Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Well despite my 'ok' scan yesterday which showed everything was fine yet left the question open as to what was causing my occasional 'leaks', I leaked again today with some blood too. Sorry to be graphic.

This all stems from the fact that I was tube fed for 17 years, 15 of those were directly into my tummy. Since I no longer require such feeding, the plug was pulled out leaving a nice little hole where it was. It actually looks not too bad at all, and looks more like a belly button than my belly button. When it's not reminding me what I ate for lunch. Sorry to be graphic!

And today I became the Chairmanperson of our Skiing Society in college. There was no vote and I didn't even put myself forward, in fact I didn't even know the position needed filling. The treasurer just told me that I was it for next year. I told her I'd actually prefer to be the treasurer as I'd get all the moneeyyysssssss be a good responsible figure for our treasury!!! But she shot that idea down. I wonder did she see the €€€ signs in my eyes?

Anyway I can't ski that well but I can chair meetings so whoop. I think next year is probably the year to admit to the fact that I'm a diabetic and have had a lung transplant to the society. I chickened out this year because I was afraid it might result in me needing special insurance, having to fill out forms, admit to things and yawn, yawn.

So this year, with me in charge I can do what I like! I'll just come clean to me and nobody needs to know! Changes need to happen though, starting with a name change I think....something along the lines of 'Rosie's Club'....yeah...and upping of fees...yeah....whoooo!