Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I couldn't think of a title and so to be childish I wrote that. It makes me smile because to the best of my knowledge it's not a word, hardee, har, har. Yes, I'm going to get a life soon. Or some fresh air...

I still have a sore tummy at the moment and as I mentioned before this sort of issue rarely causes me problems (thankfully!) but when it does even an orchestra of violins can't make me feel better. Winding other people up, annoying other people, acting like a bratty child and pushing other peoples' buttons seems to help some what. Thank God I've got dimples or I wouldn't easily be forgiven!


Diabetics (as in REAL diabetics, not me) don't have insulin so they can't take sugar without help. My body can't digest fat at all. And as fat is in everything (that I eat anyway) I need to take medication in the form of tablets to correct this problem, similar to the way diabetics take insulin or tablets when they eat. It's all about the balance. And for a long, long time the 'balance' has always been pretty good for me.

Until last week. And I felt incredibly ill. And snappy, oh gosh, like a CRAB! I suspected that bad heartburn/reflux was making me burn the tablets before they could work, and on my Dad's birthday (Friday; By the way Happy Birthday!) I looked pregnant it was that bad. So I had reflux and looked pregnant and I didn't even get a baby at the end of it all. So I was busy lashing back anti-acids (?) and the old Omeprazoles (things that make you produce LESS acid) and I felt better.

And then on Saturday I improved. Greatly. I didn't feel sore or sick. Until Sunday and we're back to square one. So if I tell you I have a 'sore tummy' that's what I mean.

But last night, at like 2am I went to bed with my hot water bottle and I turned on the TV and the film "Same Time, Next Year" came on. I saw it when I was in New York a few years ago and I NEVER watch films that I haven't seen before (work that one out) but this time I did and it was really nice to watch it again. Kind of like when you're homesick and something reminds you of home and you feel better, except this reminded me of a holiday. I guess I think I need a holiday. And the crazy thing was it's made in the seventies and we all know nothing good was made back then. Except for The Sting, Carrie, Grease, Sesame Street and The Brady Bunch (but not the movie).