Sunday, February 04, 2007

Me: CF Ball 2006.

Me: CF Ball 2007

Last night myself and my family went to a ball in aid if Cystic Fibrosis. I had a fantastic time and met some lovely people. A lot of the people hadn't seen me since last year's ball, at which time I had just gone on the transplant waiting list, and was in fact sick that evening. Last year was very much a 'Cinderella' story, which at 12.30 saw me go into the ladies and change into a tracksuit and rush away to the hospital. This year was a different story all together of course.

I met my consultant who looked after me when I attended Vincent's hospital for my, as I was later told, 'severe cystic fibrosis' which I'm guessing isn't too dissimilar to 'end-stage cf'. I got to thank him properly for his care as the last time I saw him was 4 days before my transplant.

A lot of money was raised last night, the most recent figure I heard was €140,000, which is truly fantastic.

I got talking to a lady with Cystic Fibrosis who, during the week, appeared on The Afternoon Show to raise awareness for CF. Unfortunately I missed the interview but it was great to meet such a positive person. She was full of life and had a great spirit about her.

Today I rolled out of bed briefly to get medications and then rolled back in again. At the moment I'm following The Amazing Race, it's simply...uh....amazing. You can view the episodes here. I'm in the middle of series 10. Fantastic watching!

I will have photos up later or tomorrow!