Saturday, February 10, 2007

Today I worked in my (the power has gone to my head) pharmacy. I think in total we had about...twelve or so customers. Yes, it was quiet. I had time to sweep and wash the floors there, just in time for people to come in and walk all over it again. At 5.33pm, as everything is shut off, a man comes in looking for some paraphernalia. The pharmacist and me in the back just looked at each other, not wanting to go out. In the end she did.

I am feeling a lot less tired from work and stuff today, and greatly and warmly welcome my sleep in tomorrow. Ahh, a date with my pillow.

I've asked to go sledding up at Eileen's house tomorrow, but since she has taken my Tiara (Tia), she's afraid to let me anywhere near her in case I take it back. We got *NO* snow here as per usual, but Eileen lives "Up the Sticks" (countryside, mountains) so she has plenty but of course will she share? Huh...

And finally, my brother Billy and his GF have gone to New York for a few days today. They are *sooooooo* lucky! At the moment they're probably in the middle of their shopping and will soon be getting ready to see Beauty And The Beast on Broadway.

And if any of you are stalkereeish (Helen, Eileen, Susie to name a few) you know their exact location, so someone go haul Helen's jet out of the hanger and go bother them please!

Actually Eileen, you stay here; I need to borrow your sled.