Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Clinic-y Winic-y

This morning I slept in. There's a surprise. I was due in clinic at about 9.30ish but woke up at 9.40ish. I impressed myself at the speed at which I showered and dried my hair and SPEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD down the road (in my car, to the bus stop) though!! Because of Dr Patrick Hillary's funeral in town, I decided to get the 46a because of all the "traffic" on the roads.

It seemed everybody copied that idea, but nonetheless I took the bus. The last time I took the 46a, the bus driver told me to get off as quite frankly, he wasn't bothered finishing the route - I am the last passenger after all.

Today, they finished it even earlier! (At the top of O'Connell st for anyone who's interested) It was reaaaaaaalll late by this stage but nice and sunny so I walked.

I went straight to the blood taking department where even I flummoxed the experts today. Three needles later and not one drop of blood means I return on Friday (I've got other business there anyway). The lady used a technique I've never seen before: Tongue sticking out, she held the needle like a jouster holds his pointy thing in a duel and took aim and fire. With limited success.

I then went back and because of my tardiness lung function lab was shut. So I'll do that on Friday as well. I told them all about my poor tummy etc, etc. Then I said I didn't want to see the doctor in charge of clinic today as there's nothing important I want to discuss and while with some doctors I don't mind going through the whole routine of "Yes, I'm fine. Yes, nice weather", others I'd rather just avoid. I do need to point out the doctor (who's name sounds a bit like a friendly ghost) who usually is there I adore. But he wasn't in.

So I got the bus, got back to my car and drove home. Then I went and got MacDonalds and went to college. We have a hippy who teaches us on Wednesdays so I was able to bring it all to class. Apparently MacDonalds has a smell though?? I've never noticed...

So in a nutshell, I have to actually get there on time on Friday! Grrrrrr