Saturday, April 19, 2008

Clinic-y Winic-y *wince* part 2 !!!

At 2.15pm I went into the xray room and lay on a bed and everyone looked at my Second Belly Button. The doctor kept asking me questions but then kept cutting me off whenever I answered with a 'ok, ok, yeah, yeah, that's fine'. But he wasn't listening to my ANSWERS! So the questions got repeated again like 3 minutes later. Things like:

"Did they give you stitches when they removed this tube?"
"No. But I had it put in when I was-"
"-'ok, ok, yeah, yeah, that's fine"

3 minutes later

"So did you just have this put in for your transplant?"
"No, I had it put in when I was like 5 for night-"
"-'ok, ok, yeah, yeah, that's fine"

3 more minutes later

"So did you just use it when you were sick yeah?"
"No, I i had it put in when I was 5 for night feeding and when-"
""-'ok, ok, yeah, yeah, that's fine"

And so it went on. Bah. So I had layers upon layers of sheets put over me each with a little square hole cut out so they could still see Second Belly Button.

The procedure was to put a little catheter (kind of like a piece of tubing) into the hole and put dye in and watch on the screen and see where the dye travels to. The pain of the catheter was honestly, horrible. It wasn't a sting, it wasn't an ache, it was just dreadfully uncomfortable. I think only people who have/had tubes know what it's like, but I found it just horrible. I *didn't* cry though (!!!) but very dramatically shouted "Ow, ow, owwwwwww, owww, oh I HATE this feeling, oh it's awful, oh, ow, ow". I think I might have scared the doctor though, which quite frankly I didn't really mind doing. Maybe he's not a fan of drama?

Then the dye went in and we watched the screen and took photos. I didn't take the photos obviously, but the machine did. Honestly, I couldn't really see what was going on. I think I could see my stomach though, and obviously the dye. He had me roll from left to right and then it was over. It took 15minutes at most. He said there was a small something, something, something but he doesn't know what will be done about it and he didn't want to "cloud my thoughts with his ideas" (a bit fancy for someone who doesn't like drama!) so my clinic will tell me. Basically I take that to mean there's something but it's not serious and they mightn't treat it I guess.

So little Mickey continues to perform his party piece uninvited.

Then they gave me a chicken sandwich and water to apologise. Honestly, I'd have preferred my €10 parking paid for, but never mind. I then found out I lost my parking ticket anyway but Frank (the car park man who needs a name) just calculated the times and charged me.

Then I came home, napped soundly, EILEEN woke me, barged into my house with Noon and Mermaid (names obviously slightly changed there because I feel like it), sat, kidnapped me, we went and had food, then we dropped Mermaid back to her apartment, where I accidentally set off an alarm when leaving... and ran. I hope the alarm didn't cause too much hassle. Ooops. And while wanting to cry, I just laughed. In a very evil manner.....