Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I declined to go in to too much detail yesterday, but for those of you who didn't know, and to those of you who saw and wondered, I was indeed on the Seoige & O'Shea show on RTÉ1 yesterday. (If you click that link quick enough you'll be able to see the part about yesterday's show) In fact, apart from hinting at it in yesterday's blog I told absolutely nobody. Which explains Helen's text of "You brat! I just saw the end of your interview, you never told me!". I didn't tell anyone, because while I don't mind doing media stuff to promote awareness on issues that the general public should be aware of, I don't like to actively seek out attention (except doing dance-offs!). If I was to tell everyone about all the things I do every time I did them, then people would think I was some sort of media sponge and they would become 'another one of her things' which would detract from the purpose of them in the first place, which is to raise awareness!

On a positive note, I got some great feedback from all sorts of people (from old school classmates to relatives to some of my former nurses and people from the CF community too). So to those who contacted me, thank you very much, it means a lot. I haven't seen the thing myself and probably won't ever look at it, as I never can stand watching or listening to myself, eeeeeeeew! All I can hope is that I got the message out and all that.

For the majority of the time, I like to compose myself with a certain amount of dignity and all that, but I have to say, I was SO pleased to meet/see(!) Lucy Kennedy and Podge & Rodge (the puppeteers not the puppets)!! Lucy had her makeup done just before me so she passed me as I took her seat, and then in a moment of confusion I thought Was that who I think it was?! You must understand how much I LOVE that show! Anyway, bumped into her in the lobby afterwards. That was SOOO cool! I was a bit star struck and managed to splutter a very uncool "I love the show!". See had I thought about it, I probably would have said something a bit more professional but it was sort of spur of the moment. I'm just such a HUGE fan of that hilarious show. Podge and Rodge's creators went to my college so they're in my good books!

Had Mater review today, but I've rambled enough here, so I've posted the update in my Redbook blog. Viewable