Monday, April 07, 2008

My Cold is Gone

And now the title has devoid (right word?) me of a blog entry! D'oh.

I have my scan tomorrow. It doesn't say I have to fast but I think I would have to. But they didn't say either way so, humdiddly.

Interestingly, on my trip through being ever so nosey blogsville I read one (CF related) from a parent's perspective. I'm (obviously) not a parent so I can only pontificate from my own experience, but I was slightly taken aback about the material treatment given to the child with CF. Sadly I fear that treating (figuratively and literally) a child simply because they have a condition such as CF simply does not prepare them for the real world, and can sometimes mould them into a spoilt person.

When I was younger I would regularly get chest infections requiring a couple of weeks spent in hospital. Up until I was nine, this would often be a torturous experience (which I honestly feel created my phobia of cannulas) as veins were poked daily, much to my "WHY ARE YOU HURTING ME???-ness". Since CF is a genetic condition, it means I inherited the bad genes from my parents. I have never blamed them for that as it wasn't like they were having a bad day and decided 'oh here, have some CF'.

I can't actually remember being given gifts from my parents aside from hugs, toiletries or new pyjamas because of this. Most days we'd walk to the hospital shop and get a lolly or a packet of Frosties. Oh except one time I BEGGED them to get me a beanie babies cat when I was in hospital, but that was it. And I clearly remember my Mum saying that was a once off!! But why should they?

Fair enough nobody else in my class in school would have had to deal with all that, but we all have stuff to deal with. Does the child who is, shall we say 'one sandwich short of a picnic' get treats from their parents because let's face it, they're never going to be able to run a multi-million euro company? Or how about the child who's less than 5"5 who won't ever be allowed to be an air hostess (thanks Mum and Dad by the way!!)? Do they get treated specially?

Maybe it's guilt, I'm not sure. And how one decides to raise their childer is completely and entirely up to them, but I think that being treated with expensive material items isn't necessary. It's just re-enforcing some sort of 'not-right' behaviour.

I'll edit this post when I figure out what I'm trying to say.

PS: Oh and hello and big waves to Alice!!!!

PPS: Doubtful, but if the person whose blog I am referring to (well who sparked this post) happens to be reading this, please don't get offended or huffy. I am merely writing MY opinion on MY blog after reading yours!

PPPS: B.A.S. & D. it's not you! :P