Friday, February 16, 2007

I knew straight after I wrote it, that yesterday's blog was rather and inexcusably negative. I was far too tired to bother changing it, so c├ęst la vie, it stayed that way.

Today my nose is no longer blocked (ewww) so I'm delighted. This is a big sign that improvement has defiantly arrived! I didn't go to work today, as although I felt a lot better, I felt like taking a day of's what I did.

I have spent all morning munching on Hershey's Caramel Kisses which are highly addictive. I never like the taste of Hershey's chocolate before, so I don't know whether its my loss of some of my taste (from cold) or whether its just my new appetite since transplant that has me scoffing these little beauties at an alarming rate, but either way I'm happy.

At the risk of completely jinxing myself, I am cautiously happy to report my weight has steadied somewhat at 49/48kg, so with another push this month I *hope* to break the 50kg mark.

Rang clinic today to update them, but my transplant nurse wasn't even there! Anyway, I talked to another and she was happy for me to continue my antibiotics and finish out the course (Mon) and in the meantime if I wasn't well, that I was to ring the ward tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure I could raid my shelves in the pharmacy where I work and find something to take...