Friday, April 11, 2008

No Longer So Bumless

Today I went to college. I decided last night that I would so I did. I woke up nice and early and had ample time for breakfast, work on the laptop and general shamoozing around while I waited for my Mom to bring my car back from the garage. Delilah is still as bitterly battered in her rear end as ever but *this* garage managed to fix her 'tailgate' (or boot) so she now locks. And that annoying "Warning: Tailgate Open: Check Tailgate" ridiculous picture alarm on my screen has gone. So I'm happy.

I had an exam this morning, which was optional for me, which always feels nice going into and then I had to work on my 1minute animation which had to be handed in today. You'd think that 1 minute wouldn't take that long but it took me over 5 hours to make. And it was so short to begin with, I had to scrap my 'story' and just add bits on to make it last 60 seconds. Then when I had a plot that might work, I knew it would go on for too long and so I had to cut it short again. Grief, I'm terrible at timing. So the story is terrible. But I'll give you a run through before you click the little 'play' triangle.

You can pretty much guess what the story (and moral thereof) was SUPPOSED to be from the opening title and subsequent few frames. But that *story* lasted 7 or 14 seconds I think?

So then I decided to add a new character but try to keep it within the morally based tale and make it nice and friendly and blah, blah. Only once I figured out how to make them talk by using text beside their bodies (which is a LOT harder than you think) I realised that this was a clever way to clock up some seconds.

And before I knew it I had 6 seconds left so I decided to wrap it up pretty quickly. Hence the weird ending which I actually find funny as it just doesn't match the start. Oh well, never mind, Practice Makes Perfect!!!:

EDIT: Best let this one load up (takes a while) otherwise you don't get the full effect!! Just click play and then pause and it should load up. AND DO NOT be tempted to watch it until it has ALL loaded up, as in don't be clicking when you've got half of it ready. Ya hear? AND it seems I went 11 seconds over, whooops!

EDIT-EDIT: There's no audio. After five hours I couldn't be bothered. The last frame should say "fin"...