Friday, February 02, 2007

It's me and a palm tree. The sea got in on the photo action too!...

Yesterday I was in four countries, Italy, France, Monaco (if that is a country) and Ireland. Now I am stuck here in this 'one countryeeedness' for a while. Woe is me!

The majority of my trip was spent in Sanremo in Italy. It was nice, but I only really managed to settle when we discovered the MacDonalds on our third day. When we found it, it was shut, but my twitches and senses of unease were greatly decreased when I knew I would be having my lunch there the next day. I slept very well that night, and dreamt my favourite dream about dancing in valleys with mcHamburgers and McFries! (Joking of course).

The food there was really nice, loads of pizza and spaghetti but very little chicken. We found one restaurant which did chicken, and it was delicious. Oh wait, that would be the MacDonalds again.

That would be me on our balcony. What you don't see is the book in my hand, nerding it up in the sun. I decided a light read for the trip would be good. So I brought Stephen King's Shawshank Redemption.

In Monaco we saw amazing yachts belonging to bazillionaires, whose toilets (the bathrooms not the actual toilet obviously) would probably be bigger then my house. Some day, with the help of Bank Dad, I will own a yacht of my own there. I can't sail more then a topper, but I'm sure sunbathing with a cocktail on board one of those yokes doesn't require much skill. Besides I have a talented sailor as an uncle who can do all the tricky bits like....sail...and stuff.

The photos are all of me, because with only two people on the trip, only one of us was photogenic enough to be put on the blog. I didn't want to be responsible for anybody's computer screens cracking now...