Monday, February 19, 2007

Smarties™ Anyone? Seriously, because I do have another seven days worth....

I avoided a stay in the Mater today, as they feel another week on the Moxyfloxacin is what is needed. I was all geared up to rant down the phone about how I should have given a sample, and how I would give one now as there is *no* point in treating something by "guess work". It was a nice plan really, and my tummy was all tense as I rang, but then I folded like a napkin when I actually called. I got all shy and didn't want to be all confrontational. I politely suggested the sample idea but they thought there was no point. It would take a week for the results and yadda yadda. So another week of the Smarties™ will have to do.

Physically though, I do feel a bit better today. Except for that long sleep I had from 3pm to 7pm earlier. I'm hoping that's the kind of sleep that you get at the end of a sickness; your body has fought and won, but now it needs to hibernate for a while...Yes I shall be just fine, and I guess I'll keep eating these non chocolate smarties to keep the people who be, happy. On second thoughts....are you allowed to sell medications on eBay™ ??

I ate a mountain of Hershey's Kisses™ after dinner which were yum. If I was the type of person who gets pangs of guilt after gorging on an enormous amount of non healthy food, then I would lament about how awful I feel. But I'm not that type of person, so I won't. I believe life is worth living once (duh), and one should never be made feel guilty for enjoying simple pleasures in life! This may be helped by the fact, that I have to practically go running to catch my calories, but nonetheless, we all like food, so what's the problem?

On the point of food, I'm nearing a near break down...nearly! Tomorrow is Pancake Tuesday™ (is that one trademarked?) and we have n'er a pan or a cake in sight! I heard rumour that my work place is serving up a feast tomorrow. *Ping*, that's my illness gone out the door!

Anymore news? Nope. Anything witty at ALL these days? Nada. Can I tell a joke? Probably..Is it a funny one? No. Have you got out much these past days? No. Is that why you are talking to yourself? Yes. Are you schizophrenic? Perhaps.

Thanks to everyone who wished I would get better. It seems all good thoughts are working. You should patent that idea and sell it to the people who make Smarties™ medication.

*I hope you all liked my new found Trademark symbol!

"Sleep talking? Awake talking? All you ever do is talk, talk, talk!" ~ Miss Smarties™ Pants 'friend' (A.H.)after explaining my affliction of sleep talking...