Saturday, February 03, 2007

Me in Monte Carlo, Monaco. This photo was skillfully taken with me jumping out of the car and sitting on a wall and then jumping back in just as cars began to beep at us. "Those pesky Irish scoundrels!" they'd shout - Well, they probably weren't speaking English but the sentiment was there... A blog or two ago, I mentioned how we fell upon a restaurant whose only words of English were 'Whaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh?!' and 'No.' For some reason every restaurant we so much showed any interest in was empty. Zero peoples. Nada. At first we thought it was us (See my fears list number 3) but then we figured that Italians maybe didn't eat out as much in Wintertime. But then why lay so many tables?? (See all the PEOPLE around us....oh wait...)

*first photo had to be edited slightly as permission was not sought from "model".

Anyway, this restaurant had a touch of 'Fawlty Towers' about it. The food was "interesting", the music, cheesy and very hotel-ish. You could tell your man who worked here was just run off his feet trying to cope with the demands from all his customer. He was a waiter, cleaner, manager all in one! I think Eileen does that job too. But this guy looked like he worked WAY harder then her...

Just look as he....plays with his phone. Yup, there's a guy who'll be tired tomorrow! (Also see all the other empty tables!) When the time of desert came around, I asked for ice cream. "Ice cream??!" (Looks as though I have 4heads), "Si, Ice know...gelato or something?". "Oh Ice cream! Ice cream, no, NO Ice cream!!!" Well it was rather silly and naive of me to presume that they'd have ice cream anyway, I mean, they're only a RESTAURANT!!

But although they had no ice cream, at least they had chips....sort of. Well food is food to me, so even if it looks, shall we say, not the may west, the portion should be big enough? Na-uh! Strike two!
Yum doodles!
Tomorrow I work. Then later I will go to a ball in aid of Cystic Fibrosis. I got night leave from the hospital last year to attend, and ended up well and truly flunked (although pride would not admit it at the time). This year, will hopefully, be so much better, another reminder of how things have changed. Another reminder how life is precious. I could go on and on...