Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I have "this friend". Lets call this friend...oh I don't know..."Posie". So today "Posie" went to Yoga class for a bit of a good work out. Now "Posie" has been feeling a bit bloated these past couple of days, and particularly "windy" - Keep in mind that Cystic Fibrosis also affects digestion, and while thankfully I suffer from very few problems in this regard, it isn't unusual to have the occasionally "musical" day. Thankfully mine are for the most part silent though.

*Anyhoo*, "Posie" wanders off to her yoga class this evening, full of enthusiasm, and ready to take on any challenge set.

So "Posie" sits on her yoga mat, having completed her warm up, and now moving on to stretches. One [ridiculously stupid and pointless] stretch involves moving off one buttock and stretching over. What this is meant to achieve or what muscle its intended to tone is beyond me, but "Posie" does as "Posie" is told.

And then suddenly, without *any* warning, a sound like a scale on a flute is heard. Loudly. "Posie" is left embarrassed, humiliated, degraded, mortified and in uncontrollable fits of giggles. Thankfully nobody else joined in, or else they could fully empathise with her.

So this "friend" "Posie". What on earth should she do? The only thing that saved her was the fact that the woman behind her let out an incredibly noisy "noise" towards the end of the class. She acknowledged it too, which is good. I can't *stand* when people don't acknowledge their farts. "Posie" didn't.

Thank *GOODNESS* next week is the last class...

Uh...for "Posie" of course...*laughs uncomfortably*