Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well I'm never normal but anyway. Today I missed my morning class...again! I think falling out of a routine has really messed me up. Oh well.

I have a feeling tonight that my 'sore tummy' is returning. I hope not because tomorrow I plan to get up and make my early, early class.

Then I finally made it down to Dundrum to do some shopping at last today. We have our formal ball on Wednesday night so I needed to get a few things for that, which, whoohooo, I did. I also looked at nice bikinis too because the summer is itchingly close. I held off however as I wasn't sure which colour would go best on me.

Then this evening I signed up for the Women's Mini Marathon. For some reason, this year the 10k seems a LOT longer than last year. Not good. And I also realised upon signing up, that I put my first name where my surname should be and my surname where my first name should be.

So now the emails are coming in, "Thanks Fitz for signing up!!" and "Greetings Miss Rosemary".

I am definitely not normal.