Friday, April 11, 2008

Being a Bum

I've had a sore tummy all week. This isn't the 'other belly button' thing, this is a separate issue which rarely causes me any trouble. But whenever I don't feel great I get snappy and whenever I'm in that kind of mood, I'm best kept away from the general public. There was this one time I was driving at a reasonable speed in a car park when a child darted out in front of me. I stopped and nothing had happened, as I'd seen the idiot running around like a fool before he sprung out in front of my car. His mother then (and only then, AFTER he threw himself in front of a moving car in a busy car park) turned around and took him and looked at me disapprovingly and said 'Be careful...'. In hindsight, she was probably more worried for her silly boy who is just asking for trouble as opposed to being annoyed with me, BUTTTTTTT, my window was down and I was having a snappy day so I replied 'Why don't you watch your child????' in THEEE. SNAPPIEST. RUDEST. CAN'T-BE-DEALING-WITH-RIFF-RAFF. TONE. EVER. Eeeek.

ANYWAY, I decided last night that I wouldn't go to college this morning. Despite this, I woke up with PLENTY of time but because I'd made my decision last night, I had to stick to my guns. I rolled over for more sleep but I kept waking up again (my conscience maybe?). FINALLY the time reached 10am, meaning I was officially late at which point I decided 'well I'm late now, no point in rushing' so I rolled over and went back to sleep again. Now that's stubbornness.

So then I decided I'd go in for my 1pm lecture. But alas, didn't happen. I did however manage to achieve the following tasks to make up for my........poor show today:

  • Had a shower
  • Had a nap
  • Didn't dry my hair (ugh) but straightened it later
  • Broke both my laptops
  • Fixed the home computer
  • Figured out how to unbreak both laptops
  • Watched Neighbours
  • Watched some of Home & Away
  • Had dinner
  • Watched Big Brother USA
  • *Memory Lapse*
  • Ate microwave popcorn with self added butter (just to bump that cholesterol number up)

And that kind of brings me to now. I'm going to go talk to myself in the mirror. I'm joking, I'm not, but that would be pretty funny if someone actually caught me doing that.

PS: HI to 'Charm'!!!! Hope you're lucky! (couldn't resist, I do apologise...)