Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Etterly Betterly

That title is nonsense too. Bah.

Today I decided to skip my morning lectures again. I had a nice lunch and went in for my afternoon Statistics lecture which is a bit like getting two hours of study done and I was awake and fed enough to pay attention.

My tummy feels better than yesterday. I've cut out fattening my food up a bit, which means no butter which honestly makes me want to cry. I love nothing better than BUTTER!! But alas I can wait.

Unfortunately the crankniess of being sick, while subsiding quite a bit still sees me being a bit childish today. This afternoon for example, it was roasting hot. Driving home was very balmy and nice but it made Delilah (the car) go stuffy and then the window open made her too breezy. I'm never satisifed. Anyway, the road where I live is often used as a rat-run and it drives me bananas!! So a nice big car was behind me, with a nice preemed suit driving it rather impatiently - On my tail like nobody's business. So basically I dropped my speed back until I registered 15mph. And he continued to sit on my tail the whole time!! So then I stopped and let other cars come past us where the road narrows very, very slightly. And then I continued, nice and slowly to my house. And then I stuck on my indicator, and very carefully and slowly turned up my driveway. At which point he zoomed off on.

I always get sooooo impatient being stuck behing slooooooowww drivers so I hope that he felt the same. But I didn't feel better about myself actually. Poor fella, my antics weren't evenr worth it.

Oh well, tomorrow I'll be taking the very spooky 46a to the hospital for a review. I would drive but it's Patrick Hilary's (former president from the seventies(?)) funeral in the pro catherdral and with some roads being closed I'll only get lost. The users of the roads should count themselves very, very lucky!!

But then again, patience is a virtue!*

*I don't know what that actually means but I do know it's something witty and clever and I hear it a lot...