Saturday, February 24, 2007

Today Ireland play England in the rugby. This is a day where all couch potatoes become experts on the game.

According to Newsround (where I get ALL my information on current affairs), the match will be played in a place call 'C-E-R-R-R-O-K-E P-A-R-K' or, to everybody else Croke Park. "It's the first time an English team has played in Croke Park. That's because it's usually used for popular Irish sports like hurling and Shinty (?!)." I don't have a clue what 'Shinty' is, or if that's what its even called, but from what I gather from Newsround, its a pretty popular sport!!

I won't watch the rugby today. I'm not even wearing green. I'll be looking for food to eat, and then later I'll watch Pokerface (UTV+TV3 8.45).

Today was the memorial mass in the Mater (15th annual in fact). It was ALL heart patients, with the odd one or two lungs thrown in there. That's because the Mater have only done about 10 lung transplants since their first two years ago. I wasn't going to go as I'm wrecked but then I thought, Sure I may as well! We got FOOD afterwards as well, but bizarrely they were serving smoked salmon, which is AGAINST THE LAW for transplantees. Strange...

Tomorrow I have training out at the airport with the transplant team. It should

Apologies for lack of blog yesterday. My bad...