling that I used to. I felt like doing a bit of physiotherapy yesterday, but my favourite technique (Autogenic Drainage for any CF-ers reading) doesn't do much good now, as it relies heavily on knowing where the "stuff" is in your lungs. The only thing I can do is go for a run, but considering the weather at present, I fear of being blown into a bush. Not a very attractive thought.

Today, the wind howled and screamed, while the rain showered on and off (mostly 'on' when I was out and 'off' when I was inside). I decided to just work the afternoon today as I was a bit tired. The bus I got (number 10, beware) from UCD was packed FULL as in, way over the limit, so the windows steamed up, couldn't find my stop etc. AND did I mention I'm *tired*. The only thing that saved me from going insane, was that I wore my 'peep scarf' today and it kept me nice and snug! My peep scarf resembles something of the scarf that Muslim women wear, only mine is red. I am completely ignorant to what the official term for the 'peep scarf' is unfortunately! And it seemed nobody in my work knew either. The closest thing we came to was a 'Burkah'. I call it a peep scarf, because all you see is me peeping out. Makes sense to me. Non of this politically correct jargon round these 'ere parts.

I think I'm going to give work a miss tomorrow. I have to call my clinic and had hoped for a call that would go along the "Hi, sorry to bother you, just letting you know I'm fine!" lines, but now I look forward to discussing in detail, WHY I'm not much better. I'm hoping that I'll be told to just ring back on Monday with another update.

On a positive note, my brother and his GF came home during the night, and it was fabulous seeing them. We got some Herseys Chocs (mmmm) AND I had two dinners tonight, one which was a McD's (mmmm). It would appear my appetite is not affected then.....